Our In-Depth Eve Bed Review for 2023

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Can a firmer mattress still feel plush and inviting? Can memory foam relieve all your pressure points without overheating?

That is the goal behind the Eve memory bed, which was designed by London engineers over 12 years of thoughtful planning and over 70,000 prototypes. They wanted to create a quality mattress that would be comfortable and affordable for a wide spectrum of people, believing that quality sleep shouldn’t be restricted to a privileged few.

Our in-depth look at Eve will show you the ways this mattress stands out from the rest by looking at its unique cooling layer and proprietary breathable memory foam. We scored it using our system that looks at features like firmness, versatility, and value.

Take a look at the analysis if you want to know more, or proceed to the end for our conclusion and score.

You will love Eve if you:

  • Want memory foam without feeling stuck – Though this bed should hold you in a medium hug to relieve your pressure points, the quicker-responding second layer and supportive base can help you move around without feeling stuck.
  • Need motion isolation – The overall minimal bounce and 3 inches of memory materials do an exceptional job muffling motion transfer before it can cross the bed and disturb a light-sleeping partner.
  • Want comfortable firmness – Back and stomach sleepers especially benefit from a firmer mattress because it helps keep their hips elevated and level with the rest of their body, but the softer comfort layers will keep them from feeling they are sleeping on a rock.

You might not like Eve if you:

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Eve all-foam bed arrives at your door compressed into a box. The company recommends that you use slatted flat or adjustable frames that have no more than 3 inches between the slats, as this setup maximizes the mattress’ airflow and breathability. If you choose to use box springs, they encourage you to update them as worn out springs could affect your sleep.

The top of the cover is a slightly plush poly spandex blend that is elastic, breathable, and hypo-allergenic. If needed, this fabric can be removed for spot cleaning. The bright yellow base fabric has an anti-slip feature, which is an advantage with adjustable bases.

Overall, there are three layers that stand 10 inches high.

layers of eve bed

  • The first layer a 2 inches of New Generation Memory Foam that was specially designed to relieve pressure and contour to your shape without making you feel stuck. The open cell structure helps the product conduct more airflow than traditional memory materials.
  • The second layer is a 1-inch Active Response Layer made with a slightly more resilient memory foam to help ease repositioning while relieving pressure. This foam wicks away moisture and heat to keep the body cool and comfortable during sleep by conducting 30 times more airflow than conventional materials, according to Eve.
  • The third layer is 6.5 inches of highly supportive base foam material that provides the bed with a durable foundation.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We scored this mattress on our firmness scale at a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest, which is in the Medium-Firm to Firm range. This comfort level will suit a lot of people, especially those who need firm support but don’t want to sacrifice the softer comfort layers that relieve pressure.

Traditional memory materials take a moment to activate before allowing you to slowly sink into the bed, but with Eve, you should sink in right away and feel the top layers conform closely to your curves and holding you in a medium pressure-relieving cradle. The foams are slightly slower to respond when you move, but you should not ever feel constrained.

There’s really no significant bounce to this mattress because the top layers of memory foam subdue any pushback there might be from the denser base layer. Overall, however, the firm support will work to keep you closer to the surface of the bed which aids in repositioning and cooling because your body comes into contact with the room’s airflow. The specially engineered foams are breathable enough to keep you cozy without overheating.

Even though the layers are slower-responding, most combination sleepers won’t have an issue changing between positions, which are well accommodated by this mattress because of its unique mix of soft comfort and firmer base.

Eve Mattress Firmness

Most back sleepers should feel firm support that keeps their hips even with their shoulders and legs for good spinal alignment while the softer comfort layers conform to the natural line of their lumbar region. You can check out our top picks for back sleeping folks and in-depth buyer's guide if you need more info.

Most side sleepers will appreciate how the softer comfort layers conform to their curves while the firmer base keeps their spine level. Learn how to find an appropriate support if you sleep on your side.

Many stomach sleepers are served best by a firmer bed and should feel that their hips are elevated and even with the rest of their body, which keeps their spine from arching. The softer comfort layers give the bed an added plushness that will reduce the pressure that can build up on lighter body parts on firmer beds.

This bed’s balance of comfortable softness and firm support will suit many body types and preferences, but no two people experience firmness in the exact same way. For example, exclusive side sleepers who are substantially heavier may find that their weight compresses through the comfort layers without feeling enough pressure relief.

The weight limit for this mattress is 252 pounds per person or 504 for the entire bed, so individuals with significant weight considerations may be better served by a thicker mattress or one that includes a sturdy coil unit.

Motion Transfer

Memory materials really get a chance to shine in the motion transfer category because few products work better to stop vibrations in their tracks. People who share their beds with kids, pets, or restless partners should not feel any disturbances traveling through this foam.

Edge Support

Depending on your preferences, edge support may not be something you think about, but more defined edges can potentially increase the amount of sleep space you can move around on, which is an advantage for those who share their beds.

All-foam brands are not well-known for great edge support, but Eve performed slightly better than other bed-in-a-box brands. Sleepers will feel stable sleeping close to the edge of the bed and not like they’re going to roll off, though they may notice some compression when sitting on the side with their weight more heavily concentrated in a smaller area.

Other Considerations

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – All of the foams in this product have been tested to meet third-party standards for consumer safety based on criteria that looks for harmful materials like formaldehyde and lead.
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified – The fabric used in this product has been evaluated at every step of its manufacturing process for dangerous chemicals, emissions, and treatments.
  • Designed in the UK and Manufactured in the US

Final Thoughts

9.1 Total Score

Eve’s design delivers comfortable firmness that cradles your body and supports your spine.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

We agree with Eve that “every great day starts the night before” and see a lot of value packaged into this all-foam memory bed that was conceived and introduced in England before its popularity brought it to the U.S.

This bed manages the difficult task of delivering firm support without making the bed feel uncomfortably stiff and unyielding. The comfort materials here are soft enough to cradle your body without trapping you too deep and the extra breathable foams should keep you from overheating.

Eve stands out with both accommodating versatility and value, and not just because of the bright yellow cover, though that certainly helps!

Katie Simpson
Sleep Advisor