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Our In-Depth Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid Bed Review in 2023

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Written by Olivera Jancikin

Although this may sound like you’re about to read a review on Mexican food, that’s not the case. We’re still very much dedicated to reviewing mattresses here. 

The Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid from RC Willey is a step up from the brand’s Blue Burrito Hybrid. In this review, we’ll share our findings on this mattress to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. 

We’ll cover how the Blue Burrito stacks up when it comes to motion transfer, cooling, support, and more, helping you understand what makes this bed an upgrade from its predecessor.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Who We Recommend The Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid For: 

  • Hot sleepers – This mattress has gel-infused foam and a ComforTemp top layer that helps draw the heat away from your body. On top of that, it has a spring foundation that helps with temperature regulation. We think this combination of cooling materials could be great for hot sleepers.
  • People with pressure buildup – The Blue Burrito has multiple comforting layers that contour your body, filling the gaps between you and the mattress. We love how it can work to relieve pressure in the hips, shoulders, and knees.
  • Sleepers who want something luxurious – As its name suggests, the Blue Burrito Supreme is a luxury model. This you’re getting high-quality materials and an enhanced construction designed for optimal comfort.

Who We Don’t Recommend The Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid For: 

  • People who want a true memory foam feel – Although this bed has memory foam, it also has a pocketed coil system, which makes it a hybrid mattress. The bounce from the coils decreases the sinkage level, so the overall feel is different from what you’d get from an all-foam memory mattress
  • Sleepers looking for a risk-free sleep trial – We don’t often see that a company doesn’t offer a full refund if you decide to return the product, especially since this isn’t the most affordable mattress. They do, however, allow an exchange, and if you live near an RC Willey showroom, you can test it in person.

First Impressions: Firmness & Feel

Firmness Scale: 6.5/10

Please remember that firmness is a subjective characteristic, and your shape will dictate how you experience a bed. A heavier person whose weight can more easily push through softer comfort and support layers may experience a bed as softer than a lightweight person. The way you are shaped could also play a role here. Consider your weight, shape, and size when evaluating firmness scores.

Mattress Firmness Level 6.5

We score mattresses on a firmness scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Upon evaluating this bed, we decided it’s a 6.5 out of 10 on our scale, which means it’s a medium-firm mattress. 

Although some people may experience it as softer or firmer, depending on their weight, body shape, and preferred sleeping position, most should experience that medium-firm feel. This mattress firmness is among the most versatile out there as it fits the needs of many sleepers. We think it’s soft and cradling enough for pressure relief but also firm enough to keep your body aligned in various positions. 

How Does It Feel? 

The first thing we noticed is the added Comfort Pocket layer, which doesn’t exist in the Blue Burrito Hybrid. This layer provides a luxurious sinkage level and plenty of pressure relief while the pocketed coils add support. 

We felt a gentle cradle that we think most people will experience. The softer top layers offer a comforting contour around the pressure points, but this doesn’t come at the expense of support and body alignment. 

What We Like About the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid

  • The cooling – Although hybrids are naturally more cooling than all-foam beds because of the airflow from the coils, the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid goes the extra mile to help people stay cool. The mattress also features gel memory foam and a ventilated memory foam layer for additional airflow and cooling.
  • Gentle pressure relief – This hybrid has a medium firmness, but the top layers offer a nice cradling that helps relieve pressure in the hips, shoulders, and knees. 
  • Versatile firmness – A medium firmness is highly versatile as it’s not too soft or too firm. We think this should fit a variety of sleepers, including side, back, and stomach sleepers, depending on their weight. 

Our Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid Complaints

  • No returnsThis bed comes with a trial, but you can’t return the mattress if you don’t like it. Instead, the company allows one exchange, so you can replace it with something else. They don’t accept returns or refunds, which could be a setback for many people. 
  • The stores are in the Western U.S. only Since this hybrid is an RC Willey exclusive, you can test it in one of their brick-and-mortar stores. However, they only have 12 stores, all of which are located in the Western U.S. 
  • Not a traditional feel – There’s much to love about the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid, but this many bells and whistles can sometimes take away from a traditional hybrid feel. 

Testing the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid Mattress: How it Performed 

Part of our process in testing mattresses includes lying on the bed in various sleeping positions to help how well it does in each posture. On top of that, we focus on specific preference-based features that many people may want in a mattress, such as motion isolation, pressure relief, edge support, bounce, cooling, and more. 

For more on our testing methodology, visit our product review process page.

Sleeping Positions for Different Body Types

We couldn’t find any official information on how much weight this mattress can hold. However, this is where we can use our best judgment. Given that this hybrid is sturdy and durable, our team agrees it can probably handle up to 1,000 pounds in total.

WeightSide Sleepers Back SleepersStomach Sleepers
Lightweight Sleepers (-130 lbs)★★☆★★★★★★
Average-Weight Sleepers (130-230 lbs)★★★★★★★★☆
Heavyweight Sleepers (+230 lbs)★☆☆★★☆☆☆☆

Side Sleepers

  • Lightweight Sleepers – We think many lightweight side sleepers should experience a nice cradle around the shoulders and hips. However, significantly light people who struggle with pressure buildup may want a softer bed. 
  • Average-Weight Sleepers – Average-weight side sleepers should feel a balance of pressure relief and support. The memory foam allows enough sinkage to relieve pressure while the coils keep the spine aligned. 
  • Heavyweight Sleepers – Heavy side sleepers may want a slightly firmer mattress. Although some may enjoy the Supreme Hybrid, we think most would experience too much sinkage in the hips.

Back Sleepers

  • Lightweight Sleepers – Lightweight back sleepers should experience nice contouring in the lower back as the mattress allows enough sinkage to fill the gap between the top layer and the back. 
  • Average-Weight Sleepers – Back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds might experience more sinkage, but the high-density foam and coils are unlikely to allow any uncomfortable dipping, so the body should remain supported in this position. 
  • Heavyweight Sleepers – Heavy back sleepers may sink deeper in the lower back region, but for the most part, they should still feel nicely supported by the coils. 

Stomach Sleepers

  • Lightweight Sleepers – Stomach sleepers weighing under 130 pounds are a great match for the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid mattress. They don’t weigh enough to sink too deeply, so the foams are only going to cradle the hips for pressure relief.
  • Average-Weight Sleepers – Average-weight stomach sleepers may or may not like this bed, depending on their exact weight. Those closer to 230 pounds may want a firmer bed that can do a better job of keeping the hips from sinking. 
  • Heavyweight Sleepers – We’d recommend a firmer bed for the heaviest stomach sleepers because the Blue Burrito may not be firm enough to support the hips in this position. 

Pressure Relief


The Comfort Pocket layer is what gives this mattress such great pressure-relieving capabilities. Heavier people should experience even more pressure relief as they can sink a bit deeper within the top layers. 

We felt that it has a nice level of sinkage to provide a comforting contour around the body in all sleeping positions. However, some of the lightest-weight side sleepers may prefer a softer sleeping surface.

Is the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid Mattress Good for Pain Relief? 

Sleeping with pain is a no-go, so it’s important to find a mattress that can help get rid of the discomfort. The gel-infused memory foam cradles the body to soothe pressure in the hips, knees, and shoulders. In addition, the foam layers help distribute your weight evenly, as we felt nicely supported in all areas, not just the mid-section.

Back Pain 

We think people with back pain should like the Supreme Hybrid mattress, as it has a medium firmness. This firmness level provides a balance of pressure relief and support to cradle and soothe pain and pressure points. The Supreme Hybrid is unlikely to create any lower back pain, as it doesn’t allow the hips to sink too deeply. Instead, the coils keep the hips aligned and your spine neutral. 

Hip Pain  

Hip pain is another common issue some people struggle with, but it’s usually the hardest on side sleepers. Sleeping on your side can exacerbate hip pain, so it’s important to have a mattress with softer top layers. The Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid has high-density comfort layers, but they offer enough sinkage and pressure relief to help soothe hip pain. Still, significantly lightweight side sleepers may want a softer bed. 

Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder pain can make it impossible to sleep on the side. Similarly to how this bed helps with hip pain, we think it can also aid in getting better sleep with shoulder pain. The layers cradle the pressure points so that the pain doesn’t progress further.



We think this bed is a good option for those who want excellent support and spine alignment. There’s some sinkage, but the overall feel is supportive and helps with even weight distribution. 

Side sleepers should feel equally well supported, experiencing somewhat more sinkage and pressure relief because most of their weight is concentrated across a narrower surface. 

The heavy-duty coils are pocketed so that they move separately. This helps provide different support levels in different areas since some body parts are heavier than others. 

Motion Transfer


Motion transfer is an important factor to think about if you’re a light sleeper or have a partner who often tosses and turns at night. Co-sleepers sharing their mattress with kids and pets may also want to think about how their bed isolates motion. 

Luckily, this hybrid does a good job of keeping motion contained to one side of the mattress. There is some motion transfer, which is normal because it has coils, but overall, we think it isolates motion better than many hybrids out there.

Temperature Regulation / Cooling


Cooling is one of the standout things about this hybrid mattress. Hybrids naturally sleep cooler than all-foam beds because they have coils that allow the air to circulate better throughout the mattress. However, there’s more to the Supreme Hybrid’s cooling than just its coil design. 

This bed has ventilated, gelatinized memory foam in its first layer, helping the top of the mattress stay temperature-neutral. Below that, there’s gel-infused memory foam. This means that gel is infused into the foam to curb overheating. 

Then there’s the coil uni, which facilitates airflow throughout the bed.



We’d expect a mattress with this much memory foam to be slow-responding and without as much bounce. However, this hybrid is bouncy despite having multiple memory foam layers.

Combination sleepers should like the bounce that comes from deeper inside the mattress, which should help them reposition. Plus, the foam provides only a bit of sinkage. This, combined with springy coils, allows for easier shifting and movement.

Edge Support


We’d say feel free to use every corner of this bed as the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid has excellent edge support. The pocketed coils go from edge to edge, supporting the upper layers equally across the entire mattress. 

On top of that, there’s an added poly foam that surrounds the coil unit, adding more edge support for those who like sleeping near the perimeter. Although we noticed slight compression in the foam layers when lying on the edge, the coils don’t let you slide off.

Performance for Couples


Couples usually look for a bit of bounce and good motion isolation, both of which we think they’d get from the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid. This mattress is not the best for motion isolation, but it’s not the worst either, so unless one of you is a restless sleeper, you should be fine. Also, it has a bit of bounce to help with late-night activities.

This hybrid’s medium firmness can fit a range of people, so it shouldn’t matter if you’re a side sleeper and your partner is a back sleeper.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Preference-based Features

Stretchy Cover

This hybrid has a Premium 3D knit cover that’s gentle, soft, and breathable. The cover also has a bit of a stretch, which means it’s not as easy to tear. This should ensure the bed looks nice for a longer time.

Split King Available

Apart from the standard bed sizes, this Blue Burrito comes in a Split King as well. This is an excellent option for partners with different sleeping habits and schedules. 

Adjustable Base Compatible

If you want to customize your sleeping experience even more, we suggest you try this bed on an adjustable base.

Construction: What’s Inside the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid? 

The Supreme Hybrid has foams and coils combined into a 13-inch mattress. This bed-in-a-box model has all the best specs from all-foam and innerspring beds, so you can enjoy a blend of these two mattress styles. This is an RC Willey exclusive, so you can try it in-store, but as we said, the stores are only in the Western United States. 

The construction starts with a breathable and stretchy cover.

  • The top layer is a 1.5-inch ComforTemp Ventilated Gelatinized memory foam. This layer contours the curves by conforming to your body without making you hot.
  • The second layer is made from GelCare® memory foam. This 2-inch layer helps with pressure relief and cooling by pulling your body heat away from the mattress surface. 
  • The next level is the Comfort Pocket Surface Modified Technology Layer. The Comfort Pocket foam has pockets that allow more air circulation while also enhancing pressure relief. 
  • Further down, you’ll find an inch of poly foam that eases you into the coil unit, acting as the transition layer.
  • The fifth layer is a 5.5-inch coil unit with a tempered steel TwirlCoil system. The perimeter of this layer is surrounded by an extra layer of foam to support the edges. 
  • The base is what ensures the upper layers are performing properly. This 2-inch high-density poly base is an inch taller than the regular hybrid model, offering more durability and structure.  

Unboxing & Off-Gassing

The Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid comes in a box, so moving it around should be easy, except that it’s heavy. For this reason, we suggest you have someone help you move it from your doorstep to the bedroom. 

Remove the mattress from the box and place it on your foundation of choice before removing the plastic wrapping. Once you do, the mattress will roll out and start to expand. In many cases, it needs up to 24 hours to fully expend before you can sleep on it.

We also noticed a little off-gassing, which is normal for bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, the odor isn’t harmful and should dissipate within a few days after unboxing.


  • Eco-Friendly Certifications – The foams in this bed are CertiPUR-US® certified. CertiPUR-US® is a third-party program that ensures the foams meet rigorous health and safety standards. This means they don’t contain harmful substances like ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. They should also have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping – The company ships this mattress for free within the continental USA. You can also choose their Deluxe delivery, which costs 89 dollars and includes a scheduled delivery date, delivery status, ID verification, setup, and more. 
  • White Glove Delivery – Professional installation is only available in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and California. For a fee, you can have professionals install your new mattress and remove the old one. 
  • Trial – You can keep this hybrid for 100 days, which is how long the trial is. Within this period, you can only exchange the mattress, not replace it.
  • Warranty – There is a warranty on the Supreme Hybrid, and it lasts 10 years. 
  • Return Policy – The drawback we talked about is that this company doesn’t allow returns. You can’t return this mattress for a full refund as you can with other brands. Instead, you can only exchange it for another product in their arsenal.

Sizes & Prices

SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin39″ x 75″ x 13″$749.99
Twin XL39″ x 80″ x 13″$849.99
Full39″ x 75″ x 13″$1,099.99
Queen60” x 80” x 13”$1,349.99
King76″ x 80″ x 13”$1,549.99
Cali King72″ x 84″ x 13”$1,549.99
Split King76” x 84” x 13”$1,699.98

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do Blue Burrito mattresses last?

Like many of the highest-quality mattresses out there, the Blue Burrito models, including the Supreme Hybrid, are made to last about 10 years with proper care. This means rotating the mattress regularly and not jumping on it.

Who makes Blue Burrito mattresses?

Blue Burrito mattresses are made by RC Willey, a Salt Lake City furniture retailer. You can order their mattresses online with free shipping and payment plans, or you can check them out in local stores.

Can you flip a Blue Burrito mattress?

Blue Burrito mattresses aren’t flippable because the layers are stacked in a specific order. If you were to flip the bed, you’d lose all the benefits of its memory foam comfort layers and get a different feel we don’t think would be as comfortable. 

Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid vs. Other Brands

Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid vs. Bear Elite Hybrid

Trial Period
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
Soft: 6/10
120 nights
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
Soft: 6/10
Trial Period
120 nights

Who We Recommend the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid For

  • Couples
  • Back sleepers
  • Budget shoppers

Who We Recommend the Bear Elite Hybrid For

  • Extremely hot sleepers
  • Budget shoppers
  • Those who want lifetime warranty

Read our Bear Elite Hybrid mattress review if you think the Bear is right for you.

Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid vs. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Trial Period
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Side View
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress
Multiple firmness options
120 nights
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Side View
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Trial Period
120 nights

Who We Recommend the Supreme Hybrid For

  • Average-weight sleepers
  • Lightweight stomach sleepers
  • Luxury shoppers

Who We Recommend the Signature Hybrid For

  • People who want a more traditional hybrid
  • Couples
  • Sleepers who want multiple firmness options

Check our Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress review if you think this may be the right option for you.

Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid vs. Other Blue Burrito Models 

Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid vs. Blue Burrito Hybrid Memory Foam

Who We Recommend the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid For

  • Luxury shoppers
  • Extra-hot sleepers
  • Shoppers seeking a taller mattress

Who We Recommend the Blue Burrito Hybrid Memory Foam For

  • Sleepers who want to save more money
  • People who don’t want as tall of a bed
  • Shoppers seeking a more standard mattress design

Check out our Blue Burrito Hybrid Memory Foam review if you think this bed is right for you.

Our Verdict

The Supreme Hybrid is RC Willey’s more luxurious option and the fanciest mattress in the Blue Burrito mattress line. The bed has an extra 2 inches compared to the base hybrid model. We think it does a good job of contouring your body while supporting the heaviest parts in different positions. 

The mattress deserved its ‘Burrito’ name since it has coils wrapped in comforting foam layers. Although it may be too firm for some lightweight side sleepers, we think it should fit many sleepers in various sleeping positions. Overall, we gave the Blue Burrito Supreme Hybrid a 3.5 out of 5.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

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