Our In-Depth Casper Pillow Review for 2023

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Pillows are an essential factor when getting a good night's sleep, but they're also pivotal for proper spinal health and neck function. If you’re shopping for the pillow of your dreams, Casper has some excellent choices worth consideration.

This well-known company first launched in 2014 and is now one of the most popular brands in the bed-in-a-box market. They’ve succeeded in their goal of modernizing the sleep industry with a wide range of mattresses and other sleep products to choose from.

Now you can get the same comfort and support you love from their beds in three different models of pillows. Keep reading for the full scoop in this Casper Pillow Review, or skip to the end and see our final score.

You will love Casper if you:

  • Change positions throughout the night – Casper designed each of their pillows to support you no matter which position you sleep in. With all three models, you should feel adequately supported while sleeping on your stomach, back, or side.
  • Want softness and support – All three models feature layers with a firmer base of support at the core and softer, plushness in the outer layers for comfort. A supportive core is important for spinal alignment while a fluffy surface gives you that luxurious feel.
  • Need easy-care – Having a pillow you can easily clean is a must in our busy world. The Down and Original are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. The Foam model has a removable cover that can be machine washed and the surface can be spot cleaned as needed.

You might not like Casper if you:

  • Want an adjustable loft – Having a pillow in which you can adjust the loft is a great feature. While Casper’s products don’t have adjustable lofts, they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting their products to be supportive regardless of your size, weight, or sleeping position.

Watch Our Video Review of The Casper Original

Construction (Materials & Quality)


The Original is about 7-inches tall and features a pillow-on-pillow design.* The first thing you may notice when you lay your head on the Original is the soft, 100% cotton cover with a breathable percale weave.

The buoyant core is filled with silky, down alternative fibers that are individually blown into the cover so clumping should never be an issue. The resilient outer layer is filled with more polyester fiber clusters for added softness and cushioning.

original casper pillow material


Casper first became famous for its plush foam that contours to your shape and now you can get that same squishy feel in a pillow. Overall, this model has three layers of foam and stands around 6-inches high.*

Casper markets this model as their most supportive, featuring three adaptive layers of low and high-density memory foams for a luxuriously huggable feel. The foam is designed to circulate air for cooling with a breathable jersey knit cover to allow heat to escape.

casper foam pillow structure


Casper’s Down model is the best option if you’re looking for an all-natural plush feel. It has a loft of about 6.5 inches which is on the higher end, but the materials do compress significantly under weight.*

The soft cotton outer shell encases the unique 5-chamber design. The chambers are filled with 100-percent ethically sourced duck down and feathers that are more breathable and less prone to clumping than synthetic materials.


*Casper does not publish the full specs of these products.

Firmness (Comfort & Feel)


The Original is Casper’s most popular option, combining just the right level of softness and support. This unique double-layer model is designed to maintain its shape, even under compression. The 2-inch gusset is the backbone of its construction, targeting the neck and spine for proper alignment regardless of sleeping position.


Casper took the best features of its foam beds and turned them into a pillow. Carefully designed and tested by an ergonomist, this product has three supportive layers for proper spinal alignment. The outer layer should feel soft and cushiony as it contours around the shape of your head while the firmer support of the inner layer keeps your head and neck aligned.


The Down Pillow is Casper’s most luxurious model, with a plush and airy feel. If you like a fluffy cushion, this is a great choice. Down is a soft and responsive material that is comfortable and cool.

While this model is designed to adapt to any sleeping position, we feel this down pillow would work especially well for stomach sleepers who like to have a pillow underneath their head and back sleepers who do best with a lower loft.

A woman is holding three Casper pillows

Temperature Regulation

Overheating shouldn’t be an issue with any of these options since Casper took careful consideration in choosing materials that are breathable and cooling.

The Original features a breathable cotton cover constructed with a percale weave to allow for greater airflow. The down-alternative fibers are resistant to clumping, so air can circulate freely for a cool and comfortable experience all night long.

The Foam model was purposely designed to promote cooling, featuring tiny channels that allow trapped heat to escape. The jersey knit cover is stretchy and cool, allowing air to circulate throughout the layers.

With the Down product, the outer cotton cover is breathable and should stay cool all night. Down fill is known for its ability to regulate temperature, so if you’re prone to sleeping warm or cool, this material could help to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Noise & Smell

Some bedding products have an unpleasant odor when you remove them from their packaging thanks to the off-gassing of chemicals that are used in manufacturing. The Original and Down are made with materials that should have no smell. The Foam model uses CertiPUR-US® foams that are low in harmful chemicals, so there may be a slight odor initially that quickly dissipates.

Each of these products is designed to adapt as you change positions throughout the night. This means you shouldn’t ever have to primp of fluff overnight, reducing any noise. Even if you do have to make any adjustments, these materials are soft and shouldn’t cause any noticeable sounds.

Other Considerations

  • Size Options – These products come in a Standard-size that can be used with Twin, Full, and Queen mattresses and a King-size that can be used with King and Cal-King beds.
  • Warranty – Shoppers can take advantage of a 1-year-warranty on any of Casper’s models.
  • Trial – Casper offers a 100-night Risk-Free Trial so you can test their pillows out and make sure they’re right for you.
  • Shipping – Free shipping is available to the 48 contiguous United States and most of Canada. Shipping is available at a cost to Alaska, Hawaii, and Northern Canada (Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut territories).
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – The Foam pillow was reviewed by a third party that tests for harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Standard: 18" x 26" x 2" gusset
King: 18" x 34 x 2" gusset
Foam:Standard: 16" x 24" x 2" gusset
King: 16" x 32" x 2" gusset
Down:Standard: 18" x 26" x 2" gusset
King: 18" x 34" x 2" gusset

Final Thoughts

9.3 Total Score

Casper’s pillows offer luxurious support and comfort for all sleeping positions.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Noise and Smell
Value for Money

If you’ve ever slept on a Casper mattress, you know that this brand has a reputation for creating the most comfortable bedding. Their pillows are no exception. If you’re on the hunt for a pillow that’s supportive and soft, Casper has three great options for you to choose from.

With high-quality materials and cooling, you should be well on your way to a luxurious night’s sleep. You can take your comfort to the next level by pairing your pillow with one of Casper’s popular beds and get all your shopping done in one trip.

Katie Simpson
Sleep Advisor