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Double vs. Full Bed – What to Choose?

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Written by Jill Zwarensteyn

Is there any difference in a double vs. full bed? Sometimes a double bed is referred to as a full bed and vice versa, but these both refer to the same size mattress.

Both terms are usually used interchangeably, depending on the region/dialect. Both labels are pretty much identical in dimensions and universally serve the same purpose.

With that out of the way, it is good to know the different nuances of bedding vocabulary so that you are sure to get the right amount of sleep space for your preferences.

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Are Double And Full Mattresses The Same Size?

As both terms are used interchangeably they are indistinguishable. There’s no need to worry when buying either, as you’ll essentially get the same features.

How Big Are Double and Full Mattresses?

Full and Double Mattress Dimensions

Typically, a full/double bed will be 54” wide by 75” long, meaning that it can accommodate about 27” of width per person.

Some sleepers report that this size may not be wide enough for two people, meaning that it may not be a good fit for those looking to co-sleep.

Who Are These Sizes Good For?

There are going to be a lot of people that need this type of bed. This size is a good pick for people who sleep in a smaller room but still want something big enough to roll around on without having to downsize to a twin.

A full is also a good pick for solo sleepers and can even work for sleeping partners who don’t have as much space in their bedroom or are just not ready to move up to a Queen.

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Potential Drawbacks

While this type of bed might be good for those who would prefer something narrow/shorter, this could potentially be a drawback for those who aren’t so keen on the smaller dimensions.

Usually, full/double beds may not accommodate people who are more on the taller side. The size could also present itself as a problem for sharing, as it may not always be enough space for two people.

Is a “Standard” the Same Size?

Generally, what is considered “standard” will vary from country to country, but this is a “twin” size in the United States, which measures 38” x 75”.

What is a “Small Double?”

This, which also goes by the term three-quarter bed, measures at 48” x 75”, meaning it might be a good fit for someone who sleeps alone but requires a little more space than twin sizes. Typically, these are not usually recommended for more than one person.

What is a “Double XL?”

This is usually measured at 54” x 75” and runs a bit longer than the regular version. Generally, this could help give additional leg room to those who find themselves in shorter beds, thanks to the added length of this model.

Do Manufacturers Still Use the Term “Double?”

These terms are interchangeable, so it is still used, though “full” is becoming more commonplace. Knowing that the two are equal can help clear up confusion, as sometimes one can be mistaken for another size and throw consumers off.


Being aware of how bedding industry language is used can come in handy for any sleeper looking for a perfect new mattress. Sometimes word choice can trip people up and make the process a little bit more confusing than it needs to be.

Becoming more informed about something you may not understand can seem daunting at first but with a little research into the bedding industry, the answers you were looking for can come easier than you may have initially thought. Hopefully, this guide has helped in to clear up some misconceptions and has provided a solution to the sometimes complicated nature bedding vocabulary.

Jill Zwarensteyn

Jill Zwarensteyn


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