Our In-Depth Willow Eurotop Latex Bed Review (by Dreamfoam) for 2021

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Note: This bed is previously known as Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex.

Can a comfortable latex bed be purchased on a tight budget?

Dreamfoam Bedding is a family owned company focused on providing its customers with an affordable night's rest. Owning their own factory allows them to market their products at a competitive price. This also allows them to manufacture their mattresses tailored towards individuals, allowing for customization on all of their latex products.

This overview of the Willow Eurotop Latex bed is based on our scoring system and will evaluate this mattresses’ customizable firmness options as well as other preference-based items that sleepers find important. We evaluated this product in a medium configuration, but it important to remember that the firmness of this mattress is completely customizable with a Dreamfoam representative.

If you want more information, keep reading for a layer-by-layer review, or scroll down to read our assessment of this mattresses overall value.

You will love this mattress if you:

  • Have a tighter budget – Who said quality cannot come at an affordable price? This mattress offers comfort that can be bought on a shoestring budget. Dreamfoam is known for making comfortable mattresses that keep their customers happy and with extra cash in their wallets.
  • Want firmness customization – When you order Willow, you will be contacted by a Dreamfoam representative so they can help you find a firmness option that works for you. The 3-inch Talalay Latex comfort layer will be tailored to fit you and your sleeping needs. If the firmness you select does not work out, Dreamfoam will exchange it for a firmness that works better for you.
  • Low Motion Transfer – This is a great option for couples who do not want to worry about being woken up at night. Movements are anchored to one side of this bed as partners get in and out, allowing you to sleep peacefully unaware.

You might not like this mattress if you:

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

You mattress ships to your door compressed in a box. Step-by-step installation instructions are included with the mattress. It is compatible with all kinds of foundations, as long as it is sturdy, but the manufacturer recommends a platform base.

Place the mattress on the base, unwrap it, and let it expand. Within 20 to 30 minutes it should be ready for you to sleep on!

The Euro-top cover is quilted with 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers and has 1.5 inches of poly reflex foam attached beneath. This is soft and should act as a great initial comfort layer by providing a soft cushion for pressure relief. Along the perimeter is a zipper that opens to reveal the inside of the mattress in order for latex layers to be exchanged or replaced if needed.

Layers of the Willow EuroTop-mattress

  • The first layer is a 3-inch layer of 40% natural 60% synthetic Talalay Latex blend that should provide comfort and support by immediately conforming to the contour of your body. This layer performs admirably by providing surface bounce that makes moving around in this mattress a snap. Latex is manufactured with a series of pinholes that help provide airflow for additional cooling
  • The base layer is 8 inches of high-density polyfoam that enables this bed to endure your comfort needs for many years. This provides deep level support and additional airflow to help keep you comfortable.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

When tested at a Medium, we scored this mattress at about a 5 on our firmness scale. Our scale runs from 1 to 10, with a 1 being as soft as a cloud and a 10 is as hard as a rock. This particular model should leave you in a nice gentle cradle.

It is important to remember that firmness will be completely customizable with a Dreamfoam representative when ordering Willow. They will work with you to find the setting that works best for you as sinkage in the bed might vary based on your particular firmness selection and your individual weight. Split side options are available in the King size options for couples that prefer different firmness settings.

Willow Mattress Firmness

The Euro top provides this bed with a soft cushioning layer that transitions well into the 3-inch latex layer beneath. These two layers combine to provide this bed with excellent responsiveness. The polyfoam on top does help cushion some of the initial bounce, helping this bed remain comfortable but still a great option for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night.

Back sleepers should really enjoy how they sink through the Euro top and find comforting support with the latex layer. The bed conforms to the body’s curves, helping those who lie on their back feel secure in a gentle cradle.

Side Sleepers may get the best experience from this bed. The weight of their shoulders and hips should push through the Euro top and latex layers and into the 8-inch poly foam base. They should experience ample pressure relief that helps them sleep through the night.

This Medium firmness setting may not be best suited for all stomach sleepers. The hips should stay pretty well supported, keeping them aligned with the rest of the body, but some exclusive stomach sleepers, especially ones with heavier middles, may want additional support. These individuals may want to consider a firmer option of this model when placing their order.

For those with higher weight considerations, the manufacturer does recommend a weight limit of 900 pounds for this model, but overall, this should be a comfortable sleeping option for most sleepers. The customizable firmness option available with this product makes it possible to find a firmness setting that fits your needs right out of the box.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation keeps movements to one side of your mattress so you stay asleep while your sleeping partner tosses and turns all night long.

Willow does a pretty good job with motion transfer. The combination of latex and poly foams keep motion contained to one side of this mattress. Unless your sleeping partner is jumping up and down on their side of the bed, you need not worry about them waking you up.

Edge Support

Edge support is great for those that share a bed with a partner or have kids hopping in and out all night long. Typically, bed-in-a-box brands do not score super high in this category because they require a compression process so they can be shipped in a smaller box. A bed with a strong perimeter can increase the available sleeping surface area, as it will allow you to sleep snuggled up against the edge of your bed.

Sitting on the side of this bed should have you feeling well supported. Bottoming out should never be an issue, but these edges do compress slightly, about average for industry standards. With that said, while sleeping on the edge, you should never feel like you might roll off and onto the floor.

Other Considerations

  • Customizable Firmness Options – Customers will work with Dreamfoam specialist to select a firmness option that meets their specific needs. If this option does not work out, customers can exchange the latex layer for a different firmness once for free within the first 120 days. Split comfort is available on King sizes.
  • Trial Period – The company allows customers to try this product for up to 120-nights worry free. If you do not enjoy their product they will take it back and provide a full refund.
  • Warranty – A 10-Year warranty comes with this product.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free in the 48 contiguous states in the United States. Outside of this, shipping is available with an associated fee.
  • Certi-Pur-US® Certified – The polyurethane foam in this product has been tested and certified by an independent lab to meet specific standards for physical performance, environmental stewardship, and emissions testing.
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified – This certification indicates that latex used in this product was tested and found to meet meticulous safety standards that check for potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 74” x 12”$499
Twin XL38” x 80” x 12”$549
Full53” x 74” x 12”$699
Queen60” x 80” x 12”$799
King76” x 80” x 12”$899
Cali King72” x 84” x 12”$899

Final Thoughts

9.3 Total Score

The Willow Eurotop Latex Mattress is an affordable latex option that fits both budget and sleeping needs with its customizable firmness choices.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
The Willow Eurotop Latex is a truly unique option for those seeking an affordable mattress. Latex tends to be a high-end material and by using a synthetic/natural blend, Dreamfoam is able to keep their product affordable. Being able to customize firmness options is a rare find among budget-friendly mattress retailers, and it is one that should not go overlooked.

Between the affordable price tag, comfort and support customization, and stellar customer service that comes with this product, we believe the Willow Eurotop Latex is a steal of a deal.

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