Best 10 Sheets for Memory Foam Mattresses of 2023

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Now that you have the perfect memory foam mattress, it’s time to purchase sheets to go with it. Memory foam mattresses offer exceptional benefits to sleepers like pressure relief, comfort, and motion isolation. However, they have certain qualities you should be mindful of so that you buy sheets that complement this type of bed.

Memory foam runs warm, so if you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll want to invest in good cooling linens. You’ll also need to consider that memory foam expands and compresses, so deep pocket sheets will ensure they fully cover the mattress. With so many brands and styles available, you may find it overwhelming to know which bed sheets are best. We’ll help by walking you through our top bed sheet picks for memory foam mattresses.

Best Rated Sheets for Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Bamboo Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress



  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FSC and Oeko-Tex 100 Certified
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 30-Night Return Policy

If you have allergies and are looking for a more hypoallergenic option, these antimicrobial sheets from Nolah should be a great match. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of frustrating allergens impacting your rest. 

Bamboo is a more eco-friendly material, and these specific sheets boast two impressive certifications: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Okeo-Tex Standard 100. This material should feel soft to the touch, fostering a cozy sleep space.

Why should you buy it?

  • Bamboo is made to remain cool and dry while you use it, making this a fantastic match for people with a memory foam mattress.
  • Nolah’s bamboo sheets come with an impressive 10-year warranty along with a 30-night return policy to test out the product for yourself at home. 
  • These sheets feature both cooling and moisture-absorbing capabilities that are excellent for hot sleepers and memory foam beds. 

Best Moisture Wicking Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress



  • Extra-Deep Pockets
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Tencel™ Sateen Weave

Memory foam’s tendency to trap means that hot sleepers will need extra protection. These ultra-soft sheets from Helix are designed to not only sleep cool but to absorb moisture. This is helpful for people sleeping on memory foam because it protects the mattress from excess sweat. 

This sheet set is made from 100-percent Tencel™ fabric in sateen weave with a 300 threat count, so they should feel sufficiently comfortable against your skin. Plus, Tencel is a sustainable material, making this a more eco-friendly investment.

What makes it unique?

  • These sheets from Helix come with extra-deep pockets to ensure they fit most memory foam mattresses. The pockets on the fitted sheet are 22-inches.
  • Helix offers shoppers a generous 100-night sleep trial, giving you more than enough time to decide if these are right for you. They further back up their product with a 3-year warranty.

Best Luxury Sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set


  • Viscose from Bamboo Fabric
  • For Mattresses up to 20 Inches Tall
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Machine Washable

This Cozy Earth sheet set is a luxury product designed to fit regular and deep-pocket mattresses. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. However, the Split-King size has two Twin XL fitted sheets and two King pillowcases. 

The viscose from bamboo fabric gives off a luxurious feel you’ll love at the very first touch. The material helps with temperature regulation and tends to get even softer with each wash. On top of that, the sheets are easy to wash in the machine, but make sure to use cold water, regular cycle, and no fabric softener. 

Why we like it:

  • These sheets feel luxurious and cool to the touch, so they’ll make you feel like sleeping in a luxe cloud that doesn’t get warm even when it’s hot outside. 
  • The enhanced weave adds to the overall durability of this set, so you can be sure it’ll last many years.

Best Cooling Sheets

Luxome Luxury Sheet Set


  • Viscose from Bamboo
  • 400 Thread Count
  • Sateen Weave

If you’re a hot sleeper looking to achieve a better night’s sleep, you may want to consider this Luxome cooling sheet set. The luxury set is made from pure viscose from bamboo and has a 400 thread count, which makes it soft and durable. In addition, the sateen weave gives it a smooth and silky texture that adds to its overall luxury feel.

One of the best things about this Luxome set is that it’s moisture-wicking and helps with temperature regulation. This allows you to feel the crisp cooling even when the room temperatures are higher. Additionally, the sheets fit over 17-inch-tall mattresses with ease.

What stands out:

  • These have a Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certification indicating they’re made from natural materials, which makes them even more appealing to eco-conscious shoppers.
  • All sizes come with two pillowcases except the Twin and Twin XL. However, additional pillowcases are available for separate purchases.

Best Non-Slip Sheets

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Rayon


  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Soft Jersey Knit
  • Corner Straps Included
  • 1-Year Warranty

Tempur-Pedic is known for its luxury products, and these sheets are no exception. The set is non-slip, which makes it a great option for memory foam beds. The secure fit comes from Staytight™ bands that allow the sheets to snug the mattress without moving throughout the night. Twin sets come with one pillowcase, while standard and split sets come with two pillowcases.

The material is soft and silky, adding to the luxury feel. However, the silky surface helps with cooling as well, which makes the sheets excellent for those who sleep hot. The material is also moisture-wicking, so don’t worry if you or your partner sweat. 

What you should know:

  • Although there is a warranty on this sheet set, the company doesn’t allow any trial period. In other words, you can’t return this product due to its use as a personal item.

Best Sateen Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen


  • 480 Thread Count
  • Luxurious Feel
  • Customizable Bundles

Brooklinen is an excellent option if you’re after sateen sheets for your memory foam mattress. The sheets are made with soft 480 thread count cotton sateen that feels lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. The soft texture is gentle on the skin, making this a good product for people with sensitive skin.

Brooklinen offers different sizes and types of sheets, so you can mix and match them to create your customized bundle. This is an excellent idea if you have a split bed and your partner prefers fitted while you like flat sheets or vice versa.

Why is it unique?

  • The luxe weave is soft to the touch, and it’ll get even softer each time you wash the sheets. Both machine washing and tumble drying are allowed but make sure to use cold water and a gentle cycle. No bleach or harsh detergents are needed.

Best Deep Pocket Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress



  • 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • 260 Threat Count
  • Sateen Weave

Sheets that are made with deep pockets are important for memory foam because the material expands and compresses. The deep pockets allow the fitted sheet to remain over the bed’s corners, and that means less hassle for you. This sheet set from WinkBeds features deep pockets and a patented design that should ensure a snug fit around your memory foam bed. 

The WinkBeds sheets are made from 100-percent long-staple cotton that’s combined with a sateen weave and 260 threat count, which should provide plenty of softness for a more luxurious feel. 

What stands out about it?

  • Cotton’s natural breathability will help keep you cool throughout the night.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s extra soft, the product’s use of a sateen weave mixed with fine-combed cotton should feel smooth to the touch. 
  • These sheets are made in the USA.

Best Soft Sheets



  • 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • 50-Night Trial
  • 5-Year Warranty

Much like their high-quality memory foam beds, Nectar delivers top-notch sheets to go with these mattresses. Their Luxury Cotton Sheets are our pick for Editor’s Choice. 

Cotton is popular for bed sheets because it’s a breathable material, which is why these should complement a memory foam mattress well. Nectar’s sheets are made with 100-percent long-staple cotton that’s combed and made from right-spun yarn. Not only is this material lightweight and breathable, but it’s also designed to continually become softer with every wash, which is great considering sheets need to be cleaned often.

Why do we love it?

  • A Nectar sheet set comes with a valuable 50-night trial period and a 5-year warranty.
  • While some sheets lose their quality with washing, Nectar’s linens are designed to become softer with each wash, which should make them feel more luxurious the more you use them.

Best Affordable Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding


  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Color Options
  • 30-Day Return Policy
  • 1-Year Warranty

After investing in a new mattress, it would certainly help to save money on extra accessories like bed linens. This brushed microfiber sheet set from Brooklyn Bedding is our pick for the Best Affordable Sheets for Memory Foam. Brooklyn Bedding offers great deals on their mattresses, and their sheets are no exception. These are priced well below other products on this list. 

You can choose among five color options, which should ensure you find something that works with your style and bedroom decor. The microfibers in these sheets are tightly woven, which means this is a durable product that should last you a while, even with frequent washing.

Why we love it

  • The sheets feature plenty of breathability and moisture-wicking to complement memory foam users.
  • Maintenance should be a breeze, thanks to the fact that these sheets can be washed in the machine.
  • Because they’re made with polyester microfiber, these sheets are wrinkle-resistant.

Best Organic Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress



  • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Sateen Weave
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • 5 Color Options
  • GOTS and Fair Trade Certified

Many shoppers are looking to help the planet by purchasing more environmentally friendly products. Birch is known for their organic bedding, and this extends to their cotton sheet set.

These linens are 100-percent certified organic cotton and non-toxic. The product’s certifications include GOTS and Fair Trade, ensuring your sheets are both eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. The fabric is constructed with a sateen weave to provide added softness. 

Why do we love it?

  • The sheets are wrinkle-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about ironing your linens to keep them looking nice. 
  • These Birch organic sheets are available in up to five color choices. The options for shoppers include white, natural, light blue, sand, and beige.
  • Even though these sheets are more high-end and eco-friendly, they are competitively priced. Furthermore, if organic materials are important to you, these will be worth the investment.

How to Pick the Best Sheets for Memory Foam Mattresses

Selecting the right sheets for your memory foam mattress will include looking at how products compare in different categories. Some categories may be more important to shoppers than others, but understanding these differences can help you narrow down your selection.


The price of bedsheets is often top of mind for consumers, and the cost is as varied as the options. Different factors can affect the price, such as the fabric, weave, thread count, and size. The good news is that whether you’re a budget shopper or looking for something on the luxury end, you should be able to find something in your price range. However, keep in mind that you’re sleeping directly against your sheets, so you’ll want to make sure you invest in something that will provide you with the best rest possible.


Memory foam’s tendency to run hot means that shoppers should consider getting good cooling sheets to go over their mattress. While some memory foam beds are built with temperature-regulating features, cooler sheets provide an added layer of protection, especially for extra-hot sleepers. Furthermore, since the material touches your skin directly, it can have a bigger impact on keeping you cool at night. 


Bed sheets are available in varying fabrics, each with its own advantages. 

  • Cotton – Cotton is one of the more commonly used fabrics for bed linens. Much of cotton’s popularity is due to its breathability, making this a great fit for memory foam mattresses. Many eco-friendly brands offer organic cotton, and if you want something more high-end, Egyptian cotton is considered more silky and breathable.
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  • Silk – Silk is a luxury-end fabric, which means it’s often more expensive. That being said, its advantages include being cool, smooth, and hypoallergenic. Silk’s cool feel should complement memory foam users. Plus, many beauty experts recommend sleeping on silk sheets and pillowcases for healthy skin and hair. 
  • Linen – Linen is both a general term for sheets and a specific fabric. Linen is usually harder to source, so it can come at a higher price to consumers. However, this material is considered very durable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Therefore, it’s a viable choice for memory foam.
  • Hemp – Hemp fabric is not as common as the others on this list, but this highly-sustainable product offers natural cooling and moisture absorption that’s excellent for memory foam beds. Hemp’s antibacterial nature also makes it great for those with allergies. 
  • Bamboo – You may have noticed more companies selling bamboo sheets, as the material has increased in popularity. Not only is bamboo regarded as antifungal and antibacterial, but it’s also good for temperature regulation, so it should fit memory foam beds well. Bamboo fabric is also a more eco-friendly product.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. The softest sheets have the highest thread count, but a good sheet should have anywhere from 200 to 800. You may come across numbers over 1,000, but this doesn’t always mean the sheets are better. Some manufacturers inflate the thread count by using multiple yarns twisted together, but this doesn’t improve the quality of the fabric. Plus, a low thread count doesn’t mean the sheets are low-quality. You can find high-quality sheets with a thread count of 200 to 400 that still feel nice, thanks to the fewer chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 

Type of Weave

The fabric weave is another factor you should consider when looking for the best sheets for memory foam. You’re most likely to come across three types: sateen, percale, and combed cotton. 

  • Sateen – Sateen is cotton made with a looser weave pattern that includes one yard under and three or four yards over. Sateen sheets are silky, resistant to wrinkles, and good for people that have sensitive skin. Although it feels more luxurious, sateen is less durable than a tighter weave, and these sheets are more likely to snag and fade. 
  • Percale – Percale is a tight weave with a one-yard-under and-one yard-over pattern. The thread count of percale is at least 180. Percale is more durable because of its tighter weave, which means these sheets are more likely to stay in good condition longer. Percale is breathable but won’t feel as soft as sateen. This weave is also more prone to wrinkles.
  • Combed cotton – Combed cotton is a very soft version of cotton. The cotton is combed to remove short fibers, leaving only the long ones. As a result, the fabric is soft and strong. This type of weave is typically more expensive. 

Sheets Sizes

Sheets come in all the standard sizes that mattresses are available in. This means you can find Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, and California King sheets. When buying sheets for a memory foam mattress, you should get the sheet size that corresponds with your mattress size and only ones with deep pockets. 

  • Twin – Twin sheets are best for Twin beds measuring approximately 38 by 75 inches. A fitted sheet in Twin size measures about 39 x 75 inches, while a flat sheet in the same size measures 66 by 96 inches. 
  • Twin XL – Twin XL sheets measure 39 by 80 inches if it’s a fitted one and 66 by 96 inches if it’s a flat sheet. These best complement Twin XL beds.
  • Full – A Full-size bed measures approximately 53 by 75 inches, so the fitted sheet is usually around 54 by 75 inches. A flat sheet of this size is about 96 by 102 inches. 
  • Queen – A Queen fitted sheet should be approximately 60 by 80 inches, while a flat sheet should be around 96 by 102 inches. 
  • King – A King-size fitted sheet should fit King beds measuring 76 by 80 inches as these sheets are typically around the same size. A flat sheet in King size is approximately 102 by 112 inches. 
  • California King – A fitted California King sheet is approximately 72 by 84 inches, while a flat sheet should be around 102 by 112 inches. 


How you’ll wash your sheets depends on the particular type of fabric you choose. For example, linen and bamboo sheets require a specific cleaning method to keep them nice and crisp. Silk is more sensitive and requires hand-washing to ensure the fibers are intact. The best way to understand how to maintain your sheets is to read the label. Most manufacturers include standard washing symbols to indicate how you should care for the sheets. If your sheets don’t have a label or you’re unsure what the symbols mean, use a gentle cycle and cold water. Washing sheets in hot water can shrink them and lead to color-fading, so you’ll want to avoid doing this. Since sheets should be changed weekly, you may prefer something with an easy cleaning process, and we encourage you to check out the cleaning guidelines before purchasing a set.

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What kind of sheets are best for a memory foam mattress?

The best sheets for memory foam mattresses are cool and have deep pockets. Memory foam’s tendency to run hot means that sleepers will want something to counteract this. Cooler linens have more of a direct impact on keeping the sleeper comfortable, especially if they’re prone to overheating at night.

Deep pockets are important because this guarantees they’ll be able to fully cover the mattress. Memory foam compresses and expands. Therefore, you’ll want sheets with enough give so that you’re not constantly having to pull them back over the mattress corners.

How do you cool down a memory foam mattress?

You can do a few things to cool a memory foam mattress. First, if you have a solid platform foundation, switch to a slatted base. This should help increase airflow to cool your memory foam bed. You can also try cooling mattress pads and toppers made of natural materials like wool and cotton. Some mattress companies incorporate cooling features into their memory foam to prevent overheating, such as an open-cell design or gel. If you’re in the process of purchasing a new memory foam mattress, look for one with built-in cooling features.

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How often should you change your sheets?

You should change your sheets once a week. If you don’t sleep in your bed every day, you could get away with washing the sheets every two weeks. However, you should also consider your sleeping habits. For example, if you sleep hot, you may have to clean the sheets more than once a week because of excess sweat.


When it comes to buying sheets for a memory foam bed, there are two main rules: the sheets should be cool and have deep pockets. From there, you’ll want to consider factors like the price, fabric, weave, thread count, and maintenance. The fabric, weave, and thread count will impact how the sheets feel, but these can also affect the price. Maintenance is important because proper care will help ensure your sheets stay in mint condition.

The great news is that bedding companies offer lots of high-quality choices in a variety of price ranges. From luxury to budget-friendly, you should find something that works for you. Our list of the best memory foam bed sheets offers an excellent selection of quality products, with enough variety to meet your preferences and budget. 


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