Our IKEA Morgedal Foam Bed Review for 2020

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IKEA is known for producing quality materials at a fraction of the price of their competitors. The home and furniture giant has a lineup of affordable mattress selections that have done well in stores and on their online market.

The IKEA Morgedal is an all foam mattress that has been streamlined to help you save some money.

This in-depth review of the IKEA Morgedal Mattress analyzes areas that most shoppers consider when purchasing a new bed. We rated this product using our scoring system that looks at comfort, support, and other preference-based factors. For this review, we looked at the Medium-Firm model.

Keep reading to take in our full review or skip to the end to catch only the highlights.

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You will love the IKEA Morgedal if you:

  • Enjoy a firm surface – There are lots of sleepers who prefer firmer beds. This product should fit your needs as it provides ample support and leaves you sleeping on top of rather than in the bed. If you like exceptional firmness, it might not be a bad idea to check out the Firm option of the Morgedal.
  • Have a smaller budget – Whether you are buying this product for yourself, your kids, or for the guest bedroom, this product is truly a bargain. IKEA is known for keeping their products affordable, and they have certainly done that with the Morgedal’s streamlined design.
  • Need convenient setupLike most bed-in-a-box brands, you set this product up yourself. What sets the IKEA Morgedal apart is this bed is extremely lightweight and could be set up by one person Just place it on your bed frame, cut open the plastic, and voilà your bed begins expanding before your very eyes and is ready to sleep on in just a few short hours.

You might not like the IKEA Morgedal if you:

  • Like a softer mattressA softer mattress than this one can provide additional pressure relief for those that need it. Softer beds allow those with curvier figures to sink deeper into the materials. Many people prefer a firm mattress because they like to sleep on top with minimal sinkage, so if that is you, this bed should be a great fit.
  • Don’t want to pay for shipping – In a day and age where free shipping is offered on what seems like a majority of products, paying a delivery cost can be an unwelcome surprise. On the flip side, the Morgedal is still an affordable option, even with shipping costs.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

IKEA ships this product compressed in a box. It should be fairly lightweight, but it might be preferable to seek assistance for set up. The company makes a large assortment of bed frames that should work great with this product.

The zip-off cover is a cotton polyester blend. It feels soft and has some thickness too it which should help cushion your body as you lie down onto the surface. Once it is out of the plastic and decompressed on your foundation of choice it stands at right about 7 inches tall.

Layers of the IKEA Morgedal Mattress

  • The first layer is made from a zoned polyurethane foam designed to relieve pressure on both the shoulders and the hips. Grooves in the foam help target pressure areas and work to relieve strain.
  • The second layer of polyurethane foam serves as the base and overall support for both the mattress an the sleepers. This layer should also help with cushioning the heavier areas of your body.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

The Medium-Firm option of this product scored at a 7.5 on our firmness scale. We test mattresses and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 10 being the firmest possible option. The Firm option of this bed scored at a 9.

As you first lie down on the Morgedal you should immediately feel how firm it really is. Most people will notice that they do not sink into it but are lying on top. Some might find they experience the most minimal of a cradle in either their hips or shoulders.

Firmness scale for ikea morgedal mattress

These firmer foams make it so this bed has pretty good responsiveness to pressure. There is also a slight amount of bounce when moving around on the surface. These two aspects are great for people who reposition at night and like to find that a little extra support to ease their movements.

Back sleepers should rest comfortably on top of this bed. The comfort foam gently contours to the body’s shape and the support of both layers should be apparent to most sleepers as they rest.

Side sleepers typically enjoy a softer mattress because more pliable materials can help ease away pressure points that build up in their hips and shoulders. This should perform adequately for most of these individuals, but if you are an exclusive side sleeper, you might do better on a softer product, especially if you are curvier

Most stomach sleepers should find that this product performs really well for them. Stomach sleepers typically like a firmer mattress because it supports their hips, keeping their backs aligned all night long. The Medium-Firm should work for most of these folks, but those who want an even firmer option might look into the Firm model.

The supportive foams in the IKEA Morgedal should get the job done for most people, although those with higher weight considerations may want to look a thicker bed (here are our top recommendations). Curvier folks or those who simply want a softer sleeping option may want to consider shopping for a softer mattress within their price range.

Motion Transfer

Nobody likes waking up past midnight because your sleeping partner needed to get something to drink. This is where a bed with good motion transfer comes in handy. A mattress with good motion isolation keeps movement grounded to one side of the bed so you can sleep unaware of your partner’s 2 a.m. chocolate milk craving.

The Morgedal’s foam minimizes motion, so by the time it reaches your side of the bed it is hardly noticeable. This should keep most of your partner's movements isolated to their side of the bed

Edge Support

Most people who share a bed know what its like to sleep on the edges at some point. Having a sleeping surface with a strong perimeter can be important for those nights where you or your loved one is tucked right up to the side. Edge support might be something you want to consider if you do not want to feel like you are about to topple off the side of your mattress.

Because the Morgedal is so slight, at first look it appears that edge support may be an issue, but when sitting on the side there is very minimal compression due to the firmness of the foams. When lying on the edge it feels about as strong as it does in the middle, so spilling onto the floor should never be an issue.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – This bed comes in a Medium-Firm and Firm.
  • Shipping – IKEA ships to the contiguous 48 US states and parts of Canada with varying carrying and handling fees.
  • White Glove Delivery – A service where your product is installed in your home by professionals for an additional fee.

Final Thoughts

9.1 Total Score

The Morgedal foam mattress by IKEA is a splendid option for folks who prefer a foam bed and do not want to stress over thousands of dollars for a new mattress.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
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Let’s get down to the brass tacks. This budget-friendly mattress is a great deal for the price. The Morgedal provides comfort and support at a fraction of the cost of some other mattress retailers. This alone makes it a product worthy of special interest.

What really makes this bed stand though is how great it should be for people who like firm mattresses and stomach sleepers. If this you and you are in the market to save on your sleeping option, this might be the product for you!

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