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Our Review of Bedgear Bed Sheets for 2024

Did you know an exclusive, performance bed sheet category exists? This is like the sports model of bedding.

And if you get into a Bedgear covered bed, you’ll know why it’s so popular.

Bedgear’s products have always been designed to meet people’s sleeping requirements and even solve some major problems:

  • Overheating
  • Allergic reactions to bedding
  • Dealing with sweat in the bed

Bedgear’s CEO started making more suitable bedding for his son who had these challenges. Now you can enjoy the results of the company’s research.

As you can see from the name the Dri-Tec Moisture Wicking PERFORMANCE sheets are designed to help you cope with the heat. This review of Bedgear bed sheets will help you understand the challenge better and how this product is a solution.

Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

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4.50 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Bedgear Sheets – Key Features

  • Available in five colors
  • Very light
  • Won’t wrinkle easily
  • Doesn’t contract odors
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried
  • Set includes:
    • Fitted sheet
    • Flat sheet
    • Pillowcases: 1 or 2, depending on bed size
  • Air-X mesh panels improve airflow
  • One large elastic band keeps fitted item in place

Pros and Cons


  • Provides cool sleeping environment
  • Very light
  • Wicks away moisture effectively
  • Material conforms to body, making for cozy sleeping
  • Doesn’t cling to body
  • Effective airflow
  • Easily stays in place on mattress thanks to unique elastic band design


  • Expensively priced
  • Not the softest fabric on the market
  • Doesn’t soften after washing


Don’t you love it when practical solutions are mixed with aesthetic features? And that’s what you’ll get with the Bedgear series. It will tantalize all your senses.

What you’ll love is the smooth feel because it’s not fibers making up the fabric. The bedding is made from synthetic polyester material.

Now match this with the stunning colors you can pick from:

  • White
  • Lavender
  • Sea foam
  • Champagne
  • Grey

You can see you’ll find at least one color you like. And the plain design means you can use it no matter what your interior decorating style is. There are subtle lines—where different materials meet—but this forms stylish features which will also aesthetically enhance your room.

These aesthetics are matched with practical features of the polyester and the netting material. This enhances airflow.

Build Quality

Are you always worried about thread count? You can ignore this feature with synthetic substances.

This Bedgear product is made of PERFORMANCE polyester fabric. It’s a quality material with many practical features such as being lightweight.

With the Bedgear products, your sheet is held in place with high-stretch Powerband to minimize shifting on the mattress, even if you move a lot. Because the company is all about quality, the workmanship of the stitching is excellent. It won’t fray or come loose easily.

The netted panels are central to what makes these sheets work. Here as well quality workmanship ensures they won’t come loose easily.


You want a long-term solution, right?

With the Bedgear set, you’ll love how the material lasts for a long time. It won’t deteriorate or fray after a few washes.

One of the benefits of this bedding is its unique design. Thanks to quality stitching the different panels won’t come loose easily. Because the elastic keeps it in place, there is less friction of the fitted sheet.

The top sheet will move with your body and this also limits the number of pulls it experiences during its use. Because these features limit the strain put on the fabric, the sheet will serve you well for longer.


Because Bedgear’s vision was to create more comfortable bedding options, this is exactly what you’ll get.

The company’s motivation is to help people with low quality of life brought on by sleeping problems. The weight of bedding is one of the most important features playing a role in such a situation.

This synthetic combination is quite light. You won’t feel weighed down at night. This results in more comfort and longer sleep.

What makes you wake at night? If you put these on your bed, it won’t be a claustrophobic experience.

Feel & Comfort

What do you imagine when it’s time for bed? You simply want to sink into oblivion, right? That’s only possible if your bed feels comfortable.

The Bedgear products provide this with many features:

  • The smoothness of the fabric doesn’t irritate skin
  • You’re given a cool night because the fabric keeps heat and moisture away from you
  • The material won’t bundle because the elastic keeps the fitted sheet in place
  • Your top sheet will allow for free movement instead of it clinging to your body
  • It’s lightweight so it won’t wake you by pressing down on you

That’s quite a list. The Bedgear package helps you counter most problems people experience with bedding. Don’t you think you deserve this kind of quality sleep?


Yes, this is a pricey item. But quality products don’t come at low prices. And after your first night under these covers, you’ll see how worthwhile your investment is.

Because the range of features is so wide, it’s worth every penny. Even if you and your partner have different preferences, this product is bound to help both of you. This elevates its value immensely.

Of course, the value is also linked to longevity.

The fabric keeps its color and form for a long time. You’ll love that it doesn’t shed or deteriorate fast. There won’t be any need to replace them quickly.

Who Should Buy Bedgear Sheets?

If you’re struggling to sleep, don’t even hesitate. These sheets should be a top priority.

You can see the company cares for consumers because there are so many areas these products will help:

  • Couples with different sleeping requirements
  • People who feel too hot at night
  • If you’re waking up feeling claustrophobic
  • Sweating at night
  • Looking for bedding that requires less effort to wash
  • Do you hate the amount of time your waste on ironing?
  • If you need a fitted sheet that stays in place all through the night

At last, there is an answer to these challenges. Will you take what’s offered?

Who Shouldn’t Buy Bedgear Sheets?

Despite the many benefits, no product is perfect so you must consider all your options before purchasing these.

Firstly it’s not advisable to purchase expensive bedding if it’s going to ruin a home’s budget. Unless better sleep is a health matter, spending more than you can afford can have unnecessary negative implications.

This fabric feels much different than cotton. If you love your current cotton products, these may be too silky and smooth for you. At this high price, perhaps you shouldn’t take a chance.


The story behind these sheets is as impressive as the products themselves. This is not simply another bedding company. These designers needed solutions for loved ones.

And their initiative turned out amazing!

Spoil yourself with Bedgear if you’re currently struggling to sleep. They’re worth the price because you’ll get back part of your life: Proper rest!

The list of benefits is longer than many other bedding products. Will you be another satisfied customer?

Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

Sleep Advisor Score
4.50 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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