Our Helix Midnight vs. Midnight Luxe Comparison for 2023

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Helix is a mattress company known for their high-quality beds-in-a-box. They have many different models, depending on your preferred firmness and support needs.

Their Midnight model is one of our favorite beds, offering a medium-firm feel. The Midnight is also a hybrid, so it has both coils and foam for maximum support and pressure relief.

You can easily upgrade the Midnight to the Midnight Luxe, which includes some key additions. In this in-depth review, we’ll compare and contrast the Midnight and the Midnight Luxe to see which one is right for you.

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Quick Comparison: Midnight vs. Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Product Imagee
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  • 11.5” tall with 5 layers
  • Basic cooling technology
  • No zoned support
  • Helix Midnight Review
product image of helix luxe sleep midnight mattress
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  • Approximately $1,000 more
  • Zoned lumbar support
  • Premium quilted pillow top
  • Helix Midnight Luxe Review

Who I’d Recommend the Midnight For

  • Classic hybrid fans – This hybrid mattress features a coil unit beneath two layers of comfort foam. This should give a good balance of pressure relief and support for most sleepers.

  • Average-weight people – Sleepers somewhere within the 130 to 230-pound range will likely benefit the most from the Helix Midnight, and this will be especially true for back sleepers.

  • Shoppers on a tighter budget – The original Midnight model costs about 1,000 dollars less than the Luxe version.

Who I’d Recommend the Midnight Luxe For

  • Hot sleepers – The Midnight Luxe incorporates additional cooling features for those who sleep extra hot.

  • Side sleepers – The Midnight Luxe comes with a quilted pillow top, making this upgraded bed slightly softer and more conducive for side sleepers who need more cradling around the hip and shoulder.

  • People with back pain – Unlike the original Midnight, the Luxe comes with coils that are zoned to better support the hips and lumbar area while providing more softness beneath the shoulders. This advanced support system should help keep the spine properly aligned and relieve back pain.

Comparing the Midnight vs Midnight Luxe: Top Similarities

  • Cooling features – Both mattresses include cooling features, making them good for hot sleepers. The Midnight’s features are slightly more basic, whereas the Luxe is a better fit for those who sleep especially hot.
  • Similar firmness – We consider both of these mattresses to have a medium-firm feel. The only difference is the Luxe includes a pillow top, which makes it feel slightly softer.
  • Excellent edge support – Both mattresses feature reinforced support along the edges, so you can comfortably use the entire surface of the bed without the sides sagging. The only difference is the Luxe has extra support on all four sides, and the original Midnight has it on just two.

Comparing Midnight vs Midnight Luxe: Key Differences

  • Size and weight – The Midnight is a slightly smaller and lighter bed, weighing 100 pounds and measuring 11.5 inches tall. The Luxe weighs 115 pounds and measures 13.5 inches tall since it has an added layer.
  • Zoned lumbar support – The Helix Midnight is a supportive and pressure-relieving mattress, but the Luxe goes a step further with its zoned lumbar support. This is where the coils are more supportive beneath the lumbar area to keep the lower back and hips properly supported.
  • Pressure relief – Both mattresses have great pressure relief, but the added pillow top on the Luxe provides more cushioning on the joints.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


Sleep Advisor’s mattress firmness scale goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. The Helix Midnight and Midnight Luxe are both rated at a 6-7 out of 10. This means both the original and the upgraded mattress should feel medium-firm to slightly firm for most body types.
However, the lighter you are, the less you will press down into a bed, and the firmer it will feel. Conversely, the heavier you are, the softer it will feel.

firmness scale 6 and 7


The original Midnight model should be plenty supportive for most sleepers. It is on the firmer side, which tends to go hand-in-hand with support, and it includes sturdy coils to help keep the body in alignment through the night.

The Luxe takes support a step further, though. Rather than an equal bed of coils, the coils in this model are zoned for support, meaning they deliver firmer support under the lower back and hips and more softness beneath the shoulders.


You’ll feel an immediate difference when you lie on these two beds, and that’s mainly thanks to the Luxe’s pillow top. While the original Helix Midnight will feel firm and a little less contouring, you should sink into the Luxe’s pillow top layer more easily.

You’ll also feel more distinct pressure relief with the Luxe because of its zoned support – a welcome relief for those with back pain. Additionally, the fabric on both beds should feel cool and stretchy.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both the Midnight and the Luxe are bouncy because they are both hybrid mattresses containing a layer of individually-wrapped coils. We feel the original, though, has a higher level of bounce, whereas the Luxe has a mid-level of bounce.

This is mostly because of the added pillow top on the Luxe, which is cushioning and should absorb some of the bounce from the coils. This makes the Luxe a better option for those with joint pain who need extra pressure relief and the original a better option for those who prefer more bounce in their bed, like people with limited mobility who may need more help with repositioning.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Most mattresses with a high level of bounce, unfortunately, also have more motion transfer. This refers to the amount of movement you feel when somebody else moves on the bed.

Since the Midnight has slightly more bounce than the Luxe, it won’t isolate motion as well. If you’re a sensitive sleeper, you’ll likely be able to feel your partner moving at night, especially if you are average or heavy in weight.

The Luxe, though, performs better for this since it has more densely-packed coils as well as a plush pillow top to absorb some of the motion.

Comparing Cooling

Both the Helix Midnight and the Luxe are naturally cooling mattresses since they both have a layer of innerspring coils, which allows air to circulate through these beds.

The original Midnight also comes with a Soft Touch cover that promotes cooling, and for an additional cost, you can choose the GlacioTex cooling cover.

The upgraded Luxe comes with even more advanced cooling features. Within the pillow top layer, there is copper gel memory foam, designed to whisk heat away from the body. The cover on this one is also made from TENCEL™, a cool and breathable material.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Helix Midnight Construction

The Helix Midnight is 11.5 inches tall and has four layers, including a Soft Touch cover and a bottom cover. This cover should feel soft and stretchy, and beneath it are four layers of foam and coils.

layers of helix midnight
  • The comfort layer is made from Memory Foam Plus, a high-density memory foam blend designed to contour the body for excellent pressure relief.
  • The transition layer is made from poly foam and provides more pressure relief and ergonomic support. It also acts as a buffer between the comfort and innerspring support layer below.
  • The innerspring layer consists of individually-wrapped steel coils for support that should also help minimize motion transfer across the bed. It also has thicker-gage coils along the sides of the bed, for better edge support.
  • The base layer is made from DuraDense Foam. This provides support for the entire mattress and makes for a much more durable and long-lasting bed.

Helix Midnight Luxe Construction

While the original Midnight has a Soft Touch polyester cover, this one comes with a cover made from breathable TENCEL™, which feels cool and soft to the touch. This mattress has an extra layer, so it’s slightly taller at 13.5 inches in height.

helix midnight luxe updated construction
  • The pillow top includes copper gel memory foam for pressure relief and cooling.
  • The support layer includes 2 inches of Memory Plus Foam, designed to adapt to your body weight with personalized pressure relief.
  • The transition layer is a high-grade poly foam, easing the sleeper into the coil unit.
  • The innerspring unit is made up of over 1,000 individually-wrapped coils. These are zoned to provide support where you need it most – more support beneath the hips and softer support beneath the shoulders. This helps keep the spine aligned.
  • The base layer is a DuraDense Foam that creates a stable foundation for the rest of the mattress.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The original Midnight comes with a 10-year warranty, and the Midnight Luxe comes with a 15-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Shipping for all Helix mattresses is free within the United States. The company also ships to most of Canada.
  • Trial Period – All Helix mattresses come with a 100-night trial.
  • Returns – You can return any Helix mattress within the trial period for a full refund. Helix will arrange to pick up your bed at no cost. Do note: only two mattresses can be returned per household.
  • Price – As you’ll see, there is a substantial price difference between the Midnight and the Midnight Luxe. This is because the Luxe comes with more advanced features, including zoned support, cooling, and a pillow top. Its warranty is also five years longer than the original’s.
SizeThe Helix Midnight Price (w/o discount)Midnight Luxe Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$949$1,449
Cali King$1,549$2,499

Helix Midnight vs. Midnight Luxe Compared Side-by-Side

 Helix MidnightMidnight Luxe
CoverKnitted Soft Touch CoverTENCEL™ Cover
MaterialsMemory Plus Foam, Poly foam,
Pocket coils
Gel Visco foam, Memory
Plus Foam, Poly foam, Pocket coils
CoolingBreathable cover, CoilsCooling cover, Cooling
Gel Visco foam, Coils
Motion TransferMediumMinimal
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageMinimalGental Cradle
Warranty10 years15 years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree within the USFree within the US
Made in the USAYesYes
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Final Thoughts

Should you get the Helix Midnight or the upgraded Helix Midnight Luxe? After all of this, you’d think we’d have a simple answer for you, but the truth is, it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a mattress that is more cost-efficient, supportive, and firm, we’d recommend going with the original Midnight.

If, however, you can spend a bit more money on your mattress, and you want something with a few more luxurious add-ons, like extra cooling features and a more cushioning pillow top, go ahead and upgrade to the Luxe.

Both are high-quality, supportive, and pressure-relieving options. You really can’t go wrong.

Quick Comparison: Midnight vs. Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Product Imagee
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  • 11.5” tall with 5 layers
  • Basic cooling technology
  • No zoned support
  • Helix Midnight Review
product image of helix luxe sleep midnight mattress
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Approximately $1,000 more
  • Zoned lumbar support
  • Premium quilted pillow top
  • Helix Midnight Luxe Review

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