16 Bedtime Stories to Inspire Young Girls

Bedtime stories are a form of storytelling in which a story is read or told to a child to prepare them for sleep. For many families, bedtime stories are a nightly tradition that parents and kids alike can look forward to. These stories offer a gateway for kids to open up their imaginations. They can hear tales from magical, mythical places or follow their favorite characters on exciting adventures.

Bedtime stories are also an opportunity to spark creativity, confidence and inspiration – particularly for young girls. Providing young girls with inspiring stories could help build their confidence as they grow up.

What Are the Benefits of Reading to Children?

Reading aloud to your child helps strengthen the parts of their brain that deal with language, reading, logic, and processing images. These are essential elements that will help your child learn things more quickly and succeed as kids and young adults.

The clear correlation between reading and intelligence is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents read to their children. Not only is reading aloud great for your child, but it is a wonderful time for bonding and building lifelong memories with them. Plus, a story is the perfect way to help them get to sleep after a long day, while celebrating girl power.

So if you want to read a bedtime story to your daughter regularly, you’re going to need a library of books that you'll both love. Thankfully there are a ton of stories out there that pack the double benefit of teaching a good lesson, too.

What Are the Best Bedtime Stories for Girls?

We compiled a list of bedtime stories perfect for inspiring your fearless girl to pursue her interests, be herself, and thrive. Check them out below.

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