Our Aviya Bed Review: Is This America’s Favorite for 2023?

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Do you want to feel like you are sleeping on a luxurious hotel bed every night?

Aviya sells the same model to consumers as they do to hotels. At an impressively reasonable price, you can feel like you are on an expensive getaway without leaving home. The brand’s hybrid design combines innersprings and foam, providing a substantial offering to the online direct-to-consumer model.

This review concentrates on their most popular Luxury Firm bed. However, they offer two additional options – Plush and Firm.

This in-depth review of Aviya is based on our in-depth analysis that includes characteristics such as materials, quality, and comfort.

Keep reading for our full review or skip ahead to the summary. If you want to see more great options, check our best-rated beds for this year (see all winners here).

You will love Aviya if you:

  • Want airflow – By nature, innerspring brands have increased airflow capabilities due to the abundance of air between their springs. You will not sink deep into the foam, which will also help to regulate temperature.
  • Enjoy bounce – Unlike other online brands that only offer bounce in their top layers, Aviya offers bounce on top and a deep bounce from its coil layer.
  • Are considering a hybridHybrid beds can provide the best parts of foam and innerspring beds combined since they have the comfort of foam with solid coils below. Aviya even provides super-compact springs in the lumbar region for additional support and edge reinforcements, which are not often seen in the online retail space.

You might not like Aviya if you:

  • Want a memory feel – Unlike the slow-responsiveness of memory materials, this bed responds quickly and has less sinkage. While this is a matter of preference, there are many benefits to a hybrid. Two include sleeping cooler, as memory materials tend to sleep hot, and significant bounce.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

Aviya is a hybrid mattress made to be used with a solid surface, platform bed, foundation, or adjustable base. A base made specifically for the product is sold on the company’s website.

Unlike many online competitors, it is not compressed in a box. Instead, it is delivered to your door by a professional delivery service. There is an additional charge for setup and current product removal.

The mattress has a quality feel and materials that make up its 12 inches of height. Its foams contain soy blended with polyurethane.layers of aviya mattress

  • The cover is quilted with the first layer of dense and breathable foam. Because of its construction, it cannot be removed.
  • The second layer adds additional comfort with dense foam. The brand claims to use the best quality foams at 1.8 pounds per cubic foot in their layers.
  • The third layer of foam transitions from the top comfort layers to the coils beneath. It also provides benefits for the lumbar region.
  • The coil layer includes individually pocketed coils made from 15-gauge steel to help with support and motion isolation. There are 800 in a queen size, with more or less depending on the size. An additional strip of more solid springs has been placed in the middle of the bed, which helps with lumbar support and can be felt while lying down.
  • The foam casing around the perimeter is three inches thick and provides amazing edge reinforcement.
  • The base layer is 1 inch of foam to tie in the layers above.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

On our 10-point firmness scale with 10 being the firmest, Aviya’s Luxury Firm model scores a 6 to 6.5, depending on position and weight. It is in a medium range, closer to medium-firm, which will cater to the biggest range of individual needs.

It has softer Plush and Firm versions. These different levels correspond to different materials used on top.

The first impression when touching the mattress is of its luxurious cover that has quilting and a softness to it. Pressing down further reveals additional comfort and transition layers, followed by the supportive springs.

There is bounce throughout the mattress, including a deep bounce from the coils. It has quick responsiveness and repositioning should be easy for any combination sleeper out there.

Because of its construction, there is a minimal cradling effect while lying on top. Do not expect to sink deep into the mattress – you should feel more like you are on top of it. However, side sleepers may sink deeper into the bed because they have more concentrated weight over less surface space.

Aviya Mattress Firmness

Back sleepers should experience  a comfortable firmness as their weight is distributed over the top of the bed. The super-compact springs that Aviya includes help with lumbar support.

Since sleepers are more on than in the bed, people who sleep on their stomach should not sink uncomfortably down into the bed. The foam top adds comfort for the knees and other pressure points and the springs provide necessary alignment.

Side sleepers will benefit  from the top layers in regards to their pressure relief capabilities. However, significantly lightweight side sleepers may want the Plush model so they sink deeper into the mattress and experience adequate alignment and pressure relief.

Significantly heavier sleepers who like to sleep on their back and stomach, as well as lightweight back sleepers, may consider trying the brand’s Firm option for increased support.

Because Aviya is a versatile firmness that provides most positions with a good night’s rest, it is a great option for partners and combination sleepers. The risk-free trial period should be enough time to figure out which of the brand’s options works best.

Motion Transfer

While memory foam beds are best known for their motion isolation, innersprings traditionally have less isolation. There is more motion transfer on Aviya than many all-foam beds we have reviewed. However, pocketed coils help to minimize that transfer.

While motion transfer is not typically a make-or-break buying factor, it can be important to note for the light sleepers among us who share their sleeping space.

Edge Support

Many online brands use the bed-in-a-box model, which can cause struggles with edge reinforcement. However, edge support is a strong suit of this bed because it is not compressed and has a reinforced layer.

Aviya’s design integrates purposeful edge design. Its 3-inch thick foam perimeter is strong, whether sitting or lying on the edge. There is very minimal compression while sitting on the edge and virtually none while lying down.

Good edge support means being able to use more of the product’s surface area, as well as having an easier time sitting on the edge for tasks like putting on shoes and socks.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – 100-night trial period. If the product does not work for you, the company will pick it up without a charge.
  • Warranty – 10-year limited warranty.
  • Free Shipping – Ships to the USA, with deliveries Monday through Friday through a professional service.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service – For an additional $99, Aviya can be set up for you in any room. Removal of an old mattress is $60.
  • CertiPUR-US® CertificationFoams in Aviya meet thresholds for VOC emissions and meet rigorous standards for chemicals like lead, mercury, and ozone depleters. In addition, the brand blends its foams with soy and uses locally-sourced, environmentally friendly materials as much as it can.
  • Multiple Firmness Options – While this review concentrated on their middle option, there are softer and firmer options available on their website.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin39” x 74” x 12”$849
Twin XL39” x 80” x 12”$949
Full52” x 74” x 12”$1,024
Queen60” x 80” x 12”$1,249
King76” x 80” x 12”$1,549
Cali King72” x 84” x 12”$1,549

Final Thoughts

9.3 Total Score

Aviya’s hybrid bed is impressively affordable and comfortable!

9.3Expert Score
Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
10User's score
Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

Aviya’s hybrid design caters to people looking for an innerspring bed with additional comfort layers. It is purchased by consumers and hotels alike.

It provides great airflow through its core and a high level of bounce. In addition, it has a zoned area that supports the lumbar region and exceptional edge reinforcement.

Aviya is made with quality materials at an affordable price. With a generous warranty and three firmness options to consider, there is a version for everyone who enjoys a classic innerspring feel.

Katie Simpson
Sleep Advisor