Our In-Depth Brentwood Home Cedar Bed Review for 2021

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For 30 years, Brentwood Home has been focused on making mattresses out of more healthy and natural materials. The company handcrafts their products right out of California and ships them throughout the United States.

When Brentwood Home designed the Cedar Mattress, they set out to make the best natural bed ever. This natural sleeping option is part of a large product line of quality, more eco-friendly mattresses.

This in-depth review of the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is based on our scoring system and will evaluate a series of characteristics that are important for sleepers everywhere.

Keep reading for an analysis of the construction and feel of this product or skip ahead for our assessment of the Cedar’s overall value.

You will love this mattress if you:

  • Want to reduce your carbon footprint – This product is made from all natural materials. The textiles and latex used in this bed have been awarded a series of certifications that demonstrate Brentwood Home’s efforts to keep the planet clean.
  • Need exceptional pressure relief and support – If you are looking for comfort and support the targeted latex layers combined with the zoned coil support system in the Cedar should fulfill all your comfort needs. These layers focus on relieving strain at pressure areas that should keep you sleeping peacefully.
  • Like a bed with bounce – This product contains two latex layers and 8 inches of individually wrapped coils. These materials provide a responsive surface that is great for transitioning sleepers as well as bedroom activities.

You might not like this mattress if you:

  • Have a tighter budget – Natural and organic materials often cost more but can be a worthwhile investment for those wanting to go green. Buying online represents thousands of dollars of potential savings for those looking to buy an all natural bed, but if this particular bed runs outside of your budget, Brentwood Home offers several other more affordable beds on their website.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Cedar ships compressed in a box right to your door. This mattress works on all bed surfaces: adjustable bases, boxsprings, slated platforms, and flat bases.

This four-way stretch knit organic cotton cover is quilted with a natural hydra silica sand fire block. Inside the quilted cover is Summerweight New Zealand Wool batting that regulates temperature by wicking away heat and enabling air to flow through, helping to keep you comfortable all year long.

This mattress stands 13 inches tall and has integrated several layers into its design to give you a great night's rest. Each of the layers is hand-tufted together instead of using chemical adhesives.

Layers of the Cedar mattress

  • The first layer is 2 inches of All Natural Dunlop Latex that provides great initial responsiveness to this bed. This layer has a fair amount of bounce and works to cushion the weight of your body. This layer is also ventilated to help keep air moving throughout the night.
  • The second layer is their 2-inch Grooved All Natural Latex. This layer is computer designed and has been specially cut into targeted zones in three areas that provide focused support for your shoulders, lower back and hips, and legs. Each zone of sculpted edge latex is shaped differently and placed in the bed according to what area it is designed for, in order to provide optimal pressure relief.
  • The third layer is an ultra-thin layer of flaxseed that helps provide additional support and separation between the layers.
  • The fourth layer is 8 inches of individually wrapped coils that help with deep level support for pressure points. Five Zones of pocketed coils give additional support to the shoulders, lower back, and legs while reinforced edge retention coils optimize your sleeping surface by providing a fortified bed perimeter. This layer also works with the latex layers to add additional buoyancy for transitioning.
  • The fifth layer is 1 inch of 100% coconut husk that is bonded with natural latex to provide a strong base that protects the bottom of your mattress.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We rate mattresses on a scale between 1 and 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being like a rock. We scored the Cedar at a 6. Brentwood Home advertises this mattress as a medium plush, and we agree with that.

You can learn more about our firmness scale and grading system here.

The cover is plush and soft with a hand-tufted button design. When laying on the bed this layer provides great initial comfort. As you sink into the deeper layers you can feel the bounce the latex provides. The responsive surface this bed offers should be great for combination sleepers who find themselves switching it up at night because the materials regain their shape quickly so you don’t feel stuck.

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress Firmness

Brentwood Home has kept those who sleep hot in mind. Each layer of latex has been manufactured with pin-holes and the pocket coil support system promotes desired airflow, while the wool batting wicks away heat and regulates temperature. These features help this product breathe so you can sleep cool and comfortable.

Back sleepers should sink into the quilted top layer and should feel the latex contouring to their back, filling in the space between the hips and the shoulders. This helps to stabilize and distribute weight while providing the desired comfort.

Side sleepers need to be aware of the increased weight concentration that occurs over a lower surface area in their hips and shoulders. The Cedar should fill their needs by creating no noticeable pressure build up in these areas. They should feel their shoulders and hips sink through the performance layers and into the coils that are designed to provide support and a nice gentle cradle.

For those wanting a softer feel or extra pressure relief, the company offers their Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper.

Stomach sleepers typically do better with a firmer bed because it helps elevate their hips and keep their spines aligned. This mattress should work pretty good for stomach sleepers because of the targeted latex areas for the hips, as well as the zoned coil layer that helps keep their lumbar spine supported. People who need more than traditional firmness might be interested in the company’s Tulare 2″ Firm Foam Topper.

Overall, this mattress should be a good fit for most body types. For those who have higher weights to consider, the manufacturer does recommend that individuals heavier than 400 pounds or couples that weigh more than 650 pounds look at some of their other sleeping options.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation can be very important for people who share their sleeping surface. Waking up because you can feel your partners every movement on your side of the bed can be pestering. This is why a bed with good motion transfer properties can be ideal.

The double latex layers and 8-inch coil layer provide this mattress with a fair amount of bounce. Individually wrapped coils, as well as the thick latex padding, should help isolate motion.The flaxseed also helps absorb some of the energy from the coils to minimize motion transfer, but some motion does make it across the surface. This should only bother the lightest of sleepers, the vast majority of people should be fine.

Edge Support

Bed-in-a-box brands often do not fare well in this category, but the Cedar is an exception to this statistic. Strong edges can increase the amount of available sleeping space.

This is why the manufacturer has implemented reinforced coil edges that are designed not only to keep you in your bed but also to maximize your sleeping area. This should ensure that you or anyone you are sleeping with can sleep comfortably.

Other Considerations

  • 1-Year Trial Period – Customers get a full year to try this product out and if they do not enjoy it they can send it back free of charge for a full refund.
  • Warranty – A 25-year warranty is offered with this product.
  • Shipping – This company only ships to the 48 contiguous United States.
  • eco-INSTITUT® Certified – This third-party certification performed rigorous emission and safety testing for the latex used in this product.
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified – This qualifies the wool used in this product was tested for harmful chemicals and safe for human use.
  • GOTS® Certified – A third-party certification that qualifies the cotton used in this product has been passed as an organic textile.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery – This service provides in-home delivery of the product and removal of your old mattress. King and California King sizes receive this service for free.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin75" x 39" x 13"$1,349
Twin XL80" x 39" x 13"$1,449
Full75" x 54" x 13"$1,649
Queen80" x 60" x 13"$1,949
King80" x 76" x 13"$2,395
Cali King84" x 72" x 13"$2,395
Split King80" x 39" x 13" (x2)$2,595

Final Thoughts

9.5 Total Score

The Brentwood Home Cedar is an exceptional mattress option for those wanting to take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. The Cedar provides a great night’s rest with its targeted comfort and support technology that should keep you and your loved ones sleeping easy.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

Brentwood Home offers a luxury hybrid mattress that is not only more environmentally conscious but also very aware of the average person’s needs. This product should provide optimal comfort and support to most people.

The quality of materials used in this bed and the brands focus on comfort, pressure relief, and targeted support that set it apart in the market of eco-friendly beds.

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