Our Review of Nest Bedding Bed Sheets for 2021

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What are your prerequisites when purchasing homeware? If it is to match luxury with responsible living, Nest Bedding bed sheets are some of the products that will impress you.

This review of the Nest Bedding sheets shows you how the brand matches an eco-friendly approach with luxury. Now consumers don’t have to feel guilty that comfort comes at a cost to nature.

Nest Bedding is known for a wide variety of bedroom items such as mattresses and pillows too. To provide quality products they must research what their clients want. In their stores they get the chance to interact with customers and learn their preferences.

This results in quality products such as the Nest Bedding bed sheets. Let’s find out if you’ll love it as much as their many clients do.

Nest Bedding Sheets – Key Features

  • These are organic sheets.
  • Luxury packaging in eco-friendly materials.
  • Fair trade processes during cotton manufacturing.
  • Average set includes:
    • Top sheet
    • Bottom sheet (Fitted)
    • One or two 20”x30” pillowcases, depending on the set you pick
  • Available in three pastel colors.
  • Hemmed and pleated products available.
  • All standard sizes are available.
  • Fits most mattresses up to a depth of 16”.


Pros and Cons


  • Cotton makes for cool sleeping
  • Luxurious look
  • Cool feel
  • Soft to the touch
  • Doesn’t make sleepers feel trapped
  • Doesn’t lose color over time
  • Cotton doesn’t aggravate allergies
  • Striped pattern fits any décor
  • Quality workmanship on stitching
  • Aesthetically pleasing wrapping makes it ideal as a gift


  • Expensive bed sheets.
  • Sheds fibers, especially on first wash.
  • Will shrink on first washes. The company compensates by making sheets slightly too big at first.
  • Much different to silk, which can be bothersome for people used to silk fabric.


It’s a phrase that permeates luxury. “100% cotton”. And that’s what you find in these Nest Bedding sheets.

The company uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. This certification proves the brand uses the best products and procedures:

  • Textiles are organic
  • Harvesting is done correctly
  • Processes are environmentally friendly
  • Socio-economic factors are taken into account

Your cotton sheets are of high quality and you can be proud of how it’s made. Currently social and environmental aspects are important to many people. If it’s important to you, you’ll proudly display this bedding.

The fabric is woven in such a way to create long stripes, perceived visually. These will suit any décor style you currently have.

nest bedding bed sheets material

Build Quality

You can pick between two different designs:

  • Hemmed
  • Pleated

Both are done with quality workmanship. They won’t show wear and tear easily & you can pick the style most suited to your décor.

You’ll enjoy a snug fit around your mattress thanks to the strong elastic used in the fitted sheet.

Even pillowcases prevent excessive wear and discomfort. The inner sleeves keep your pillows in place at all times.


What do you value most in your sheets?

  • Color vibrancy
  • Whether they’re washable
  • Whether they show wear and tear quickly

Your Nest Bedding range will perform well in all these areas. The color stays bright for an exceptionally long time and even with frequent washing there’s no stretching, fiber breakage or stains. These features even apply when washing in hot water.


Prepare yourself for a comfortable sleep.

Cotton isn’t heavy and it doesn’t cause sweating. This improves your sleep in two ways:

  • The bedding won’t hamper your movements, so you’ll roll around freely.
  • It doesn’t stick to your body—because you don’t sweat as much as usual—so turning won’t cause tugging on the sheet. Now your partner can rest easy too since the sheets don’t pull on his or her body when you move.

Feel & Comfort

It’s probably one of the best materials to sleep in. Cotton is soft and smooth.

This is a 300 Thread Count product. This may let the sheets feel slightly stiff at the start. You can quickly change this by washing the sheets.

Since the sheets don’t deteriorate in the wash, it’s safe to wash it more than necessary. After a few washes softness will kick in and you’ll feel even more comfortable at night.

nest bedding bed sheets product image


This is one of the best value-for-money items you can get.

Yes, it’s in an elevated price category. But it’s not an outrageous price tag and you get many excellent features in return.

The features relate to what people struggle with most in bedding. This makes it a relevant product that will probably supply the solution to many sleeping problems you’re currently having.

Apart from the many benefits listed above, the quality threads and exceptional workmanship mean the edges won’t fray quickly.

They’re extremely valuable to people with allergies, because the natural products don’t aggravate these conditions. For people struggling with skin or sinus problems, this can add even more value than for the average person:

  • Because of better breathing, you’ll sleep better. This impacts your overall health.
  • It’s the best feeling knowing your skin won’t break out in hives every morning. This means your quality of life can improve if you get the right sheets.

Is this a smart purchase? Definitely yes, because of the aesthetic value along with the practical aspects.

Who Should Buy Nest Bedding Sheets?

Consumers love cotton sheets because they give solutions to many different sleepers:

  • They provide cool sleeping for people who sweat a lot.
  • Cotton is lightweight making it perfect for individuals who easily feel claustrophobic.
  • They last long so they’re sensible purchases for people with limited budgets. You won’t have to replace them quickly.
  • If you need your room to look luxurious, you’ll love the shine of the fabric as well as the striped pattern.
  • Because cotton has little chance of aggravating allergies, it’s a safe option to try.

If a lack of sleep results in low quality of life, a change of bedding may be your solution.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nest Bedding Sheets?

However, certain consumers have strict preferences. Even quality products can’t impress you if you’re used to a certain product.

If you love silk, these sheets will probably not suit you.

Cotton is smooth and cool, but very different from silk. You’ll miss the extreme smoothness you’re used to because with cotton you’ll feel a more definite texture. Is this something that will spoil your rest?

It’s also not wise to break your budget when purchasing bedding. Is your budget extremely tight? Unless one of the features will ensure a healthier lifestyle, Nest Bedding isn’t your perfect solution.


8.6 Total Score


You can’t go wrong with cotton sheets. It’s always a winner. And Nest Bedding succeeds in creating a new level of luxury.

You’ll have to pay slightly more for these sheets than your average products. But because they’re long-lasting, it’s worth it.

Everything impresses! From the comfortable nights you’ll have to the stunning colors that add luxurious beauty. Let them show! These sheets are made to show off your personal style.

And why not support products manufactured by companies who respect people and nature? This is how ordinary home products make a difference in the world.

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