Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Review

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If you’re a hot sleeper struggling to keep cool, you should consider getting a cooling mattress like the Nectar Premier Copper. This bed is designed to help hot sleepers as it has a cooling cover, the brand’s unique cooling technologies, and other benefits all-foam beds deliver.

The Nectar Premier Copper is a memory foam bed with three foam layers, a temperature-regulating cover with quilted copper fibers, and cooling gel in the top foam layer. The combination of materials makes it an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Stick around as we break down all the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Nectar Premier Copper mattress. Or, if you’re in a hurry, skip down to our final verdict to check Nectar’s scores.

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The Nectar Premier Copper mattress delivers a fantastic ratio of softness, support, and pressure relief thanks to its foam layers and cooling technologies.
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Excellent Matches For Nectar

  • Classic All-Foam Sleepers – This bed is made entirely of foam, making it a great option for all-foam lovers. The memory foam gives the bed excellent motion isolation and gentle cradling without the common issue of overheating.

  • Hot Sleepers – Nectar did a great job making this mattress suitable for hot sleepers. The Premier Copper mattress features a Dual-Action Cooling Cover and gel-infused memory foam with ActivCool HD.

  • Back and Side Sleepers – Nectar Premier Copper is a plush mattress that allows a bit of sinkage without taking away from supporting your spine in alignment. This makes it a good choice for back and side sleepers.

Possible Nectar Considerations:

  • Too Soft for Stomach Sleepers – The Nectar Premier Copper could be too soft for stomach sleepers. While on your stomach, you may feel your hips and spine dipping in the middle, potentially resulting in back pain.

  • Combination sleepers – Dedicated side and back sleepers should like this Nectar mattress, but those who like changing positions may need a more responsive one. Nectar Premier Copper has almost no bounce, making it harder to move around on the bed when changing positions. In addition, the softer foam may leave you more stuck in the bed, which won’t help combination sleepers.

Weight Considerations

Weight is an important factor because this can impact how a bed feels and allows you to rest in a healthy position for your spine. A softer bed can feel great for pressure relief, but if the mattress is too soft, your spine can become misaligned, eventually leading to back pain. Though sleep position is also a factor, ideally most people want a bed that can relieve pressure points and keep the spine in good alignment with adequate support.

Most sleepers should like the Nectar Premier Copper’s medium-firm feel, as the memory foam contours the body and helps relieve pressure without sacrificing vital support. However, heavier sleepers will likely find the Premier Copper too soft to keep their body lifted, and lightweight people under 130 pounds may want something more plush.

The Nectar Premier Copper can support a total weight of up to 600 pounds or 300 pounds per person for those sleeping with a partner.

Construction: What’s Inside Nectar Premier Copper?

The Nectar Premier Copper is 14 inches tall, covered with a Dual-Action Cooling Copper Cover, cooling technology, and heat-conductive copper fibers. The cover is cool to the touch and stretchy but feels well constructed and durable, especially in areas with stitching.

  • Below the top is the 4-inch comfort layer made from gel memory foam. The surface is infused with Phase Change Material so that it doesn’t trap body heat like memory foam usually does. In addition, it gives the bed some plushness and plenty of motion isolation and pressure relief.
  • Next is the transition layer made from soft polyfoam to ease you onto the base layer lying underneath. This Dynamic Response Layer is an inch tall but gives enough cushioning and pressure relief for side and back sleepers.
  • The stability base layer is 9 inches tall and made from conventional foam, giving support and structure to other layers and improving the bed’s overall life span. Many bed-in-a-box mattresses feature this foam as it’s sturdy and durable.
construction of nectar premier copper  

The Nectar Premier Copper has a shift-resistant bottom cover that helps the bed stay put. The cover prevents the mattress from slipping and sliding, helping it stay in place even if your kids jump on it. However, the cover may make it slightly difficult to move when you want to, especially since the mattress doesn’t have any handles you could grab onto.

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

At first glance, Nectar Premier Copper looks and feels luxurious. The cover feels cool to the touch, while the bed’s surface feels plush. Pressing your fingers or fists into the mattress reveals the contouring and hugging feeling you get by applying just a bit of pressure. In addition, it also shows how quickly the surface bounces back to its original shape.

The removable cover feels well constructed with durable stitching that looks like it can handle a lot.

Firmness Scale: 6/10

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Level 6

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is important for all sleeping positions, but side sleepers should focus on this the most. A mattress that helps relieve pressure distributes your weight evenly so that no pressure points are created. Nectar does this by incorporating memory foam, that’s already well-known as a good pressure relieving material.

Back sleepers should like how this Nectar distributes weight and supports the spine and lumbar region by allowing a deep hug within its first layers. In addition, the bed relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips for those who like sleeping on the side. However, people struggling with severe shoulder pain may prefer a softer bed that cushions the area a bit better.

People struggling with hip pain should find relief when sleeping on their side, but this depends on their weight. Lightweight sleepers may like a softer bed to relieve pressure in the hip area.


Although this Nectar model feels plush and offers gentle cradling, it doesn’t lack support, and most sleepers should find this a viable option. The Premier Copper’s support system starts with the Dynamic Response Layer. Although it’s only an inch tall, this foam unit supports the comfort layer above, giving it more structure and preventing you from sinking into the mattress.

However, what gives the most structure and support is the 9-inch base layer. The sturdy foam ensures the upper layers perform their best, preventing you from bottoming out and experiencing back pain.

nectar premier copper edge support

Preference-based Features

Plush Feel

The Nectar Premier Copper feels soft and plush, giving you something between a gentle cradle and a deep hug. The top layers hug the body, allowing maximum pressure relief while supporting the hips, shoulders, and knees properly.

Premium Materials

The Nectar Premier Copper mattress has five layers, three of which are foam and two are covers. The foam is high-quality and infused with copper for additional comfort and cooling, while the top cover has woven copper fibers. The bottom cover is equally durable and designed to prevent slipping.


Although this is an all-foam mattress, it has multiple cooling features to prevent you from overheating. The cooling starts with a cool-to-the-touch cover with copper fibers and cooling technology. This is further enhanced by the phase-change material in the gel memory foam.

Exceptional Pressure Relief

This Nectar mattress has an adaptive memory foam layer and a plush cover that hug the body to relieve pressure in the most sensitive areas. The construction offers gentle cradling to prevent the pressure from building up in the hips, shoulders, and legs.

nectar premier copper motion transfer

High Motion Isolation

Partners with different sleeping habits should like the Nectar Premier Copper mattress as it offers exceptional motion isolation. The foam absorbs movement, so you’re unlikely to feel your partner tossing and turning.


The Premier Copper mattress is delivered as a bed-in-a-box, meaning that it’s compressed and rolled into a box for easy shipping and maneuvering. This makes it easy to move from your doorstep to your bedroom once it’s delivered.

Adjustable Base Compatible

The Nectar Premier Copper mattress is compatible with an adjustable base and a slatted bed frame.


  • Eco-Friendly Certifications - This product was certified by CertiPUR-US®, ensuring the foams are free of heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, and other harmful substances.
  • Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

    • Shipping - Shipping is free within the contiguous United States. Additional shipping costs apply to Hawaii and Alaska.
    • White-Glove Delivery - Professional installation is available for a fee.
    • Trial - You can keep this product for 365 nights. However, you can’t return it before 30 nights are up or after the trial period is over.
    • Warranty - Nectar offers an industry-leading Forever Warranty on the Premier Copper mattress.
    SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
    Twin38” x 75” x 14”$1,773
    Twin XL38” x 80” x 14”$1,823
    Full54” x 75” x 14”$2,198
    Queen60” x 80” x 14”$2,298
    King76” x 80” x 14”$2,598
    Cali King72” x 84” x 14”$2,598
    Split King76’’ x 80’’ x 14’’$3,646

    Overall Summary

    The Nectar Premier Copper is a cooling mattress with plenty to offer regardless of your preferred sleeping position. The foam is CertiPUR-US® certified as safe, delivering pressure relief, support, and cooling comfort even during the hottest nights.

    Side Sleeping Icon

    Side Sleepers


    Side sleepers should like the contouring and hugging feel this Nectar provides. The mattress features high-quality foam that responds immediately, giving in under pressure to relieve and prevent any build-up when you sleep on the side. However, side sleepers who already struggle with shoulder pay may want a softer bed.

    Back Sleeping Icon

    Back Sleepers


    The Nectar Premier Copper should feel comfortable to regular back sleepers. Back sleepers need support and contouring to prevent lower back pain and keep the spine aligned. Nectar’s 9-inch base layer should prevent your hips from sinking, while the upper layers help relieve pressure when on your back.

    Stomach Sleeping Icon

    Stomach Sleepers


    Stomach sleepers must be careful when it comes to spine alignment because it’s easy for the hips to sink into the mattress in this position. For this reason, stomach sleepers, especially heavier ones, may prefer a firmer bed that offers more support for the hips. On the other hand, lightweight stomach sleepers should like the Premier Copper mattress.

    Combination Sleeping Icon

    Combination Sleepers


    This bed should fit the specific needs of most sleepers thanks to it’s middle-ground firmness, but it may not be the best for combination sleepers. Those who frequently change positions may find they require more effort to do so since the Nectar Premier Copper mattress could leave you feeling slightly more stuck in the foams. 

    Couples Icon



    Partners with different sleeping habits should like the Premier Copper mattress as it does an excellent job at isolating motion. One person tossing and turning shouldn’t disturb the other since the foam prevents the movement from going from one side of the bed to the other. However, some couples may not like the bed’s lack of bounce and its poor edge support.

    Heavy Sleepers Icon

    Heavy Sleepers


    Heavier folks will likely prefer a firmer bed since the Nectar Premier Copper is rated 6/10 on our firmness scale. This may be too soft for heavier people, especially those who like sleeping on their stomach. Without enough firmness, heavier sleepers may experience bottoming out through the layers.

    Light Weight Sleepers

    Light-Weight Sleepers


    Lighter than average sleepers should find plenty of support, pressure relief, and comfort in the Nectar Premier Copper mattress, particularly if they’re back or stomach sleepers. The only exception would be lightweight side sleepers, who might prefer a plusher bed to relieve more pressure in this position. 

    Overall Value


    Nectar did an excellent job of creating a bed that fits a range of sleeping habits. The Premier Copper mattress is a durable and well-made product designed to improve your sleep by giving comfort, support, and pressure relief where needed the most. Plus, it has exceptional cooling features for those who usually sleep hot.

    Our Verdict

    After testing the Nectar Premier Copper mattress, we think it’s an excellent choice for many sleepers. The mattress is good for those who sleep hot as it features phase-change material, copper infusions, and gel memory foam.

    This mattress is a good option for side and back sleepers as it prevents the pressure from building up on the shoulders, hips, and legs while supporting the heaviest points. 

    The bed’s premium materials, high-quality construction, cooling, and pressure-relieving abilities make it a popular option among many customers. 

    We would not a recommend this mattress to heavier individuals, combination sleepers, and couples who need strong edge support.

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