Our In-Depth Nectar UK Bed Review for 2021

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Since 2016, Nectar has built an impressive business and loyal following by selling an updated memory foam mattress that was designed to prevent the old-fashioned drawbacks of this classic material while offering a terrific value. Venturing across the pond, the company is now looking to capture the imagination of the UK.

Our in-depth review of the Nectar UK will show you each layer of this new entry into the British mattress market. While the signature feel and generous customer service package remains the same, a few differences set this model apart in order to meet the unique demands of a UK audience.

Curious to find out what’s different? Read on, or move along to the end for our summary and score.

You will love Nectar UK if you:

  • Want a classic memory foam feel – Nectar has reinterpreted a classic feel for the 21st century, which was designed so you can feel all the weightless pressure relief that was invented by NASA for astronauts without feeling like you’re stuck in a black hole.
  • Sleep hot – Those who worry about sleeping too hot while cradled inside their mattress should have some allies to assist their temperature control with an adaptive cooling cover and breathable memory materials integrated with cooling technology (you can learn more about cooling beds here).
  • Shopping for value – Memory beds in shops and boutiques can cost you a lot more than buying online. Nectar’s extra long sleep trial and Forever Warranty add significantly to the bed’s overall value while making purchases from this company virtually risk free.

You might not like Nectar UK if you:

  • Prefer a bed with bounce – If you are more accustomed to a bed with bounce, such as a bed with innersprings or highly responsive materials, you may find that sinking into memory foam is a bit of an adjustment. However, if you give it a chance, you may just fall in love with its ability to cradle your pressure points and minimize motion transfer.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

This mattress arrives on your doorstep conveniently roll-packed into an easy-to-carry box that you can simply transport to your room. This all-foam choice should work great with adjustable bases, as well as any other sturdy base you may prefer.

The cover, which is made from fabric with adaptive cooling technology. What this means is that heat can easily spread through the material and away from your body when you’re warm, and the fabric is breathable enough to allow air to circulate, cooling the surface of your mattress. Moisture wicking also helps to keep you cool and dry.

The bed stands 10 inches, or 25 cm high and is made from three layers of specialty foam.

nectar uk bed layers

  • The first layer contains 4 cm of breathable visco foam integrated with Revo technology called the Smart Sleep Layer with Cool Sleep Concept. The company claims this proprietary formulation is 30 times more breathable than competing memory materials and it was designed to expertly regulate surface temperature.
  • The second layer delivers 5 cm of soft visco foam that is engineered to keep your contoured comfort needs consistently met while relieving pressure in your joints.
  • The base layer, called Shape Support, stands 16 cm and is divided into 7 different zones to target different parts of your body and ensure your spine remains level and body comfortably enveloped.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

This model’s feel is similar to its American counterpart and falls right within our Medium-Firm range on our scale from a soft 1 to a hardest score of 10. This 6.5 is highly versatile so it should suit different shapes of most individuals in the position they most prefer.

Are you not sure what Medium-Firm means? Learn more in our firmness and feel guide here.

Settling into the comfort materials, you should feel the bed slowly respond to your heat and weight as the bed wraps you in a deeper hug. The breathable foams and soft cover with adaptive cooling technology should keep you cool, and the foams should not be overly difficult to navigate should you want to reposition. Bounce in this bed should be minimal.

Combination sleepers, or those who like to swap back and forth between a few different sleep positions, should find this bed’s versatility suits their needs whatever position they choose.

Nectar Mattress Firmness


Most back sleepers should appreciate feeling suspended in foam as the zoned support works to keep their spine level as the bed conforms neatly to their shape and supports their lumbar (Why? Learn more about sleeping on your back here.).

Most side sleepers should also like how the Shape Support works to cradle their hips and shoulders in a pressure-free embrace and melt away pressure that can develop when weight is more heavily concentrated in this position (Want to know more? See our guide for side sleepers).

Most stomach sleepers will feel comfortably cradled in this mattress without their hips dipping too low, though folks who carry a substantial bit of extra weight through their midsections may prefer a firmer mattress to provide extra support for their hips (Learn more about sleeping on your stomach in our full guide).

Motion Transfer

Memory foam takes high marks in this arena due to its ability to absorb pressure and slowly envelop concentrations of weight. Any shifts in position or the comings and goings of partners, pets or children should not disturb even the lightest of sleepers resting in this brand.

Read more: Our guide to top memory foam beds

Edge Support

The compression process that lends itself to convenient shipping and installation often limits the rigidity of edges in bed-in-a-box choices. This brand performs as expected based on the industry’s standards, and you should sleep securely on the side of the bed and experience some minor compression when seated with all of your weight on the edge.

You’ve maybe never considered edge support in your life but if you share your bed or you need to increase the bed’s overall sleeping space, this category may be important to consider.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Keep the brand in your house for a full year to see how you feel about it, and if you don’t think it is the right fit, return it for a refund.
  • Warranty – The company’s Forever warranty also extends to this brand overseas.
  • Shipping – This product ships for free within the United Kingdom, and returns are also free.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service Premium Delivery, in which professionals will set up your new bed as well as remove your old mattress, is available for an additional fee.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This certificate guarantees that the foams were crafted with a process mindful of potentially dangerous chemicals and ozone depleters.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible

SizeDimensions (centimeters)Price (w/o discount)
Single90cm x 190cm x 25cm£399
Small Double120cm x 190cm x 25cm£599
Double135cm x 190cm x 25cm£599
King150cm x 200cm x 25cm£699
Super King180cm x 200cm x 25cm£799

Final Thoughts

9.5 Total Score

Nectar’s modernized twist on classic memory foam is popular among value-loving Americans, and now customers in the UK will get a chance to fall in love.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

Nectar’s updates to a classic have addressed many complaints customers have about old-fashioned memory materials. Cooling technology helps keep you resting comfortably while upgrades to the foam help keep you from feeling like you’re stuck.

This level of quality can be really expensive if you’re wandering through your local shop, but the company’s online sales model helps them keep prices affordable. Added to an already great value is their industry-leading customer support deal that lets you try the bed out in your home for a full year to make sure it suits your needs over time.

This brand has fully evaluated the needs and demands of the British market and is delivering an American brand with a few slight changes that should appeal to a UK sleeper.

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