How to Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Cooler in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered what the #1 complaint is with memory foam?

Over 15% of users said that their mattress retains heat or that it sleeps warm, resulting in restless and sweaty nights.

If you are among those people, you are undoubtedly wondering how to make it cooler to a comfortable degree so that you can enjoy incredible contouring and pain relief properties of this fantastic material.

Stick with us and find out three easy ways to cool down your memory foam mattress by 20-50%.

Why Does It Sleep Hot?

It is true that foam mattresses have changed the way we sleep. They managed so in the best possible way by adding an incredible amount of comfort. They offer great relief to anyone who sleeps poorly at night or suffers from back or neck pain.

Their airy internal structure is perfect for adapting to the contours of our body. It spreads body weight pressure across the entire surface of the mattress. It is their best attribute among many others that they offer.

Considering it's a synthetic material, foam mattresses have their own quirks. One of the negative aspects is excessive heat retention due to increased sinkage and “hug.”

It results in sweating and discomfort during sleep. The reason heat gets trapped inside the foam is because of its unique structure. It is porous and filled with tiny bubbly spaces. However, it isn’t interconnected to allow a greater amount of airflow inside.

The weight of the body compresses and displaces these tiny bubbles of air. This means that there is no more space for it to circulate. Considering how important this problem is, manufacturers even created specialized cooling mattresses.

There are three easy and not so expensive solutions for this annoyance. They will turn your memory foam mattress into a perfect resting and relaxing object.

Create Space for Air to Flow Freely

You cannot change the airflow of a memory foam as its structure is solid. However, you can make sure that the surface beneath the mattress has plenty of open space where air can move.

Air can get trapped under your mattress and keep your body heat accumulating.

This will increase discomfort during the time you are supposed to relax. The best beds for proper air circulation have equally spaced wooden boards. This allows lots of room for the air to move around.

If your bed has one sheath of solid plywood, then you’ve found the reason why your foam mattress gets so hot.

The best advice is to replace your bed’s underside with wooden boards with lots of room to spare. If your bed cannot be modified, exchange it for a model that will allow good airflow underneath. Excessive body heat will soften your memory foam mattress and induce more discomfort. This will enable the bed to keep its shape. It will also provide your body with equally displaced surface area support.
space for airflow

Use Covers on Top of Your Memory Foam Mattress

Covering your foam mattress with protectors made out of natural and breathable materials can lower its temperature to more comfortable levels.

bed sheetsSimple mattress protector will keep odors away too, and they will make your life easier as you can wash them more often. Covers will also protect it from being stained and will keep it in pristine condition.

There are covers specifically made for memory foam mattresses with an increased airflow. Some of them even draw moisture from the skin and distribute it evenly across the cover’s surface area.

This will reduce sweat and help to keep you cool during the night. Being easily removable they can be washed as many times as you like. Cleaning them is easy as they are machine washable.

Making Good Use of Memory Foam Toppers

Finally, we have to mention cooling mattress toppers and pads which can somewhat affect the overall feel. As for the material, we highly recommend that you opt for a topper made from gel foam, down alternative or natural cotton. Also, it will add a nice layer of space where air can flow freely and therefore cool you down.

If your bed is too soft for your taste you can grab a firm mattress topper for extra support and breathability. Considering that the cost is around $100-150 it's a good alternative if you want to use your bed for couple more years before choosing a new one.


If you a bought a mattress with traditional and low-end memory foam you can only do so much. My advice would be to get a topper or some nice covers and to get a frame that allows air to flow freely. That will surely help short term. In the long run, you might be better off with a new one. Considering how many great memory foam beds are on the market right now, you can grab a good bed even under $500 if you are on a budget.

Sleep well 🙂

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