Our In-Depth Nectar UK Bed Review for 2023

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Since 2016, Nectar has built an impressive business and loyal following by selling an updated memory foam mattress that was designed to prevent the old-fashioned drawbacks of this classic material while offering a terrific value. Venturing across the pond, the company is now looking to capture the imagination of the UK.

Our in-depth review of the Nectar UK will show you each layer of this new entry into the British mattress market. While the signature feel and generous customer service package remain the same, a few differences set this model apart in order to meet the unique demands of a UK audience.

Curious to find out what’s different? Read on, or move along to the end for our summary and score.

Excellent Matches For Nectar UK

  • Memory foam fansNectar has reinterpreted a classic feel for the 21st century by developing a memory foam bed that provides the weightless pressure relief originally invented by NASA without feeling like you’re stuck in a black hole.

  • Folks who sleep hotThose who worry about sleeping too hot while cradled inside their mattress should feel secure in knowing the Nectar has multiple features for keeping you cool.

  • Value seekersMemory beds in shops and boutiques can cost you a lot more than buying online. Nectar’s extra-long sleep trial and Forever Warranty add to the bed’s overall value and offering consumer’s a risk-free investment.

Possible Nectar UK Considerations:

  • Prefer a bed with bounceFor those sleepers who are more accustomed to a bed with significant bounce, such as a hybrid mattress with innerspring coils, you may find that sinking into memory foam is a bit of an adjustment. However, if you give it a chance, you may just fall in love with its ability to cradle your pressure points and minimize motion transfer. The best news is that you have up to a year to test out this mattress, which is plenty of time to decide whether an all-foam bed is right for you.

Construction: What’s Inside the Nectar UK?

Starting at the top of the Nectar UK Memory Foam model is the Quilted Cooling Cover, a customed-designed material aimed at drawing heat away from the body while circulating fresh, cool air with each and every movement you make. The Cooling Cover is made with polyester on top and a polypropylene base on the bottom and edges to help keep the mattress secure on your bed frame. The polyester surface is white, while the polypropylene base is a light gray color.

The Nectar UK model is a total of 25 centimeters thick.

  • Below the cover is the Dynamic Support Layer, a breathable open-cell foam that’s designed to amplify airflow throughout the bed, further keeping you cool as a cucumber for a better night’s rest and minimized chance of waking up hot. This foam is also designed to deliver support and some bounce.
  • Further down is the memory foam layer. This is where the magic happens for folks seeking pressure relief and comfort. The soft memory material is engineered to conform to your unique shape so that discomfort in your joints can be a thing of the past.
  • The bottom layer is the 7-Zone Support Base. The foam here is divided into seven different zones to target different parts of your body and ensure your spine remains level and body comfortably enveloped.
Nectar UK Construction Layers

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

The mattress arrives at your doorstep compressed into a box. The company advises removing your mattress from the box as soon as possible to avoid impairing the quality of the bed.

Settling in, you should feel the bed slowly respond as it wraps you in a deeper hug. The breathable foams and soft cover with adaptive cooling technology should keep you cool, and the foams should not be overly difficult to navigate should you want to reposition. Bounce in this bed should be minimal.

Firmness Scale: 6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Nectar UK Firmness Scale

Pressure Relief

As you lie down, your weight will put added pressure on specific parts of the body. These are known as your pressure points. They can include places such as your hips and shoulders. People who experience sensitivity or pain in these areas need a bed with enough comfort to deliver relief so that you don’t experience any pain while you rest.

Memory foam is celebrated for its ability to provide optimum pressure relief, which is why it’s used in many top-quality beds, and the Nectar UK model is no exception.

The Nectar’s memory foam is the third layer down and is designed to target common pressure points such as the shoulders, hips, and legs. The quilted cover and dynamic support foam above are two additional comfort layers that should further aid in this, so you no longer need to worry about waking up with aches and pains.


Going hand-in-hand with pressure relief is support, a crucial mattress feature that ensures good spine alignment. Why is good spine alignment important? By allowing your spine to rest in a healthy, neutral position, your chances of developing chronic back pain are reduced.

The primary support mechanism of the Nectar is the 7-zone support base. While the comfort layers give you that gentle cradle feel, the base helps prevent you from sinking too much and throwing off your alignment. Additionally, the dynamic support foam is designed to complement this and provide even more support.

Preference-based Features


Hot sleepers will appreciate Nectar’s thoughtfulness in incorporating cooling features into their memory foam bed. While the cooling cover draws heat away from your body, the dynamic support layer underneath further promotes temperature regulation and airflow.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam takes high marks in this arena due to its ability to absorb pressure and slowly envelop concentrations of weight. Any shifts in position or the comings and goings of partners, pets, or children should not disturb even the lightest of sleepers resting in this brand.

Edge Support

The compression process that lends itself to convenient shipping and installation often limits the rigidity of edges in bed-in-a-box choices. This brand performs as expected based on the industry’s standards, and you should sleep securely on the side of the bed and experience some minor compression when seated with all of your weight on the edge.

You’ve maybe never considered edge support in your life, but if you share your bed or you need to increase the bed’s overall sleeping space, this category may be necessary to consider.

Adjustable Base Compatible

The Nectar is also compatible with adjustable bases.


  • Eco-Friendly Certifications – This product is CertiPUR certified, which means the foams in this mattress meet vigorous health safety standards. The company also a certified ClimatePartner. This signifies that the company prioritizes eco-friendly manufacturing processes to minimize their carbon footprint.
CertiPur Logo

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping - Shipping is free within the mainland U.K. Shipping to remote parts of the U.K. and Scotland, off-shore islands, and Northern Ireland is not offered.
  • White-Glove Delivery - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nectar has suspended their 2-person delivery service.
  • Trial - Keep the brand in your house for a full year to see how you feel about it, and if you don’t think it is the right fit, return it for a refund.
  • Warranty - This mattress comes with a Forever Warranty.
SizeDimensions (centimeters)Price (w/o discount)
Single90cm x 190cm x 25cm£569
Double135cm x 190cm x 25cm£749
King150cm x 200cm x 25cm£819
Super King180cm x 200cm x 25cm£929
Small Double120cm x 190cm x 25cm£739

Overall Summary

Nectar’s modernized twist on classic memory foam is popular among value-loving Americans, and now customers in the UK will get a chance to fall in love.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Most side sleepers should like how the memory foam in this Nectar mattress works to cradle their hips and shoulders in a soothing embrace and melt away pressure that can develop when weight is more heavily concentrated in this position.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


Back sleepers, who need a strong combination of adequate pressure relief and support, should appreciate feeling suspended in foam as the zoned support works to keep their spine level as the bed conforms neatly to their shape and supports their lumbar region.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


The majority of regular stomach sleepers will feel comfortably cradled in this mattress without their hips dipping too low. However, folks who carry a substantial amount of extra weight through their midsections may prefer a firmer mattress to provide extra support for their hips.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Combination sleepers, who often rest in multiple positions throughout the night, need a mattress that will complement that. The Nectar, which is rated as a medium-firm bed, should have a more universal feel that can work for varying sleep positions.

Couples Icon



Similar to the needs of combo sleepers, couples need a bed that’s able to cater to different sleep styles. Motion isolation and edge support are also important features for couples who don’t want to wake their partner and have ample surface space, and this bed should excel at both.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Significantly heavier individuals usually need a firmer mattress to avoid bottoming out through the layers. Heavy sleepers who rest on their side or back may do okay with this model, but those who sleep on their stomach will likely enjoy something firmer.

Light Weight Sleepers

Light-Weight Sleepers


On the opposite spectrum, those who are lighter than average typically respond well to more plush beds that prevent them from feeling as though they’re sleeping on a rock. While light sleepers who rest on their stomach or back may find the Nectar suitable, side sleepers will probably need a softer option.

Overall Value


With a medium-firm feel that complements a variety of sleep positions and body frames and multiple preference-based features such as cooling, edge support, and motion isolation, Nectar is bringing their high-quality style – and a valuable deal – to the U.K.


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