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Waterbed Sex? Is it Really a Better Experience?


While we, here at The Sleep Advisor, like to keep things respectable and provide the best information possible in terms of all things related to sleep, we acknowledge the fact that our readers are mostly adults who need information on adult topics. That said, in this article, we will attempt to answer the question: Is Waterbed Sex really better or…?

Like most things related to sex, the personal preferences are highly subjective. When it comes to your bedding, there is no exception to this rule. Being that each person’s experiences and inclinations are unique, we’ve relied heavily on anecdotal evidence to summarize our findings.

Below are some pros and cons that we hope you’ll find useful. If, when you’ve read through this article entirely, and you’re still not convinced one way or the other, the ultimate path to your conclusions is by trying it for yourself.
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Pros to Waterbed Sex

  • It’s easy to clean. As adults, we all know that the aftermath of a sexual encounter can be messy and cleanup can be a pain. However, when having sex on a water bed, especially directly on the vinyl as opposed to on sheets, the cleanup takes as little as a few minutes.
  • It’s bouncy, and most couples love that. Many people have found that, while having sex on this type of bed, it’s easier to find their rhythm as opposed to doing so on a traditional mattress or memory foam bed. This is because the water moves easily with your body rather than pushing back against it.
  • It’s more discrete. Being that this bed doesn’t employ traditional metal box springs that can be insanely noisy, waterbeds are great when needing some discretion. Because it’s just made with water and vinyl, it makes hardly any noise during sexual intercourse.
  • It’s perfect for variety. Because they allow for equal weight distribution, the functionality of it increases. Rather than love making on beds with rough edges, uneven corners or sagging middles, this bed is equally easy to utilize from any part of it.
  • Additionally, the fact that it allows for equal distribution of body weight lends to the fact that you can have sex in a variety of different positions. Moving around on the bed is made easy so you can feel free to enjoy your private time however you’d like.

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Cons to Waterbed Sex

  • The mattress is bouncy. I know, we just discussed this aspect as a pro. However, as we previously stated, all this information is based on user preference. Some do actually have a harder time finding their rhythm than others.
  • Consider the movement of water. If you feel that this flow would throw off your groove, then the waterbed may not be the best choice for you.
  • It moves with you. While for some, this can be in the pro column, it’s been found that the constant movement of the bed can be distracting. The water free flows beneath your bodies, making it difficult to focus just on the other person involved.
  • It may not be the most comfortable option. For many, an essential part of the progression of a sexual encounter is the time after it happens. Many couples enjoy cuddling after sex and even just falling asleep immediately after.
  • For those who do so, it’s important to note that some users of waterbeds eventually experience back and neck problems due to a lack of support for the bones in the spine. After you have some fun, you will most likely want to get rid of it and buy a new one.

Know Your Options

Now that you’ve read and understand the pros and cons of making love on a waterbed, it’s a good idea to look at the other mattress options that may be more optimal for the night of passion you’re hoping to have.

Innerspring Mattresses Sound like a #1 Choice

While this option has become less appealing over time in terms of sleep satisfaction, it remains the top choice for having sex on. This is because the inner springs allow for a consistent and predictable bounce. The bounciness makes it easier to find your rhythm.

Additionally, users of innerspring beds have concluded that this option offers the very most variety of positions. While on a waterbed you can try out a bunch of positions on top of the mattress, with an innerspring you can utilize the edges of the mattress.

Of course, with the pros of this mattress also come a few cons. The first con is that it is the noisiest of all your options. Springs in the mattresses tend to squeak, so discretion isn’t really available.

The second con is that it is one of the more difficult options to clean. Traditional mattresses are heavy and their fabrics easily absorb sweat and other fluids, ultimately making them holders of bacteria and germs.

The last con to mention pertaining to having sex on an innerspring mattress is much like that associated with the waterbed. After sexual intercourse, if you’re planning on cuddling or drifting right to sleep, this bed may not be the most comfortable of choices. Innerspring mattresses are sometimes known to have less than the adequate neck and spine support, leading to discomfort and pain.

Other options to consider:

  • Memory Foam – Less bouncy but good for most people. The best choices on the market have better bounce, cooling, and support than traditional memory foam.
  • Hybrid Mattresses – Good for all-around use. They combine coils for the base and foam for upper layers. You will still get that bouncy feel while retaining all the benefits and comfort of foam.
  • Air Mattresses – Fantastic for camping and when you have guests
  • Latex beds – Good bounce-ability and ventilation (perfect for summer days).

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Final Thoughts

It’s easy to comprehend that the most important thing to consider during sex is not what mattress you choose.

Ultimately, if you’re with the right partner, you can have a good time virtually anywhere you deem fit.

Don’t get too bogged down trying to figure out whether sex on a water bed is good or not. If you feel confident in yourself and your partner, you’re bound to enjoy the experience.

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