What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? [Infographic]

It’s obvious that there are quite a lot of different sleeping positions. People tend to believe that the way they sleep is completely random and that each night is different. That’s not so true, though. It turns out that there is an actual relation between your sleeping position and your personality. So, let’s have a look at the most common ones out there and see if you can agree.

sleeping position and personality infographic

Sleep Positions and What They Mean

Fetal position

Psychologically speaking, this is the position which prompts the most barriers around you. Your legs are bent, your arms are in front of your chest – all of these show that you have hard times letting people in.


This is the complete opposite of the fetus position. You have absolutely no barriers placed in front of you, and you find it particularly easy to open up. You allow people in your life without much worry, and that’s something to consider.


Yearners are also capable of being inviting and open, should you show them that you are trustworthy. Until that point, though, they are truly suspicious of those around them. They are truly stubborn, but they make up their mind rather slowly.


If you prefer this position, you are a very structured person. You like to keep things in a certain order, and you usually have truly high standards.


Regardless, they are usually people who are quite friendly and easy-going. They socialize quickly, but they do feel the need for social approval.


This is the least preferable position, simply because it’s not so comfortable. However, those who like it make friends very quickly and they are particularly loyal. Their friends and family are particularly important for them.

Which Position is Best?

There is no such thing as best sleeping position. It is all dependent on a range of factors such as weight, height and, of course – personal preference.

Back sleeping tends to provide a lot of support (read our mattress guide for back sleepers). If you have an excellent mattress, you can achieve a truly serene sleeping state. However, at the same time, if your mattress isn’t that great, your waste could sink more causing serious pressure on your entire lower back.

On the other hand, the freefaller sleeping position is also quite convenient, and it’s amongst the most common ones. It’s characterized by great comfort, and it is the least pretentions regarding mattress capabilities.

Side sleeping (see our mattress guide for this position) tends to be preferred by a tremendous amount of people. It could deliver excellent spine alignment. However, it’s also the most pretentious when it comes to the mattress. The latter needs to be contouring and perfect tailored to your body’s characteristics.

As you can see, there is definitely no one-off answer about the best sleeping position. It’s mostly a matter of preference.

happy woman stretching after bedtime


As you can see for yourself, there are quite a lot of links between your position during sleep and your personality. Of course, none of the above are definitive, and they do not constitute a rule. It's good to know, though, that your mind is working on a subconscious level giving you a “sleep personality.”

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