Our Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Bed Comparison for 2023

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Plus-sized people deserve comfortable sleep too, and now more than ever, mattress companies are taking this to heart by creating beds specifically for this group. The Titan Plus and the Big Fig mattresses are two hybrids designed to deliver optimal comfort to heavier individuals.

The Titan Plus is an affordable luxury model with memory foam and a slightly softer feel. Meanwhile, the Big Fig features a high-quality construction that includes a gently-cradling layer of latex foam, offering a slightly firmer and bouncier experience. If you need help deciding, continue reading to see the Titan Plus and the Big Fig compared side-by-side.

Quick Comparison: Titan Plus vs. Big Fig

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big fig product image
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  • 13 inches tall
  • High-quality construction
  • Gentle cradle with bounce
  • Big Fig Review

Who I’d Recommend the Titan Plus For

  • Shoppers seeking affordability – The Titan Plus is about half the price of the Big Fig, offering affordable luxury for plus-sized sleepers.

  • Memory foam lovers wanting more support – The Titan Plus has a memory foam comfort layer and a lot more sinkage than the Big Fig. This could be better for those who prefer the deep cradle of memory foam but need the enhanced support of coil layers.

  • Combination sleepers – No matter your sleep position, you should enjoy the Titan Plus, making it also a great option for couples or combination sleepers.

Who I’d Recommend the Big Fig For

  • Shoppers seeking luxury – The Big Fig is made of high-quality materials, contains individually-wrapped coils, and is hand-tufted for durability.

  • People with limited mobility – The Big Fig’s high bounce and low sinkage make it a great option for those who don’t want to sink too far into the mattress or feel stuck, such as people with limited mobility.

  • Stomach sleepers – The Big Fig is rated the best for stomach sleepers because it is firmer and helps keep the spine aligned. This is very valuable for heavy sleepers since they are more susceptible to their hips dipping too much in this posture.

Comparing Titan Plus vs Big Fig: Top Similarities

  • Made for plus-size sleepers – The Titan Plus and Big Fig are designed for plus-size sleepers, offering them the added support they need for a comfortable and healthy sleeping experience.
  • They’re both hybrids – Both mattresses are hybrids made of foam and coils. As such, these beds aim to utilize the best of foam’s plush comfort and the strong support of coils.
  • Excellent cooling capabilities – The Titan Plus stays cool by using gel in the memory foam layer, delivering airflow through the coil layer, and offering an optional GlacioTex™ cooling cover. The Big Fig tackles cooling with a ThermoGel-treated fabric cover and gel-infused latex foam.

Comparing Titan Plus vs Big Fig: Key Differences

  • Materials – While both mattresses are hybrids with foam and coils, the foams they have are different. The Titan Plus is made of memory foam and the company’s unique TitanFlex™ foam, while the Big Fig features latex and poly foam.
  • Bounce – The Titan Plus has enough bounce for some mobility but not much. However, the Big Fig has high bounce and less sinkage, making it a better option for those needing a bed that lets them move around more easily.
  • Affordability – The Titan Plus is roughly half the price of the Big Fig, which could be an advantage for those on a tighter budget.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


We rate firmness on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. However, mattress firmness is subjective because it depends on the individual person’s body weight; the same bed can feel softer to a heavyweight sleeper than it would to a lightweight person.

We rated both the Titan Plus and the Big Fig at a 7.5 out of 10 for mattress firmness. Despite these identical ratings, this doesn’t mean they feel the same due to the variances in their constructions.

Mattress Firmness Level 7.5


Both the Titan Plus and the Big Fig are designed for plus-sized sleepers, keeping proper support in mind. Heavier sleepers are more likely to sink deeper into the mattress, making the average mattress feel too soft and uncomfortable, and this can result in poor body alignment.

The Titan Plus uses Brooklyn Bedding’s individually-wrapped TitanCaliber™ coils and a high-density base foam to offer robust support. The Big Fig is similarly supportive, using high-density poly foam, individually-pocketed coils, and high-density 80 ILD edge foam.


The feel of a mattress is subjective, depending on your body shape and the construction. The Titan Plus and Big Fig are intended for plus-sized sleepers and should feel comfortable, supportive, and pressure-relieving.

The Titan Plus should provide good cushioning, with the comfort foam cradling your curves. The Big Fig will feel more like a gentle cradle and you should notice the bounce from this bed. These mattresses will likely not feel as comfortable for a lightweight sleeper, who would find them much too firm.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Sinkage determines how much you sink into the comfort layers, and bounce describes the reactivity of the layers to your movement.

The Titan Plus will have more sinkage than the Big Fig because the Titan Plus utilizes memory foam, a material that’s known for cradling sleepers more deeply, but this shouldn’t impact its ability to provide good support.

Bounce can be valuable for those with limited mobility, combination sleepers, and some sexually-active couples. The Titan Plus has a deeper cradle with less bounce but has enough reactivity in the comfort layers to move around comfortably, whereas the Big Fig has a gentle cradle with lots of bounce.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Motion transfer describes the amount of motion transferred from one side of a mattress to the other. Most people seek mattresses with motion isolation, which keeps movement to one side of the bed and prevents sleepers from being awakened when their partner, pets, or kids get in and out of bed. Generally, innerspring mattresses have lots of motion transfer, while all-foam mattresses have minimal to no motion transfer.

The foam layers in these beds help absorb movement, and they each use pocketed coils to prevent added motion transfer. Between these two, though, the Titan Plus should have less motion transfer simply because it doesn’t have as much bounce.

Comparing Cooling

Both of these beds should be great for hot sleepers since the Titan Plus and Big Fig have multiple ways of keeping sleepers cool throughout the night.

The Titan Plus infuses gel into its memory foam to keep the material cool, especially considering memory foam is notorious for trapping heat. Additionally, the company offers an optional GlacioTex™ cooling cover.

Meanwhile, the Big Fig uses latex foam, which is temperature-neutral and therefore, shouldn’t trap heat. Even so, Big Fig infuses gel into the latex foam and has it perforated for extra cooling. The Big Fig also comes with a ThermoGel-treated fabric cover.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Titan Plus Construction

The Titan Plus mattress is 11 inches tall and features a white cotton cover with grey side panels. Hot sleepers may also want to consider the optional upgrade to the GlacioTex™ cooling cover, which is available when purchasing.

Titan Mattress Layer Construction
  • Quilted to the cover is a 1-inch layer of plush, gel-infused memory foam for plush comfort without trapping as much heat.
  • Further below you’ll find 2 inches of Brooklyn Bedding’s special TitanFlex™ foam, a cushioning but responsive comfort layer. This layer should also offer pressure relief where needed, targeting the points on the body that tend to bear the most weight when lying down.
  • The innerspring unit is 6 inches of Brooklyn Bedding’s industrial-strength, individually-wrapped TitanCaliber™ coils. This layer adds robust support, minimal motion transfer, and airflow.
  • The base of the Titan Plus is 2 inches of high-density foam to cushion the coils and provide a sturdy and durable foundation for the bed.

Big Fig Construction

The Big Fig mattress is 13 inches tall and has a high-quality hand-tufted fabric cover. Hand-tufting adds durability and should lessen the shifting of materials.

The fabric cover is also treated with ThermoGel to provide better cooling. This fabric is a blend of 66 percent polyurethane blend, 30 percent viscose, and 4 percent poly/lycra.

Updated Layers of Big Fig original mattress
  • Below the cover is a layer of perforated, gel-infused latex foam for further comfort and cooling.
  • The comfort unit is made of three layers of high-density poly foam. The firmness of these poly foam layers should prevent sagging while still delivering cushioning.
  • The primary support unit is an 8-inch innerspring layer containing 1,600 individually-wrapped coils. The coils add sturdy support and airflow to this mattress while also minimizing motion transfer. This mattress also uses 80 ILD Edge Foam along the outside of the coil layer for improved edge support.
  • The bottom is made with high-density poly foam for optimal support and durability.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty– Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year warranty for the Titan Plus. Big Fig, on the other hand, offers a 20-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Both mattresses ship for free anywhere in the contiguous United States. Shipping fees will apply to those living in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.
  • Trial Period– Both mattresses offer a 120-night trial period, though Brooklyn Bedding asks that you try the Titan Plus for at least 30 days before making a decision.
  • Returns– Both companies offer free returns within the contiguous United States. Return fees will apply to those living in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.
  • Price – As mentioned, the Titan Plus is significantly cheaper than the Big Fig.
SizeTitan Plus Price (w/o discount)Big FigPrice (w/o discount)
Twin XL$799$1,499
Cali King$1,499$1,999
Split KingN/A$2,799
Split Cali King$799 (for half)N/A

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesTitan PlusBig Fig
CoverCotton quilted to a 1-inch layer of memory foam
Hand-tufted ThermoGel-treated fabric
MaterialsGel-infused memory foam, TitanFlex™ foam, individually-pocketed TitanCaliber™ coils, high-density base foamGel-infused latex foam, high-density polyfoam, individually-wrapped coils, high-density 80 ILD edge foam
CoolingGel-infused memory foam, airflow through the coil layer, optional GlacioTex™ cooling coverThermoGel-treated fabric, Gel-Infused Perforated Foam, Coils
Motion TransferGoodGood
Edge SupportExcellentExcellent
SinkageDeeper CradleGentle Cradle
BounceSome Lots
Warranty10 Years20-years
Trial Period120 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree within the contiguous United StatesFree White Glove Delivery within contiguous U.S.
Made in the USAYesYes
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Final Thoughts

For plus-sized sleepers, both mattresses offer far better comfort, support, and durability when compared to the average mattress. The Titan Plus and Big Fig are highly comparable, but the feel of the upper comfort layers is not to be ignored.

The Titan Plus features a plush memory foam upper layer, while the Big Fig chooses a firmer, bouncier latex foam option. The Titan Plus is far more affordable but has less bounce. On the other hand, the Big Fig costs more but has the extra bounce that the Titan lacks. If you still need help deciding, consider visiting our in-depth reviews for each mattress to learn more.

Quick Comparison: Titan Plus vs. Big Fig

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big fig product image
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  • 13 inches tall
  • High-quality construction
  • Gentle cradle with bounce
  • Big Fig Review
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