Eight Sleep Mattress Review 2020 – How Does It Stack Up?

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Good sleep is imperative to waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. Too many of us toss, turn, and lie awake during the night due to an uncomfortable mattress, as well as not knowing the factors that go into a restful night’s sleep. The Eight has unique technology and a low price point that make it an attractive choice when considering buying a new mattress. In our Eight Sleep mattress review, we’d like to address important purchase decision points.

What makes Eight Sleep so great?

The Eight is available to order online and ships directly to your door. The Eight sleep system combines features of a memory foam mattress along with a “smart” cover that can be used with the Eight mattresses, or with your existing bed at home, which is an excellent option if you do not have any issues with your current mattress. The cover offers multiple features such as sleep reports, bed warming, white noise, smart home integration, and a smart alarm.

So what is in the smart mattress?

The mattress has four distinct layers of foam, offering a stable structure and a comfortable surface combined. The base layer is made of four inches of high-density support foam that gives you breathability as well as consistent firmness. Above the base is the transition layer that distributes your weight and adds comfort with two inches of support.

Next, comes the two-inch memory foam layer that relieves pressure points by contouring to your body shape. Topping it off is two more inches of foam that keeps you cool and gives you just the right amount of bounce. The combined layers create a total mattress height of 10 inches.

One of the best features of sleeping on a foam mattress is it almost eliminates motion transfer, allowing you not to be disturbed by your partner's movements. This is particularly perfect for couples if one partner is larger and heavier than the other.  

picture of eight bed side view

How is the mattress cover “smart”?

The Eight cover has movement and other information gathering sensors throughout that sync to a sleep app both compatible with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Each morning you receive a custom report compiled by the data collected overnight which gives insight into your night’s sleep. You can view sleep trends such as when you fell asleep if there were any detections of wake ups, when you entered REM and how long you stayed there, as well as heartbeat, breathing, and other interesting insights. There is even a sleep experiment you can participate in through the app that teaches you about how exercise and caffeine affect your sleep.

The cover syncs with other smart systems in the house via Wi-Fi offering many options for customizing your sleep environment. Another feature to help you get to sleep is a multi-setting white noise player. There is a warming feature with a timer that functions independently for each side of the bed so you and your partner can choose temperature separately.

sleep tracking app for mattress picture

The timer is nice if you would like to have the bed heated ahead of when you plan to sleep, so the bed is cozy when you first climb in, as well as shut off during the night if you are a hot sleeper. Another great feature is the alarm clock, which senses when you are nearly awake and wakes you up in a window of 30 minutes before your chosen wake time, giving you just the right amount of sleep and an easy transition to waking.

Pros and Cons?


  • Smart technology is exciting. It gives you lots of options. Tracking your sleep habits and patterns can help you have insight into how you can get a better night’s rest. This is made possible not only by the built-in Smart Tracker but by integrating the mattress app with other smart technology throughout your home. A few examples, but not a complete list, of other smart technology it works with are the Nest Thermostat and the Phillips Hue light bulb. The Eight Sleep cover can sense you climbing into bed and in response adjust your home’s temperature and lighting via preset settings on the app. This allows you to customize your sleeping environment with very little thought.
  • A low price point makes this duo easy to purchase together or separately. Many top of the line beds offering memory foam and customized sleep settings will cost you in the upwards of several grand, while the Eight mattress and cover duo only cost just over a thousand dollars.
  • Simple love it or return it policy. Offering a 100-night sleep trial make this a risk free investment. The bed comes compressed in an easy to move box and arrives at your door making purchasing super simple. When your bed arrives, if you do not love it you simply call the customer service, and they process your refund.


  • Some people are not tech savvy. While many users felt it was an easy setup, if you find setting up your Wi-Fi is tricky, this may be a bed you need to consider a little bit further. There is a customer support team that will try their best to make it a stress-free setup, but the main review complaints of the Eight seem to be confusion over how to get it to work.
  • While they offer a 100-night sleep trial, they also require that you remove the mattress from your home and take it to donation on your own. This can be time-consuming and challenging as the mattress can be unwieldy once it is not contained in the original shipping box.


With everything considered, the Eight mattress and cover duo seem to be an interesting new breakthrough in sleep technology. The tracking and integration into other existing smart home products allow endless customization. The price is comparable to other online purchase memory foam mattresses that do not even offer the many features of the Eight bed. With the 100-night sleep trial, this makes the investment a simple try it out and decide experience.

photo of girl laying on eight sleep mattress

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