Our Nectar vs. Helix Bed Comparison for 2022

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Our Nectar vs. Helix Mattress comparison looks at two different brands that have competing philosophies on marketing their products. One of these brands gives sleepers 15 different mattresses to choose from, while the other believes their single option lays the subject to rest.

Helix Sleep uses a quiz to help their customers find their most ideal bed among an assortment of great hybrid options. The quiz inquires about customers sleep preferences and body type, narrowing your options down.

Nectar’s updated memory foam construction has a large online following. It has gone on to be one of the most recognizable names in the bed-in-a-box industry. But does the hype surrounding this bed compete with the customization that the other brand offers?

Stick around to find out and if you want more info on either one of these products, check out the in-depth reviews.

Quick Comparison: Nectar vs. Helix

nectar bed small product image
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  • Relieves pressure
  • Traditional memory foam feel
  • 365-night trial period
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  • Customizable bed
  • Hybrid foam and innerspring
  • 100-nights trial period

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nectar Construction

A delivery company drops Nectar mattress at your residence, vacuum sealed into a bag. The cover features a poly-blend fabric sewn into gel memory foam.

This construction allows currents of air to freely flow through the fabric, wicking heat and moisture away from you as your rest, so you can sleep cool. This cover helps guards 12 inches of foam materials beneath.

construction of nectar mattress
  • The top foam, is 2-inches of memory foam. As your body’s heat transfers to the bed, the gel in this material spreads surface temperature away from your figure. This material comfortably contours to your anatomy, diminishing nagging pressure and strain.
  • The middle foam is a soft conventional foam. At 4-inches thick, this layer fosters facilitated transitioning as your figure gently eases into the thicker foundation of the bed.
  • The bottom layer is 6 inches tall and is made with a standard conventional foam to provide a durable base.

Helix Construction

Because Helix is offered in so many variations, this review is going to look at their most versatile model, the Helix Dusk. This mattress is a hybrid design, using a latex alternative and coil support system. It is shipped to customers homes compressed inside of a box.

This bed boasts a Two Touch Design cover that is furnished with a double layered design. The top cover is polyester should feel extremely soft, while the bottom covering uses a Jersey knit with an integrated fire barrier.

This bed is 12 inches tall with 4 layers beneath the cover.

Layers of the Helix Luxe bed
  • The top layer is furnished with a 2-inch Helix Dynamic Foam. This material responds like latex for facilitated movement but has been mixed with conforming polyfoam to foster pressure relief.
  • The next layer uses a High-Grade Polyfoam that is 1-inch thick. This material is designed to adapt to the sleepers anatomy for added pressure relief.
  • The third layer is 8-inches of wrapped reinforced perimeter coils. This design helps to minimize motion transfer while supporting the sleeper.
  • The final layer uses a 1-inch DurDense Foam. This helps protect the mattress and supports the coils above it.

The materials and layering in Helix mattresses may vary slightly depending on which model customers order, so it may be important to look specifically at which mattress you are interested in.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Nectar holds a score of  6.5 on our firmness scale that looks at beds on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 10 being the firmest. On the other side of this comparison, the Helix Dusk scores at a 6, but the varying models of these beds can hold a score anywhere between a 2 and 9.

Nectar’s firmness works well for varying body types and sleeping positions. Sleepers can rest on supportive memory materials that slowly eases them into a deep hug. As this is an all foam bed, it as little to no bounce but stays firm enough that repositioning sleepers can move around with ease.

The Helix provides a responsive experience that gently cradles sleepers curves. This would likely be the easier of two options for transitioning sleepers, as these models can incorporate latex-like materials, and all models use springs. Nectar could still be an excellent choice, as this memory foam is initially firm under pressure and can give sleepers a good surface to push off.

Both brands should work well for sleepers with different body types and weight considerations, though for significantly heavier folks, it may be worth looking into Helix as they have an option specifically for plus size individuals.

firmness comparison of helix duska and nectar

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

These products are going to deliver varying degrees of bounce. Nectar should have nearly no bounce at all but does allow sleepers to sink into a nice pressure reliving hug. Despite having a slower responding surface, this bed is fairly easy to reposition on.

The Helix Dusk leaves customers sleeping in a gentle cradle and definitely has more bounce than the Nectar, thanks to the springs. Though in the versions with memory materials, you should expect less responsiveness on top. Both sinkage and bounce will vary depending on which model customers order, but all remain comfortable and easy to move around in.

Comparing Motion Transfer

You know all about motion isolation, or the lack thereof if you’ve ever slept in a cheap hotel where you can feel your partners every movement as they toss and turn on the bed next to you. Most bedding manufactures nowadays have found a solution to this annoying problem.

Nectar is an excellent choice at reducing motion transfer, as the memory cells are built to absorb motion, preventing it from every crossing the surface. And while Helix has coils, these are not like the coils of olden times. These coils are individually pocketed and separated from the others to anchor motion to the spot.

When it comes to motion transfer, either bed is a great option, but Nectar may have a slight upper hand.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support is a great feature to keep in mind if you share a sleeping space. Maximizing the surface area of the mattress with strong edges gives you and your partner more room to sleep. A weak perimeter can make the sides uncomfortable and unsupportive.

Because Helix uses a reinforced perimeter coil system it comes out on top in this category.
Nectar does not fall far behind, especially for an all foam bed. Resting on the edge of either of these beds is completely supportive, though there is the possibility to experience slightly more compression when sitting along the side of the Nectar.

Nectar vs. Helix Compared Side-by-Side

CoverPoly-blend quilted with memory foamPolyester and Jersey knit, two covers
MaterialsGel memory foam and conventional foamsDynamic Foam or memory foam plus, micro coils, high-grade polyfoam
CoolingGel within the foams, and a breathable coverAn optional cover has phase change material. Foams and coils designed for breathability.
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodGreat
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradling/Deeper Hug*
WarrantyForever 10 years
Trial Period365 nights100 Nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S., White Glove Delivery is optionalDelivered within USA and Canada
Made in the USANoYes
SizeNectar Price (w/o discount)Helix Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$968$799
Cali King$1,598$1,449

Should I Buy Nectar or Helix?

We Would Recommend Buying Nectar if You are Looking for:

  • All memory foam. Customers of this brand can enjoy sleeping in the hugging sensation of memory foam.
  • Top tier motion isolation. The memory materials used in this design keep motion at bay, so sleepers can sleep blissfully unaware as their partner gets up to use the restroom.
  • A terrific value. This product has a competitive price that other brands are hard pressed to beat. They also go above and beyond by offering their 365-day trial period and an Everlong Warranty.

We Would Recommend Buying Helix if You are Looking for:

  • A tailored fit. Helix’s sleep quiz helps customers find the mattress that is right for them. And if for whatever reason the product you choose does not work, their trial period allows sleepers to swap it out for a different option.
  • Reinforced Edges. Sleeping along the side of the bed is no fun at all, especially if those edges are weak. Helix’s reinforced perimeter makes the sides of this bed as supportive as the middle.
  • Cooling. The coil layers allow air to circulate through the bed’s inside, while the foams are designed to regulate temperatures. For enhanced cooling features, the Luxe offers an Ultra Breathable Cover.

Final Thoughts

Helix and Nectar, the tailored fit versus classic memory foam. Both beds offer great features but the decision is up to you. Which will it be?

Remember, if you are still having trouble, feel free check out our in-depth reviews on either of these beds.

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