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Celliant Fiber Technology: Is it Worth it or Just Hype?

Have you heard about this seemingly revolutionary fiber known as Celliant Fiber technology? If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out on the latest energy efficiency hype. But what is Celliant fiber?

According to the manufacturer, it’s a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals that have been ground into particles and embedded into fibers. These minerals are said to convert the heat coming off of the body into infrared energy and emit that energy back into your body.

So what does this mean for you, and how could this help you sleep better? We will dive into the specifics of this technology and whether it’s the real deal. If this fabric does what they makers say it can do, your sleep may never be the same.

How Can Celliant Help You to Sleep Better?

Celliant is said to have the ability to increase your body’s oxygenation. Oxygenation is an external intervention that increases the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the lungs, and this increases circulation. This is something essential for athletes and people with active lifestyle.

This claim has some significant implications for the benefits you could receive by employing this fabric in your daily life and while you sleep. This oxygenation will supposedly provide you with a more restful sleep, help you to recover more quickly from physical activity, and support your thermoregulation.

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What’s Thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation is when your body can maintain its core internal temperature. When your body is in control of its optimal temperature, it’s known as being in a state of equilibrium. Thermoregulation is important for the body and sleep for many reasons.

If your internal temperature is rising during sleep, there is a chance that you’re experiencing a fever, fatigue from exercise or trouble digesting food. These scenarios lead to a less than satisfactory night’s sleep.
Celliant’s claim to assist with maintaining the equilibrium of your body implies that it’s helping to prevent you from entering into dangerous conditions. Ultimately, avoiding the detrimental effects of a rising or lowering body temperature can contribute to a good night of rest.

How Does Celliant Work?

Energy Textiles has a product line called Celliant Sleep Recovery. One of the products they offer are the Celliant recovery linens. Supposedly, they consist of Egyptian cotton and hold 13 active minerals that are designed to act as a catalyst for natural biological processes.

The point of the minerals is to convert body heat into infrared energy and send it back into the body, according to Energy Textiles. This transference of energy back into the body should ultimately lead to a better night’s sleep.

Energy Textiles also sells mattress toppers, pillows, mattresses, neck pillows and blankets, all aimed at accomplishing the same goal: Provide their customers with the best night sleep possible. But, are they truly achieving this goal by using Celliant in all their products?

Does Celliant Really Work?

The quick answer is: It’s too soon to tell. Many people who have discovered this material after looking for a pillow to help with neck pain have found relief. It’s unclear whether their positive experiences can be contributed to the technology or the pillow’s firmness level.

People who have worn shirts that are made with Celliant Fiber seem to like them as well. Some have mentioned that they are less prone to a shortness of breath when wearing their shirts during exercise, as well. This decrease in a shortness of breath could be due to a potential increase of oxygenation, or it could just be that it’s a compression shirt, which all by itself can cause increased circulation.

Draper Therapies is an advocate of this new technology. They show through thermal imaging that people wearing Celliant shirts see an increase in blood flow and a balancing of the body’s temperature. What’s more, they offer testimonials from individuals who’ve worn Celliant clothing during the night and report that they experience fewer aches and pains as a result.

The jury is still out as to whether the results are substantial enough to say that Celliant Fiber does what it claims to do. Can it improve your sleep, relieve you of your aches and pains, regulate body temperature and cause oxygenation? Maybe you’ll just have to try it for yourself and find out.

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