The 5 Best Mattress Picks For Under $1000 – 2017 Edition

Note: All mattresses selected for this page are queen size and priced under $1,000 (as of September 17th, 2017). Smaller beds (like a twin size) will be priced lower than the queen size listed. And bigger beds (like a king) will be priced higher than the queen, and therefore, might be above the $1,000 price point. 

You think of purchasing a new mattress, but the thought of its price scares you right off the bat? If that’s the case, rest assured that you’re not the only one. Regardless of what you may have heard or read, though, there is no need to spend a few thousand dollars on a brand new mattress. There are comfortable and reliable options within the $1000 budget that you could easily take advantage of.

With the advancement of internet and its overall involvement in our lives, there are a lot more options available to us than ever before. With this in mind, you can get some truly high-end mattresses within the $1000 price range – something, which was not as easy before.

If you’re in a hurry check out the Saatva (Innerspring) With different firmness options Saatva will ensure great night sleep for everyone.

The most challenging thing, however, is to take your pick. The truth is that there are so many different manufacturers offering solutions at the $800-$1000 price range that clients often find themselves overwhelmed and incapable of making the right call. Hopefully, the following will help you out.

Top 5 Queen Size Beds Under $1000

Saatva (Innerspring)

Saatva is a highly regarded company which is entirely based online. There is no other way to get their products but to order them through the internet.

They specialize in the production of an innerspring mattress, and they are known for offering a range of different firmness options based on your personal preference and individual needs.

The company is reliable, and it has been around for quite some time. It resonates well within the community, and it is regarded as one of the high-quality manufacturers currently available.

Despite the fact that the majority of people have made the switch to latex and memory foam solutions, there are still a lot of customers who want to rely on old-school innerspring solutions.

This is where the Saatva mattresses come into the picture. They reveal a serious range of advantages.

Saatva (Innerspring) product image

OVERALL RATING: 9.6 out of 10


  • Contemporary and comfortable innerspring constructions
  • An availability of three different firmness options
  • Quick delivery


  • The coils will eventually poke through the padding

Layla (Memory Foam)

This particular mattress takes advantage of patented copper-infused memory foam which is entirely made in the USA, hence using materials of the highest quality.

It takes advantage of the well-known and joint pain fighting capabilities of copper. It is also known to help against inflammation.

The mattress comes with two different levels, and you can easily flip it for additional comfort as it’s soft on one side and a lot firmer on the other one. This adheres to the requirements of the majority of people, and it brings much-needed versatility.

The product promotes better circulation of blood which is brought by sleeping in closed proximity to copper. This will enhance your overall body functioning, and it would promote wellness.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty, but this isn’t something that should impress you as it only covers manufacturer defects.

layla product image

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10


  • Made in the USA
  • Patented copper-infused memory foam
  • Promotes blood circulation and overall wellness


  • The soft side tends to feel too soft
  • Lacks the balance between both sides

Bear Mattress (Memory Foam)

Even though this might hit you as a regular memory foam solution at first glance, the Celliant cover is truly what makes it stand on top of the other. It functions brilliantly.

The main intention behind this implementation is to take the heat produced by your body and transform it into infrared light. This is reflected right back at your skin, hence inducing a far better sleeping sensation. It is a serious claim, and it’s incredibly interesting when you think about it.

Apart from that, it also brings additional movement isolation, hence guaranteeing the comfort of you and your sleeping partner.

An added benefit is that the product comes with a gel foam layer which is conveniently laid over a layer of responsive foam. When you combine both, this helps to maintain an overly cooler sleeping temperature, hence enhancing the entire sensation.

What is more, it promotes further conformity which is something that you should always look forward to.

bear product image

OVERALL RATING: 9.3 out of 10


  • Innovative, heat-transforming cover technology
  • 100-night return policy of the manufacturer
  • Graphite gel foam layer
  • Movement isolation


  • Edge Support Is Lacking

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams (Latex)

This is undoubtedly one of the mattresses that you want to take a closer look into, especially if you are looking for a supportive and pillow-soft solution. These are not usually characteristics which go hand in hand, but Dreamfoam has managed to make it work.

Taking advantage of latex and latex foam to create a dense base, a very breathable and incredibly comfortable layer, the company brings to us the Ultimate Dreams mattress which truly feels like sleeping on a cloud.

The product is also specifically intended to reduce tossing as well as turning, bringing the ultimate cradled sensation to your sleep, allowing you to go through the night in one convenient and comfortable position.

This induces sleep which is far deeper and beneficial. On top of everything else, this is a rather affordable option.

Dreamfoam product image

OVERALL RATING: 9.2 out of 10


  • Breathable and comfortable foam layer
  • 90-night trial period
  • Customizable level of softness
  • Comparatively affordable


  • Retains heat
  • Could sag after prolonged usage

Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-Inch

Hybrid mattresses have always been preferred by a range of people as they tend to combine a lot of the perks offered by the types of mattresses they tend to bring together.

This particular one provides you with 11 inches of thickness used to conveniently incorporate the reliability of pocket coil spring construction and the cradling effect and comfort of memory foam. This results in a comfortable yet particularly supportive solution preferred by many.

The Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-inch is where functionality meets durability. Thanks to the comprehensive and highly functional combination, this has quickly become a user’s favorite.

The comfort layer is 3.5 inches, and it’s made out of CoolTouch Plush memory foam. This conveniently dampens the coils which are laid out underneath in the 5.5 inches, individually wrapped coils.

Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-Inch product image

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10

The product comes with a premium stretch knit cover, and it’s known to provide you with the perfect weightless sleep experience. Backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, CertiPUR-US certified and entirely made in the USA, you can rest assured that this is a product worthy of your attention.


  • No initial chemical smell
  • Comfort and functionality
  • It’s very affordable


  • It’s a bit non-responsive

What to Expect at $1000 Range?

As you can see from the above, there is absolutely no need for you to spend $5,000 to get a truly amazing mattress. Support, reliability, and comfort could be easily achieved for a lot less than that. A high-quality mattress under $1000 is not that hard to find and, obviously, their characteristics and added benefits are to be seriously considered.

For a bed under $1,000 you can expect high-quality and high count of springs, should you decide to go for a mattress with an innerspring constructions. If you want to opt for a memory foam, you would be able to find a solution providing several layers of high-end foam to enhance the support. The latter will usually vary within the range of soft, medium or firm, which covers the vast majority of options and popular demand.

For this budget, you can also expect to get premium stitching, guaranteed to last for a long time as well as a comprehensive and reasonable warranty that you’d be truly able to take advantage of if you need to.

All in all, there isn’t that much of a difference between a $1,000 and a $5,000 bed. It comes down to the actual manufacturer and the mark-ups. That’s why it might not even be worthwhile for you to overspend on a mattress as the value that you’d receive is ultimately the same.

One of the main differentiations is the lifetime warranty offered by the majority of extremely expensive and premium products. The thing, however, is that no mattress will last a lifetime. At the same time, that warranty is only good against manufacturer defects and not the regular wear and tear, so there really isn’t that much of a difference.

Choosing the Ideal Type and Material


Innerspring solutions within the $1,000 range are actually going to be rather good. The materials they are made out of, however, are likely to vary to a certain extent. What is more, more expensive solutions also tend to use the same steel from which swords are made of. While this will make them more reliable and durable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are worth the additional money.

There are two types of innerspring setups that you will be able to choose between. Within the given price range, you could take advantage of either one. Linked coils are the solution that you’ve probably grown up with.

These are the kind which isn’t going to absorb any motion at all, making the entire bed bounce up and down when someone moves around it. While it might provide the ultimate jumping grounds for your kid, it’s definitely not something to expect serious comfort from.

On the other hand, the superior option is an innerspring construction with individually wrapped coils. These are wrapped in some sort of cloth, and they are conveniently lined within the bed. In certain situations hey might be filled with foam or with some other types of materials for the added comfort.

Memory Foam

At the given price range, rest assured that you’re conveniently set for pretty much anything which is available on the market. The quality of your memory foam mattress is highly likely to be top notch, making the bed feel incredibly comfortable and providing you with serious longevity at the same time.

When it comes to the density as well as the durability of the foam, these are characteristics which will determine the comfort and support brought by the mattress. The higher the density is, the more reliable the product would be.

The general rule of thumb for a premium solution would be about 4 lbs. per cubic foot of density concentrated in the comfort layer of the mattress. At $1,000 price tag, you could get even better.

The thickness of the mattresses under $1,000 could range between 10 and 15 inches. This is a broad spectrum which is capable of accommodating the vast majority of sleeping preferences and positions.


We seriously suggest paying latex mattresses the necessary attention as this is a great alternative to the most traditional memory foam options for a range of different options. The most considerable differentiation hides behind the fact that latex, at least the majority of it, is completely natural. This makes it a preferable, renewable resource unlike the chemical solutions used to create memory foam.

There are two types of latex which would be available at this price point, both of which are geared towards bringing a different result. Dunlop latex is very elastic and dense. It’s also a lot more affordable in comparison to the other option. It’s not as soft, and it’s rather firm, which makes it a great option for overweight people.

The alternative is called Talalay latex, and it’s the more premium of both solutions. Unlike the previous method, this one takes advantage of hot rods which are placed conveniently into the foam, making it a lot lighter and softer in terms of appeal and sensation. This makes for a brilliant mattress.


There are different types of hybrid solutions available at the $1,000 price range. You can combine innerspring with memory foam and latex for a firmer, less-bouncier and a lot more reliable sensation. This is possible thanks to the contemporary individually wrapped coil system of modern innerspring solutions.

On the other hand, if you want to diminish the cradling effect of memory foam, you can opt for a hybrid with latex which offers higher bounce and enhanced movability.

Our Final Thoughts

Obviously, there are quite a few things that you ought to account for when picking your mattress. The good news is that $1,000 or less than that is a perfectly good budget to find a premium and high-end solution for your bed.

As a matter of fact, anything more than that is most commonly just a matter of higher markups, brand reputation, and enhanced warranty. The latter, as we’ve already determined, is quite useless anyway.

So, you needn’t worry about spending a small fortune on your mattress as there are obviously effective, comfortable and incredibly supportive solutions for a fraction of the cost. This is something that you truly have to account for.

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