Our In-Depth Sleep Innovations Shiloh Bed Review for 2020

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Is there an actual recipe for a good night’s sleep?

Sleep Innovations is so serious about sleeping they have applied scientific testing to their products to make sure they will provide all the necessary ingredients for a restful sleep experience. The company believes there is no one bed or comfort level for everyone and their range of product covering a wide range of comfort levels shows that. The Shiloh, however, with its Medium feel, aims to be extra versatile.

Out in-depth overview of the Shiloh bed will look at this product’s combination of a classic Memory Foam feel without the deep sinkage and “stuck” feeling. We will offer scores based on Firmness, cooling, quality, and more.

Read through the entire review for an in-depth look at this bed and its features. Or skip to the end for our overall impressions of the bed and the final scores.

You will love Sleep Innovations Shiloh if you:

  • Need enhanced pressure reliefThis memory foam bed should provide excellent pressure relief to minimize aches and pains throughout the night. Shoppers should notice minimal pushback and less pressure as heavier points of the body like the hips and shoulders press into the top layer.
  • Like to float on top of the mattress – Light cradling should be noticed, but the solid support layer and an airy foam that has been designed to promote even weight distribution should help to keep buyers floating on top of the mattress.
  • Are a combination sleeper – This Medium feel bed is designed to provide comfortable support for sleepers of all preferences. The spine should be well-aligned and neutral in all positions.

You might not like Sleep Innovations Shiloh if you:

  • Require enhanced cooling properties – Most people should find the Shiloh to be temperature neutral, though some who are particularly sensitive to sleeping hot may want to consider adding Sleep Innovations’ 2.5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper for extra cooling properties.

Or you can browse through our list of Cooling Mattresses here.

  • Have considerable weight concerns – This product has been tested for up to 300 pounds per person. Those at a considerably heavier weight may want to opt for the Marley, Taylor, or Sage beds as these all contain a Medium-Firm feel which should provide more solid support to suit their needs.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Shiloh is a Memory Foam bed-in-a-box product. A box spring or well-ventilated platform foundation may be used with this mattress. The company does not recommend placing this bed on the floor or any other kind of surface.

The Poly-Cotton blend mattress cover should feel soft to the touch. The cover features a charcoal gray diamond pattern at the base and a white swirl design on top.

The mattress stands 12 total inches in height.

Layers of the Shiloh mattress

  • The top layer contains 2.5 inches of SureTemp Memory Foam. This layer uses an open-cell structure to allow for enhanced airflow, which should help to move heat away from the body as you sleep.
  • The base layer is made up of 9.5 inches of Support-Plus Foam. This should provide an overall sense of stability and support throughout the entire bed.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We give the Shiloh a 6 on our Firmness scale where 1 is soft as a feather and 10 is hard as a rock. This lands this product in the Medium firmness range, which should make it a great comfort feel for sleepers of most preferences.

Memory materials can often soften up as the materials interact with your body heat, allowing you to sink into the bed as the night goes on. By aerating the top layer, this product should help to move heat away from the body to help reduce overheating. This, combined with the even weight distribution properties, should keep you floating at the top of the mattress instead with only a gentle cradle to provide pressure relief and contouring.

Firmness scale for the Shiloh mattress

Bounce should be minimal and the top layer should be slow to respond. This is in line with the way most of these types of products perform. However, the Firm support base should allow for easier movement and a floating, gentle cradle experience so you don’t feel stuck.

Back sleepers should feel solid lumbar support due to the gentle contouring provided by the foam. Those who like a Firm or Soft feel can explore the Sleep Innovations product line with beds aimed at each preference.

Most side sleepers should enjoy the pressure relief provided by the comfort layer, especially in heavier areas of the body such as the shoulders and hips. Those who prefer a Softer feel may find the Alden’s Medium-Soft comfort level best suits their needs.

Most stomach sleepers should find the Firm base layer supports the heavier areas of the body which should help keep the hips from sinking too deeply, to promote a neutral spine alignment. Those who prefer a Firmer feel may opt for the Medium-Firm Marley, Taylor, and Sage beds.

Overall, most sleepers of all preferences should be satisfied with the Shiloh’s Medium comfort level. A variety of proprietary mattress toppers are also available to add a customized comfort experience.

The Shiloh bed has been tested to support sleepers up to 300 pounds. Those who are significantly heavier may want to consider one of the Firmer products to provide enhanced support.

Motion Transfer

All-foam products generally absorb energy and vibration, which helps to promote motion control. Shoppers should notice enhanced motion control and minimal transfer as the foam absorbs energy to help reduce disruptions. This should make this bed an ideal option for co-sleepers with restless partners or people who share their bed with pets or children.

Edge Support

Co-sleepers may want to utilize their entire sleep surface to provide more usable space and need stronger edges. Compression could be noticed when lying or sitting on the edge. This is a common occurrence for all-foam products and is not usually a deal-breaker for most shoppers.

Other Considerations

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified — The foams inside this product are certified to be free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, and dangerous heavy metals like lead and mercury.
  • Made in the USA

Final Thoughts

9 Total Score

The Shiloh should provide the classic pressure relief of Memory Foam with more of a “floating” feel that should keep you from feeling “stuck.”

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
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Sleep Innovations believes better sleep leads to a better you. That’s why the company has put so much focus on creating a line of sleep products that suit a wide range of comfort levels and preferences.

The Shiloh combines a traditional Memory Foam experience with low motion transfer and a contouring feel with a more updated floating sensation that should keep you from sinking deeply into the foam. Shoppers of all preferences should enjoy the lumbar support and spinal alignment provided by this bed.

We see a lot of value in Sleep Innovations’ product that provides a universal comfort level and a wide variety of mattress toppers for enhanced personalization.

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