Our In-Depth Tulo Bed Review – Ratings for 2021

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Intrigued by bed-in-a-box brands but skeptical about a lack of choices? Presenting a new line from Mattress Firm with a variety of options for sleep, this company knows one size does not fit all. With three firmness options designed to fit all types of sleepers, most shoppers should feel exceptionally confident in their purchases.

tulo gets its name from “sleep” in Chichewa and “income” in Finnish, so the company aims to help you “tulo” without spending all your “tulo.” To help make your decision an easy one, in our tulo mattress review, we’ll go over the specs to let you know how the bed performs in memory foam, responsiveness, and other areas. For a comprehensive look at tulo, keep reading, or just skip down to our final thoughts at the bottom.

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tulo is a versatile and unique mattress with its layer of memory and response foam topped with an eco-friendly cover.
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Who Do We Think Matches With tulo?

  • Budget Shoppers with Weight Concerns – tulo is priced considerably lower than most other bed-in-a-box brands without sacrificing much in the way of construction. This should make it a favorite among budget shoppers, and the higher weight limit could help out some who struggle to find affordability paired with good support.

  • Fans of Memory Foam – This mattress will hug you back like traditional memory foam, though it should make it easier to move around and get up in the morning, thanks to its quick-response layer below the memory material.

  • Co-sleepers – With reinforced edge support, the usable surface area of this mattress should be higher than most other all-foam beds, which is great news for those with a limited amount of space to put a bed.

Possible tulo Complaints:

  • People Who Prefer Bounce – While the bed has many helpful features, it doesn’t include springs, which means there will be little to no bounce. Repositioning may be a little strenuous as you break the bed in.

Construction: What’s inside tulo?

The Knitted Polyester and Tencel Blended Fabric cover should feel soft and cool to the touch. Made of wood cellulose, Tencel is sustainable and biodegradable, a big plus for environmentally concerned shoppers.

The full height of the mattress is a total of 10 inches.

  • The top layer contains 2 inches of cooling memory foam with titanium particles integrated throughout to help prevent heat from becoming trapped inside the foam.
  • The second layer is made up of 1.5 inches of breathable foam that features open-cell technology and an exclusive “peak and valley” design that should keep air flowing through its structure; this should help prevent overheating.
  • The next layerconsists of 1.5 inches of responsive foam with strut reinforcement, which should provide support for the upper layers and help maintain the overall durability of the bed.
  • The base layer is comprised of 4 inches of a polyurethane supportive foam foundation layer. Shoppers may choose from Soft, Medium, or Firm foundation layers.
Tulo layers of the mattress

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

The Firm option is an all-foam mattress that ships compressed in a box. Any flat surface can be used as a base for this product, and it even works with slatted frames and adjustable bases.

Settling into the mattress, you should notice yourself sink into a deep hug as the memory foam contours to your body and relieves pressure. With a responsive layer below the foam, however, most sleepers should notice the bed responds quickly and you shouldn’t get stuck when trying to reposition.

Firmness Scale: 5/10(tulo Soft), 6/10 (tulo Medium), 7/10 (tulo Firm)

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Tulo Mattress Firmness

Pressure Relief

Most of us have had to sleep in less than favorable circumstances at some point in our lives, whether on the floor in a full hotel room or a hard guest room mattress. To identify what kind of pressure relief you need, just think back to those situations. Commonly, the shoulders, hips, back, and chest (depending on the position you sleep in) tend to dig into stiff bedding, causing pain and discomfort.

tulo aims to alleviate pressure with their 2 inches of memory foam and 1.5 inches of breathable foam just below the cover. These layers should allow most to sink in deeply, which is great news for most sleeping positions. Lighter side sleepers may prefer the soft model.

Though the surface should alleviate pressure points well, this is not to say that the mattress is slow to respond and creates a crater effect in the center of the mattress. With a 2-inch layer of responsive foam below the comfort layer, most people shouldn’t have trouble with repositioning or waking their spouses, as the material excels in motion isolation.


Support is just as important as pressure relief. Contributing to spinal alignment, comfort, and durability, this element is mostly reflected in the base foam. With 4.5 inches of polyurethane foam, the firm choice should keep most people from bottoming out on the mattress and is largely recommended for stomach sleepers in terms of proper alignment.

Those who are significantly heavier stomach sleepers should sleep well on the Firm option, as it should help them maintain proper alignment. Because this mattress stops motion in its tracks, it doesn’t provide much bounce until you press deeply into the mattress.

Product image of tulo mattress with a couple folding the sheets

Preference-based Features

Multiple Firmness Options

This company offers three individual firmness levels, and though all have a similar makeup, they vary in density, allowing users to choose what best suits them.


Tulo is a bed-in-a-box brand that saves you money, lets you shop from home (no visiting store after store), and offers a variety of convenient benefits.

Exceptional Edge Support

Few bed-in-a-box brands excel in edge support as a result of their compression during shipping, but with reinforced edges, this option performs well above the industry average.

Great Motion Isolation

With memory foam at the forefront of its design, the mattress was made to isolate motion well, helping couples stay asleep through tossing and turning and other disruptions.

Eco-Conscious Materials

With biodegradable Tencel fabric and a CertiPUR-US® certification, tulo cares about the environment and how its products relate to your carbon footprint. With these measures, elements of the cover are biodegradable, and the mattress foams shouldn’t contribute negatively to your indoor air quality.

Adjustable Base Compatible

The mattress is adjustable base compatible and should work on most adjustable bases so long as they feature either a solid or slatted base.


CertiPUR-US® Certified

tulo has a CertiPUR-US® certification, meaning the foams have been evaluated by a third party to have safe amounts of potentially harmful substances. This means less off-gassing and potentially better indoor air quality for customers.

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Overall Summary

Tulo is a versatile and unique mattress with its layer of memory and response foam topped with an eco-friendly cover. Made to suit most sleeping positions, this bed should be a good option for those who value pressure relief, motion isolation, and the environment.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Side sleepers tend to need more pressure relief than others, so those who sleep primarily on their sides will likely prefer the medium option to the firm, though the firm still retains pressure relief in its memory foam for heavier side sleepers.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


The firm is tulo’s recommended choice for back sleepers. With graduated support as the layers descend, most people should feel well supported and able to take advantage of the comfort layers without bottoming out. The hips shouldn’t sink in too deeply, and most should maintain proper spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


Tulo recommends the Medium firmness for most stomach sleepers, but we think many would also be comfortable on the firm, especially those who are significantly heavier. With enough support to stop the stomach and hips from sinking too deeply into the mattress, it should keep most people aligned well throughout the night.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Back and stomach sleepers should do well on this mattress, though side sleepers might prefer one of the softer models. With a quick-response layer below the memory foam, repositioning shouldn’t be a problem, so most combination sleepers should be happy with the firm choice.

Couples Icon



Though an all-foam bed, tulo does well in edge support and motion isolation, making it a good option for most couples. With an increased surface area and fewer disruptions, we think this would make a good choice for those not looking to compromise.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


The firm has an impressive weight limit of up to 500 pounds per side of the bed, so heavier folks shouldn’t be too concerned about support or being able to utilize the comfort layers. With other features like graduated support and edge support, the mattress should perform well.

Light Weight Sleepers

Light-Weight Sleepers


Lighter sleepers may find the Firm to be a bit too hard for them to take advantage of the comfort layers, especially if they sleep on their sides. These people may prefer the Medium or Soft models for a better experience.

Overall Value


tulo is a versatile budget choice that should suit a variety of sizes and sleeping positions. While some lighter sleepers may find it to be a bit too hard, the company offers a variety of firmness levels for a comfortable experience at a budget price.

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