Our In-Depth Allswell Luxe Hybrid Bed Review for 2020

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What good is a new mattress if knowing you spent way too money on it keeps you up at night?

Allswell Home believes that luxury sleep is a right and should be attainable at a fair price. This is a brand dedicated to improvement, that is why they are continually innovating their products.

Their Allswell Luxe Hybrid demonstrates their dedication to quality and successful sleep. This hybrid mattress has added a lot of features they claim give customers a premium’s night sleep.

Our in-depth Allswell Luxe Hybrid overview covers everything you want to know about this bed. How it feels, how supportive it is, and its overall value. We even dive into things like cooling, motion transfer, and edge support.

Keep chugging along to get the full scoop or you can jump to the end for our summary and scoring.

You will love Allswell Luxe Hybrid if you:

  • Want affordable luxury – This brand gives savings back to customers, in the form of a more premium sleep for a bargain. Allswell Home does this by selling their products online, cutting out the middleman, like salespersons and in-home installation.
  • Sleep hot – This company uses a breathable cover topped over a cooling memory foam designed to disperse heat and moisture. In the core of the bed are the pocket coils, which keep the inside open so air can freely filter through.
  • Like an innerspring feel – This hybrid gives customers that traditional coil feel, with the added benefit of pressure relieving foams. The pocket coils provide sufficient bounce that can aid a repositioning sleeper.

You might not like Allswell Luxe Hybrid if you:

  • Need an all foam feel – While there is foam in the top and bottom layers, this is not a 100% foam build. It may not have that same deep hugging sensation that these sleepers are looking for, but the individually wrapped coils help add the supportive body conformance.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

Allswell rolls and compresses their mattress into a box, which is then delivered to your door for no additional cost. Once inside, this mattress can be set on either a box spring, slatted base, flat platform, and even an adjustable base.

The mattresses if furnished with a circular knit fabric finished with polyester and nylon. This top material is quilted to 0.75 inches of CoolFlow™ Gel Swirl memory foam, giving it a plush design that should feel quite cozy for most people. This material covers all 3 layers of the mattress beneath to make up a total height of 12 inches.

layers of allswell luxe hybrid bed

  • The first layer is 1-inch of CoolFlow™ Gel Swirl memory foam that fosters a cradling feel for the sleeper and begins to help relieve pressure. The gel in the foam helps to dissipate heat, mitigating the overheating tendencies often associated with memory foam.
  • The second layer is 2 inches of a polyurethane foam that were designed to help transition the sleepers into the layers beneath.
  • The third layer is the support center of the bed. This is 8 inches of individually wrapped coils, with exterior rows that sport a higher gauge for stronger edge support.
  • The final layer is a higher density 1-inch polyurethane foam that helps cushion the base.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

At Sleep Advisor we score mattresses on a 10 point scale, with a 1 being the softest. This product scores somewhere between 6 and 7 for most sleepers. It is important to remember that firmness is subjective and how one sleeper experiences a bed can be totally different from another.

The Luxe Hybrid fosters a gentle cradle that was designed to leave sleepers feeling cool and relaxed. As their weight pushes past the comfort layers they should find great support in the coils. These pocket springs are at the core of this product and help to evenly distribute weight so the sleeper can maintain optimal alignment.

Coils are also great for repositioning and bounce. These facilitate movements like transitioning between positions throughout the night. If you have toddlers, they can also be great fun for jumping on the bed.

firmness scale for allswell luxe hybrid

This bed works well for a variety of sleepers and most sleeping positions. The foams in the comfort layer were designed to fill the gap between the shoulders and hips. This is great news for back sleepers, as it is this aspect that makes this bed good for alignment and overall comfort.

Shoulders and hips can really dig into the mattress, in a way that can make sleeping uncomfortable. Side sleepers likely will love how the memory foams in the comfort layers ease those pressure points. Some folks, particularly ones who are lighter, may find this bed too firm for this position.

This bed could be an excellent choice if you are a stomach sleeper. Bed’s that range on the firm side typically help keep the sleepers’ hips elevated. This enables their body to stay aligned, allowing them to experience more support and comfort.

For heavier sleepers, a firmer bed is often a good choice, but the company does not state a weight limit for this product on their website.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is described as the movement that travels across the bed’s surface. People who share a sleeping space often want a mattress that has minimal motion transfer.

Considering this mattress has some good bounce to it, the motion isolation qualities really pay off. This can be attributed to the foams as well as the pocket coils, which unlike coil mattresses of old, operate separate from one another, anchoring motion to each individual spring.

Edge Support

The bed-in-a-box model has often struggled with edge support. These beds are made to compress, so they sometimes lack in edge strength. This can cause some sleepers to feel like they might flop onto the floor when sleeping on the edge.

Allswell Home has found a way around this problem. They use reinforced perimeter coils around the inside edge of the mattress to increase support. Sleepers can sit and sleep on the edge without feeling like they might tumble onto the ground.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Customers can try out this product in their home for 100-nights. If it is not what they were hoping for, they can send it back for a full refund.
  • Warranty – This product is protected with a Limited 10-Year Warranty.
  • Shipping – Shipping for this bed is free within the 48 contiguous United States
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – The manufacturing process of this product avoids ozone depleters and uses safe amounts of potentially hazardous materials, like mercury, formaldehyde, and lead.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin74” x 37.5” x 12”$345
Twin XL79” x 37.5” x 12”$375
Full74” x 53.5” x 12”$485
Queen79” x 60” x 12”$585
King79” x 75.5” x 12”$745
Cali King84” x 72” x 12”$745

Final Thoughts

9.4 Total Score

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is a premium option for sleepers who love the finer things in life but also want to save money on their new bed. This is luxury comfort on a budget.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
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Not only the highbrows deserve luxury. This is one of many reasons that makes Allswell Home a unique company. They sell a quality mattress for a bargain. Sleepers looking for a hybrid mattress that not only feels comfortable but also sleeps cool, might want to give this bed a closer look.

This company is dedicated to giving their customers the sleep they deserve, so if you think that you are entitled to a good night’s rest, check out the Luxe Hybrid by Allswell Home before you close out this internet tab. Your sleep will thank you.

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