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Two of the most popular types of mattresses currently on the market are the Tempurpedic and Sleep Number models. The manufacturers of these very sought after models are famous for providing high-quality products. Each of these companies models are unique and have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, these companies have the same target audience. In this article, we will do a review of both these products and decide which one is the best.

Sleep Number mattresses use air for support and foam for comfort. Their support and firmness can be adjusted by removing or adding air from the inner air compartments with the help of an electric pump. Moreover, every side of this bed has its own separate settings. On the other hand, Tempurpedic mainly uses springs or regular foam for support and memory foam for comfort.

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Sleep Number beds make use of air chambers. These models offer selective adjustability and either single or dual control, as per the type and size. On the other hand, Tempurpedic mattresses use high-density foam that is viscoelastic, which means that it is temperature sensitive. This it automatically adjusts to the sleeper’s shape and adapts to their body weight and heat.

Both these products can reduce the transfer of motion between sleep partners as opposed to conventional ones that use the innerspring technology. Moreover, at one point in time, both models have used the same technology used by their competitor.

Recently, Tempurpedic brought out its air bed range in their Tempur-Choice collection. On the other hand, Sleep Number also uses memory foam in its mattresses. The Memory Foam Series products from Sleep Number offer memory foam and air adjustability as well.  Both surfaces adjust according to the shape of the body of the sleeper.

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Furthermore, Sleep Number beds provide individual control settings that change the amount of softness or firmness of the mattress. This means that the higher the setting number, the firmer the mattress can be adjusted. Choosing lower values increases the softness. Plus, memory foam design also reduces pressure points, and it is also easy to customize using air pressure.

The Tempurpedic range of beds also offer the same benefits, as they can adjust the softness and firmness according to the user’s requirements. The Memory Foam Series from Sleep Number ranges from $2,999 to $3,499 at regular retail cost. Its competitor, the Tempur-Choice series of Add to dictionary varies in price from $3,199 to $3,699.

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We have collected in one place all of the advantages of Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number mattresses for easier comparison. Let us first have a look at the benefits of Tempurpedic models.

  • The price of all the models of Tempurpedic mattresses for queen size ranges from $1,499 to $7,499
  • Reduced amount of pressure points
  • Automatically contour to the sleeper’s body in order to support their spine
  • No moving parts in these models, except for their Tempur-Choice series
  • Automatic readjustment when the sleeper changes their sleep positions
  • Buyers have a choice from a wide range of models of Tempurpedic models, including Cloud, Flex, and Contour
  • They come with a warranty of 10 years

  • The price of all the models of Sleep Number mattresses for queen size ranges from $999 to $4,299.
  • Reduced amount of pressure points
  • These models adjust shape and comfort according to the individual sleeper body weight
  • Ability to control the firmness of these mattresses manually
  • Sleep Number mattresses contour to the sleeper’s body in order to support their spine
  • Buyers have a choice from a wide range of models of Sleep Number models, including Classic c2, c4, Memory Foam m7, Performance p5, p6, and Innovation i8, i10.
  • They come with a warranty of 25 years.


Tempurpedic, as well as Sleep Number beds, have some disadvantages too as compared to the conventional innerspring mattresses. For instance, Sleep Number beds have air chambers that need to be assembled either by the delivery person or the customer.

Also, Sleep Number beds can develop some kind of failure by puncture, malfunction of inner firmness control structure, or even from improper handling. On the other hand, Tempurpedic mattresses are temperature sensitive and are limited, and their comfort levels are not as customizable. Some of the other disadvantages of both types of beds are as follows.

  • May provide warm sleep temperature as compared to traditional mattresses.
  • Their shape responds slower to changes from sleeping positions
  •  These models can soften with time.
  • They cannot be disassembled which makes transport difficult
  • They cannot be used with heated bedding

  • The air chambers of these mattresses are separated from each other
  • There are moving parts in these models which can break and malfunction
  • Sleep Number models can change their firmness with barometric pressure or temperature changes
  • They have plenty of different settings which can annoy some users
  • These models need electricity in order to work


Tempurpedic, as well as Sleep Number bed brands, have their benefits and drawbacks. But the common thing about these products is that both of them offer a wide range of options. Both of their models offer different features.

A bed will not necessarily fulfill everyone’s needs. Some people may like Sleep Number beds more, and some may prefer Tempurpedic beds. So it depends on your individual preferences and needs. Thus, before buying a mattress, you should check out their unique advantages and disadvantages and compare it with other ones. This way you can get the best one.

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    saumya November 19, 2017 at 5:28 am

    I have been using a TEMPURPEDIC mattress for 2 years now. I have not experienced any problem so far. My back says thank you. <3s

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