Our Layla vs. Nolah Bed Comparison for 2023

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Our comparison of the Layla and Nolah Mattress features two brands committed to providing pressure relieving sleep and a cooler nights rest.

Layla Sleep recently rebranded their bed, giving it a fresh new black and white design. The brand helps fight memory foam heat with their proprietary ThermoGel® cover, a tech designed to helping keep sleepers cool.

Nolah has similar ambitions. Their founder's goal was to find a solution to hot-sleeping memory foam. The brand invented Nolah AirFoam™, a material designed fight pressure like memory materials, but without the undesired heat.

Two beds enter the ring, but only one will enter your home. Which will it be?

For more details on both of these mattresses be sure to check out the full reviews.

Quick Comparison: Layla vs. Nolah

layla bed medium product image
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  • Double-sided firmness
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • 120-nights trial period
small product image of Nolah
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  • Medium level firmness
  • Good pressure relief
  • Temperature neutral

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Layla Construction

Layla’s pliable memory foams are ideal for compressing inside of a box so it can be sent directly to your place of residence. Once in your home, the sleep cover conveniently unzips for washing and it is constructed from a blended fabric of polyester, Lycra, and viscose. Infused into it is ThermoGel®, a cooling tech that is stimulated when presented to moisture.

This is a 10- inch mattress with a Soft and Firm setting, simply flip it to reverse the order. The following is what customers can expect when laying on the Soft side.

Layla mattress layers construction
  • The top layer leaves sleepers resting on 3-inch memory material that has been copper infused to enhance both contouring and cooling properties. Copper, through it antimicrobial and temperature regulatory properties, helps preserve a germ-free and cool sleeping experience.
  • Layer number two is a 2-inch convoluted support foam. This material is shaped like an egg crate to help promote airflow while fostering supplemental pressure relief.
  • The next layer introduces 4 inches of base support foam to form the foundation and support center.
  • The base is actually not a base but 1-inch of the copper-infused material that is also in the top layer. Again, this is the Firm side and should administer both support and comfort, as well as cooling.

Nolah Construction

Nolah is an online brand that ships their mattress compressed inside a box. It is furnished with a Tencel™ cover that has been gently textured. This soft material is designed to wick away heat and moisture, to better keep sleepers cool.

Underneath this cover are 10 inches of materials.

nolah original bed layers
  • The top layer uses the brands' AirFoam™. This is a 2-inch polyurethane material and unlike memory foams, this is manufactured without the use of viscoelastic substances, which allows sleepers to rest on a cooler surface.
  • The second layer is furnished with a 1-inch supportive high-resilience foam. This behaves similarly to latex and functions as a transitional layer.
  • The bottom 7-inches are a polyurethane base. This foundation fosters both the structure and overall support.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Sleep Advisor rates mattress firmness on a 10 point scale with a 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. These beds are fairly comparable but since Layla has two sides, we will rate it accordingly.

Starting with Nolah, this bed scores between a 4.5 and 5 on our scale. This is a versatile firmness that has a record of working well for the average sleepers, as it is right in the middle. While the top foam was designed to help relieve pressure and keep sleepers cool, the middle layer should provide support that helps to keep the anatomy aligned. This layer is also intended to foster responsiveness and deeper level contouring, as well as facilitated repositioning.

Nolah will likely work for most body types and sleeping positions. It is specifically recommended by the brand for both back and side sleepers. If you sleep exclusively on your stomach and are debating between Nolah and Layla, the latter might be the way to go as they offer a Firm side that has been rated at a 7 on our scale.

Now side and stomach sleepers need not fret if they are leaning towards Layla, the Soft side of this product is rated at a 4 and should administer close contouring while keeping you well supported with the copper-infused memory foam. The copper-infused foams were designed to respond slowly to your weight for a slow sink and stiffen when put under pressure in order to better support sleepers. As this is a memory bed, sleepers could expect this to have a slower response than the Layla.

Firmness scale of the Layla and Nolah bed

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Layla’s two ends have varying degrees of sinkage. Sleepers might experience more of a deep memory foam hug on the Soft end, while the Firm may provide more of a gentle cradling sensation. Either way, it offers that contouring comfort that memory foam lovers go for.

If you are looking for a bed with bounce, Layla might not be the one for you, as memory materials are typically slower responding.

Nolah does not sport a ton of bounce itself, but thanks to the latex-like foam in the middle layer, the brand offers what they call a healthy bounce. It is not overly responsive, but buoyant enough to facilitate repositioning. When resting on this product, sleepers are likely to experience a deeper hug, similar to the soft side of Layla.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the movement that crosses the surface of the bed. You might know all about this if you have a restless sleeping partner who frequents the bathroom or fridge during the night. Waking up to their movements can be unpleasant and cause a poor night’s rest.

Both of these brands are comparable in this category. Foams are a top tier material for isolating motion. Because of the energy-absorbing properties of memory foam, Layla scores just a hair ahead of Nolah.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support is not a deciding factor for most sleepers but it could be worth considering if you share a bed. Neither of these beds outperforms a bed with steel coils reinforcing the perimeter but both are designed to easily keep sleepers supported while lying on the edges. On either brand, there may be some compression when sitting along the sides, but this is a non-issue for most folks as this is not how they spend most of their time on a sleep product.

Layla vs. Nolah Compared Side-by-Side

CoverPolyester blended with viscose, lycra, and ThermoGel®Tencel™ material
MaterialsCopper-infused memory foam, high-density poly foam, convoluted support foamAirFoam™ and polyfoams
CoolingCopper wicks away memory foam heat, and the convoluted layer promotes airflow.Tencel™ cover and AirFoam™
Firmness4 or 7/104.5/10
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodGood
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
Trial Period120 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S. and CanadaShips for free to the contiguous United States.
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeLayla Price (w/o discount)Nolah Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$849$899
Cali King$1,249$1,349

Should I Buy Layla or Nolah?

Both of these beds are pretty great. Here are some thoughts to help you make a final decision.

We Would Recommend Buying Layla if You are Looking for:

  • Adjustable Firmness. Whether customers want Soft or Firm, it is as easy as flipping it over to find your desired feel. It’s like getting two beds for the price of one.
  • Slow responding memory foam. Folks who love memory materials should not be disappointed with the deep hugging, slow responding foams that this product offers.
  • Even weight distribution. This copper-infused memory bed helps to distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly over the surface of the bed. Where other memory beds lack in support, Layla has it covered with copper.

We Would Recommend Buying Nolah if You are Looking for:

  • Cool sleeping foam. The brand has made advances is temperature regulation with their Nolah AirFoam™. This design intends to leave sleepers comfortably cool.
  • Side sleeping comfort. This brand has received awards for being a top mattress for side sleepers. It has been designed to take away the pressure and leave in its place contouring comfort that keeps customers sleeping peacefully.
  • Lightweight Sleeper Options. Many smaller sleepers have trouble activating deeper layers on firmer models, but the Nolah’s plush comfort should suit perfectly.

Final Thoughts

What’s the verdict? Is it the traditional memory foam option with Layla? Or the brand claiming that their proprietary Nolah AirFoam™ holds the answers to troubled sleep.

Here’s the good news, if you purchase one and it doesn’t work out, both brands offer generous 120-night trial periods that allow you to test out their products in your home. So if you get one and it is not quite a match, you can always return it and try out the second option.

Remember you can check out even more specs on either of these beds in our in-depth reviews. Happy shopping!


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