Douglas Mattress Review for 2023

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Douglas is a mattress brand serving Canadian shoppers with locally-made, high-quality beds. Proudly made in Canada, their flagship model, the Douglas Original, is an all-foam mattress with some valuable consumer features, including cooling foam and a generous trial and warranty deal.   

Our in-depth Douglas review will reveal the inner materials of this mattress, along with suggestions for which types of sleepers should be best served by it. You’ll also find rankings based on cooling, quality, and other key mattress-shopping priorities. If you’re looking for a great Canadian mattress, the Douglas could be the bed for you.

douglas mattress product
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Shoppers should appreciate the deep hug and cooling this mattress provides. The Douglas mattress is an all-foam model with cooling gels and a cooling cover.
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Who We Recommend The Douglas For:

  • People who like a deep hug – Sleepers should immediately sink into the top comfort foam of the Douglas Original, resulting in a deep hug that contours and provides pressure relief. Solid support should be felt from the lower base material.

  • Hot sleepers – This mattress features cooling gels in the foam and an added cooling cover. This should prevent overheating despite the deep sinkage. This is great for the warmer months or if you’re prone to overheating in general.

  • Canadian shoppers – Douglas proudly designs, sources, and manufactures their products by and for Canadian citizens. If you’re Canadian and want a local product, you should appreciate this quality.

Who We Don’t Recommend The Douglas For:

  • Shoppers with higher weight concerns – The company recommends a weight limit of 250 pounds per person. If this is a concern, a more sturdy item may work better.

  • Certain stomach sleepers – Though the Douglas should present plenty of good support, stomach sleepers carrying more weight may find their midsection dipping more into the foams, which could compromise their spinal alignment and lead to lower back discomfort.

  • Innerspring fans – As an all-foam bed, the Douglas doesn’t come with an innerspring unit of coils. Though this is an advantage for some, people who love the feel of an innerspring or hybrid model may want to look at a different brand.

First Impressions: Firmness & Feel

Firmness Scale: 6-7/10

Please remember that firmness is a subjective characteristic and your shape will dictate how you experience a bed. A heavier person whose weight can more easily push through softer comfort and support layers may experience a bed as softer than a lightweight person. The way you are shaped could also play a role here. Consider your weight, shape, and size when evaluating firmness scores.

firmness scale 6 and 7

We rate mattresses on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most soft and 10 being the most firm. For the Douglas Original, we rated this mattress around a 6-7 on our Sleep Advisor firmness scale. This rating puts the Douglas in the versatile medium-firm range. 

Though this firmness is highly accommodating to a majority of sleepers, it’s important to note the subjectivity of firmness since a heavier or softer person may feel this bed differently. In some cases, a medium-firm bed could be too soft for heavier stomach sleepers or even too firm for lightweight side sleepers.

How Does It Feel?

The top cover should feel cool and breathable, and the upper comfort materials should contour to the body, promoting pressure relief as shoppers sink into a deep hug. Firmer support should be noticed once the foundation layer becomes activated.

There should be some bounce, though it is somewhat muted as it comes from the firmer foundation while the upper foams dampen the bounce a little. Similarly, the upper materials may be slow to respond, but the lower base layer should reshape very quickly.

What We Like About the Douglas

  • Locally made – As mentioned, Douglas proudly makes their mattresses in Canada, and some of the inspiration behind this design comes from the Canadian landscape. This includes the Douglas CoolSense® Cover, which they say is inspired by Canada’s western mountains.

  • Eco-conscious construction – The second layer in this bed is made with Luxury ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam, which the company says has a 40-percent less carbon input.

  • Prioritizes motion isolation – The bed’s all-foam design, particularly the base foam, prioritizes motion isolation so that partners sharing a bed can rest more soundly.

Our Douglas Complaints

  • Less bounce – The Douglas mattress should provide some buoyancy thanks to the addition of their Premium Elastex® Foam. However, this bounce may get absorbed by the top foam layer. Furthermore, all-foam designs typically aren’t as bouncy as innerspring models because they don’t have coils.

  • Not as tall as other models – The Douglas has a 10-inch high profile, and while this isn’t the thinnest mattress around, those who enjoy a taller bed may consider this a drawback.

  • Some compression along the edges – You might notice some compression if you sit or sleep near the edge. People who sleep with a partner or want to spread out typically want strong edge support to maximize surface space use.

Testing the Douglas Mattress: How it Performed

In order to get the best understanding of who we’d recommend this bed for, we looked at different performance features, including cooling, bounce, edge support, and motion isolation. We also tested for how much support and pressure relief the bed provides in each sleep position.

Sleeping Positions for Different Body Types

The Douglas Original has an official weight limit of 250 pounds per person (if you sleep with a partner) or 500 pounds total. While this should support most sleepers, heavier couples may need something with a higher support range.

WeightSide Sleepers
Side Sleeping Icon
Back Sleepers
Back Sleeping Icon
Stomach Sleepers
Stomach Sleeping Icon
Lightweight Sleepers (-130 lbs)★★☆★★★★★★
Average-Weight Sleepers (130-230 lbs)★★★★★★★★☆
Heavyweight Sleepers (+230 lbs)★☆☆★★☆☆☆☆

Side Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersThough the top comfort foam should provide pressure relief, the Douglas’ medium-firm feel could be too rigid for exceptionally lightweight side sleepers to activate that top layer.
  • Average-Weight SleepersAverage-weight side sleepers should be able to activate the pressure-relieving qualities of the Douglas.
  • Heavyweight SleepersWhile some heavyweight side sleepers may like the softer feel of the Douglas, they run the risk of sinking too far into the top foam layers, especially since this mattress isn’t as thick as other models.

Back Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersLightweight back sleepers, especially those who want a slightly firmer feel, should find a good match with the Douglas.
  • Average-Weight SleepersLike petite sleepers, average-weight people should get a nice balance of pressure relief and support.
  • Heavyweight SleepersHeavyweight back sleepers who want more cushioning should do okay on this bed, but those seeking a firmer feel will need another option.

Stomach Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersLightweight stomach sleepers may be the group best served on this bed since people who lie in this position need firmer beds.
  • Average-Weight SleepersThe Douglas should provide enough lift for most average-size people, but those closer to 200 pounds will likely want something more hard.
  • Heavyweight SleepersThe Douglas will likely not give heavier stomach sleepers the support they need to keep their hips from dipping too low into the mattress.

Pressure Relief & Pain

As you lie on a mattress, you’ll notice your pressure points worsening or softening against the bed’s layers. The Douglas has a top foam layer designed to maximize pressure relief for sleepers. While it’s not classic memory foam, it’s made to provide those same comforting capabilities (minus the heat retention). 

This bed should deliver good relief for most people, though those on the lower and higher weight spectrums will need to consider their sleep position to ensure they don’t comprise pressure relief on this bed.

Back Pain – A vital component of treating back pain is to have a mattress that supports to the spine enough to remain in a neutral alignment. For lightweight and average-weight people, the Douglas should provide adequate support, though heavier people may need a hybrid or something more rigid.
Hip Pain – Hip pain might be exaggerated if you’re on a bed that doesn’t have enough cushioning, particularly if you’re a side sleeper. The Douglas’ pressure-relieving top foam could help aid hip pain for average-weight people but lighter and heavier side sleepers may need a different option.
Shoulder Pain – Like hip pain, the wrong mattress could worsen the issue if you lie on your side. We think this bed should do okay for average-weight people who can activate the pressure-relieving top foam. However, lightweight people might find this bed too firm against their shoulders and heavier people may sink too much that they don’t feel comfortable.


As with pressure relief, support is going to be a critical factor in your mattress selection. This is because a supportive mattress helps ensure that your spine stays in a healthy and neutral posture, which is necessary to keep back pain at bay.

The Douglas’ supportive layers include the 2-inch thick Premium Elastex® Foam and the 6-inch thick Motion Isolation Support Foam. Together, these units should help keep your body lifted. While this mattress should provide quality support to most people, those weighing above 230 pounds will likely find better support in a hybrid model built with coils.

Motion Transfer

All-foam items generally perform better than innerspring beds when it comes to motion control, as does this bed. Multiple layers of dense foam should do well to minimize and isolate vibrations, reducing motion transfer. Shoppers with restless partners should be able to sleep soundly without noticing all of their partner’s movements as they toss and turn throughout the night.

douglas mattress motion isolation

Temperature Regulation / Cooling

Shoppers should expect good cooling from this mattress, which contains both a cooling cover and a cooling gel foam layer. The Douglas CoolSense® Cover contains Infinitex™ and is designed to wick away moisture to keep the sleeper cool and dry. In the top foam layer, gel is infused into the material to help foster a cooler sleep space.

Performance for Couples

The Douglas has some good qualities for couples, including cooling features, motion isolation, and a versatile medium-firm comfort level. The only drawback is that its edge support isn’t as strong as some other all-foam models or hybrid mattresses. However, if you and your partner have a larger bed and don’t need to spread out as much, this may not be an issue.

Preference-based Features

Cooling Features

The Douglas’ design includes two cooling features: the Douglas CoolSense® Cover and the 2” Luxury ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam. These materials should help sleepers stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Motion Isolation

Restless partners or pets shouldn’t be an issue on this bed, which has an all-foam design and a motion-isolating foam base to prevent movement from transferring from one side of the bed to the other.

Eco-Conscious Materials

The Douglas’ top comfort layer is made with a 40-percent less carbon input, making this a more eco-friendly option.

Adjustable Base Compatible

The Douglas is compatible with non-medical adjustable bases.

Construction: What’s Inside the Douglas?

The Douglas Original Mattress is an all-foam product that is compressed for convenient box shipping. The mattress can be used on any sturdy surface, including non-medical adjustable frames. The company recommends slats that are only 2 or 3 inches apart and a very sturdy box spring with no give to prevent sagging.

The top of this mattress is a cooling cover that the company says is inspired by the western mountains in Canada, and it should be a great asset for hot sleepers. The Douglas CoolSense® Cover features Infinitex™ fibers that are designed to wick away moisture and prevent overheating. 

The fashionable top cover is emblazoned with a Canadian Rockies design and can be removed via a bright red zipper for easy washing and tumble-drying on a gentle setting.

The total height of this mattress is 10 inches.

douglas mattress construction
  • The top layer boasts a 2-inch Luxury ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam. This material should promote cooling and pressure relief. Additionally, it is designed to be responsive and durable.
  • The second layer contains 2 inches of Premium Elastex™ Foam. This is a latex alternative that should allow for a quick response and ample support.
  • The base layer holds a 6-inch Motion Isolation Support Foam. This should act as a sturdy foundation while absorbing movement to minimize motion transfer. The edges should provide firm support to increase the usable surface of the bed.

Unboxing & Off-Gassing

You may notice an initial off-gassing smell from the mattress, but the company says this smell should dissipate within 24 hours. To help minimize any odor, you can keep the mattress in a well-ventilated area. 

Your Douglas mattress will arrive at your home shipped in a box. However, if you order a Queen size or larger, the company advises having a second person help you move it.


  • CertiPUR-US® CertifiedThe foams in this bed are  CertiPUR-US® certified. CertiPUR-US® is a third-party program that ensures the foams meet rigorous health and safety standards. This means they don’t contain harmful substances like ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. They should also have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping – Shipping is free for most Canadian shoppers. A fee may be required for some very remote areas.
  • Trial – This product offers a 120-night trial period.
  • Warranty – Douglas provides a 15-year warranty for this product.
  • Return Policy – Returning your mattress is free as long as it’s within the 120-night trial period.

Sizes & Prices

SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 10”C$599
Twin XL38” x 80” x 10”C$649
Full53” x 75” x 10”C$699
Queen60” x 80” x 10”C$799
King76” x 80” x 10”C$899
Cali King72” x 84” x 10”C$899
douglas mattress product
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Shoppers should appreciate the deep hug and cooling this mattress provides. The Douglas mattress is an all-foam model with cooling gels and a cooling cover.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Douglas mattress good for back pain?

The Douglas has a medium-firm feel that should strike the right balance of support and pressure relief, which is usually ideal for mitigating back pain.

Is Casper better than Douglas?

Casper has attributes that Douglas does not, such as zoned support, but ultimately this will come down to the preferences and needs of the individual sleeper. Both brands’ flagship models have cooling foams that could help hot sleepers and an all-foam construction that should limit motion transfer.

Where is the Douglas Mattress made?

The Douglas Mattress is made in Canada.

Douglas vs Other Brands

Douglas vs Endy

douglas mattress product
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  • Eco-conscious foam
  • Medium-firm feel
  • 120-night trial
endy product image
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Soft to medium feel
  • All-foam design
  • 100-night trial

Who We Recommend the Douglas For

  • Average-weight sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Eco-conscious shoppers

Who We Recommend the Endy For

  • Lightweight sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Budget shoppers

Check out our full Endy Mattress Review.

Douglas vs. Silk & Snow

douglas mattress product
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  • Proprietary foams
  • 6-7/10 firmness
  • Made in Canada
silk and snow organic
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Classic memory foam with gel
  • 10-inch profile
  • Made in Canada

Who We Recommend the Douglas For

  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • Back sleepers
  • Average-weight sleepers

Who We Recommend the Silk & Snow For

  • People who need good pressure relief
  • Shoppers with allergies
  • Luxury shoppers

Douglas Original vs Other Douglas Models

Douglas Original vs Douglas Alpine

douglas mattress product
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  • Relieves pressure
  • Traditional memory foam feel
  • 365-night trial period
douglas alpine product
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Classic innerspring feel
  • Affordable luxury
  • Quality construction

Who We Recommend the Douglas Original For

  • Average-weight sleepers
  • Couples
  • Budget shoppers

Who We Recommend the Douglas Alpine For

  • People with achy joints
  • Lightweight sleepers
  • Side sleepers

Douglas Original vs Douglas Summit

douglas mattress product
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  • 10-inch profile
  • ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam
  • Elastex™ Foam
douglas summit product
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • 12-inch profile
  • ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam
  • Advanced cooling features

Who We Recommend the Douglas Original For

  • Budget shoppers
  • People who want a thinner mattress
  • Side and back sleepers

Who We Recommend the Douglas Summit For

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who want thicker layers
  • Luxury shoppers

Overall Summary

Canadian shoppers seeking a deep hug and a medium-firm feel should love the affordable Douglas mattress.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Most side sleepers should experience soothing pressure relief that allows the shoulders and hips to burrow into the foam without excessive pushback. Those who manage to sink completely through the upper two levels may find the foundation to be too firm for their liking, but overall, the plush feel of the memory foam should work well for this position preference.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


Back sleepers should enjoy ample lumbar support as the contouring foam fills the lower back region. There may be some sinkage of the hips, but overall weight distribution should be even, promoting good spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


How this bed performs for most stomach sleepers may vary depending on weight and preference. The sinkage of the upper materials could cause improper spinal alignment and the bed may feel too soft for some. Others might find the firmer base support suits their needs very well.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Combination sleepers often need a mix of firmness versatility and quick responsiveness for changing positions. Most combination sleepers should experience no trouble in repositioning, though some with heightened mobility concerns may want to consider a topper or a mattress with a coil system.

Couples Icon



Couples in search of a bed with good motion isolating capabilities to prevent nighttime disturbances should appreciate the Douglas’ all-foam construction, which includes a base that prioritizes this feature. The downside to the Douglas, though, is that its edge support isn’t as strong, which is important to consider if you and your partner like to spread out.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Sleepers who carry more weight than average often enjoy thicker, more supportive beds that keep them from bottoming out through the layers. In general, this bed’s thinner profile combined with the medium-firm feel might not be enough to give this group a comfortable experience.

Light Weight Sleepers

Lightweight Sleepers


Lighter-than-average sleepers who lie on their back or stomach should do well with this bed, which will give them a firmer feel than average-weight and heavy sleepers. However, lightweight people who exclusively like to sleep on their side will likely prefer a softer mattress option.

Light Weight Sleepers

Average-Weight Sleepers


Average-size people weighing 130-230 pounds are the ideal group for the Douglas. The bed’s medium-firm feel should give these sleepers the most versatility for sleep positions and comfort. While some average-weight sleepers who sleep on their stomach may prefer a firmer option, in general, this bed is a great match.

Overall Value


This product combines plush, pressure-relieving upper materials with a firm and supportive base layer. This should add up to a medium-firm to firm comfort level that offers a deep hug and enhanced motion control. An easy-to-clean cover is the cherry on this cool and comfortable sundae.

Our Verdict

We think the Douglas Original Mattress offers some exceptional benefits to Canadian consumers. This product is made with quality foams, cooling capabilities, eco-conscious design features, and motion-isolating properties. 

In our opinion, the people who could benefit most from the Douglas are light sleepers who have a restless partner, average-weight sleepers, and back sleepers. Couples should love the bed’s ability to curb motion transfer, average-size sleepers have the most options for sleep positions, and the medium-firm feel is great for back sleeping.

Conversely, heavier people and those who want extra bounce from coils will likely not enjoy this bed.

douglas mattress product
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Shoppers should appreciate the deep hug and cooling this mattress provides. The Douglas mattress is an all-foam model with cooling gels and a cooling cover.
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