Sleep Advisor Approved Child and Adult Sleep Consultants

Transparency Disclosure: We are not formally or informally affiliated with any of the individuals listed below. For the convenience of our readers, we simply compiled a list of individuals who appeared to be experts with helping people overcome sleep related issues. We make no representations or warranties regarding (1) the qualifications of any individual listed, or (2) whether you should contact or engage for treatment any individual. Please conduct your own research and form your own conclusions accordingly.

After significant effort and over 40 days of research, we have compiled a huge list of Sleep experts and consultants for each state in the US. This is work in progress and we are always looking for new members here. If you have a suggestion or you want to appear on this list please contact us.

If you are already on this list we would love to hear from you and you can email me directly at contact (at) We are always looking to make new connections with sleep experts.

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A to Z Sleep Solutions Hannah Peterson
Quiet Nights Sleep Coaching Services - Tracy Spackman
Taking Cara Babies - Cara Dumaplin


Kerrin Edmonds - Meet You in Dreamland
Jennifer Denzel - Rested Family
Michelle S. Donaghy - Making Sweet Dreams
Joanna Clark - Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching
Jennifer Metter - Jenni June
Nicole Torrence - Sleep Baby Owl
Becky Roosevelt - Snug as a Bug Pediatric Sleep Consulting
Jennifer Varela - Sugar Night Night
Joanna Von Yurt - Swanling Innovations

Joanna Von Yurt
Swanling Innovations Inc
Santa Barbara, CA


Betsy Smith Barney - Betsy Barney

Betsy Smith Barney
Betsy Barney, Helping Parents Help Their Children Sleep
Avon, CO

Eileen Henry - Compassionate Sleep Solutions
Robert N. Glidewell, PsyD - The Insomnia Clinic


Ingrid Prueher - The Baby Sleep Whisperer
Alison Bevan - Sleepytime Coach
Dr.Sasha Carr
CATE MCKEE, MA - Sleepy Time Solutions
Ashley Chanter Rizzo - Sleep Dreams Consulting

District of Columbia

Jessica Dodson - Starlight Sleep Coaching
Dr. Elliott Alpher

Dr. Elliott Alpher
The Alpher Center, Sleep Disorders and Jaw Pain, P.C.
Washington, DC

Annika Brindley - Little Sleepers


Jessica Sawicki - Luli sleep
Colleen Garland - Love Sleep Grow
Kathryn (Katie) Kovaleski - Anytime Sleep Consulting
Shana Del Castillo - Good Night’s Sleep
Diane Weiss - Forty Winks Sleep Consultancy
Jennie Clark - Goodnight Sleepsite


Katelyn Thompson - Sweet Pea Sleep Solutions
Laura Swartz - Healthy Happy Sleep
Natalie Carney - Slumberosity
Jessica Berk - Awesome Little Sleepers


Aimi Palmer - My Little Sleeper LLC
Katie Pitts - Sleep Wise Consulting

Katie Pitts
Sleep Wise Consulting
Saint Anne, IL
About: Katie is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and the owner/founder of Sleep Wise Consulting. Katie has a team of six women, all passionate about sleep and together they help mom’s struggling with the battle of sleep with their little ones. She said that they have 100% success rate and parent satisfaction, which is a huge plus these days.

Linda Szmulewitz - Sleep Tight Consultants
Susie Parker - Sleep Baby Love, Child Sleep Consulting
Dr. Rebecca Kempton M.D. - Baby Sleep Pro
Kelly Murray - Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting

Kelly Murray
Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting
Chicago, IL
About: Kelly is a certified Sleep Sense consultant which means that she uses gentle methods to help parents teach their children to sleep independently. Her approach is nonjudgmental and supportive. She is located in Chicago and offers both in-person and virtual consultations. If parents are interested in learning more, they can book a free 15-minute evaluation.

Kim Schaf - Sleep Training Solution


Sweet Slumber Solutions logo
Maged El-Zein, MD - Pulmonary and Sleep Consultants of Kansas


Dr. Nilong Vyas - Sleeples in Nola

Dr. Nilong Vyas
Sleeples in Nola
New Orleans, LA
About: Dr. Nilong Vyas is a board certified pediatrician and owner and founder of Sleepless in NOLA, LLC Sleep Consulting Service. She has a holistic approach that takes various factors into consideration before coming up with a specific plan for you and your family. With her personal experiences as well as medical knowledge, Dr. Vyas tailors a sleep program to fit your specific family’s needs. She prides herself on successfully giving the entire family a good night’s sleep.

Katie Dallimore - Counting Sleep, Solutions for a Well-Rested Family
Danielle Daly - Bedtime Bliss Sleep Consulting
Chelsea Rubin - Pajama Nanny
Michelle Lanier - Sweet Sleeping Baby


Jessica Begley, MPH - Baby Sleep Geek


Arielle Driscoll - Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting

Arielle Driscoll
Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting, LLC
Bolton, MA

Amy Lage - Well Rested Baby
Rebekah Thomson - Counting Sheep
Anne Grier - Peaceful Sleep Solutions
Laurie Oesterle - The Baby Mavens
Amy Gemmiti - Drifting to Dreamland
Teresa Stewart - Family-Solutions


little sleepy head logo
eat sleep love logo
tara persaud-little miracles sleep


kelly weygandt-clayton babies
renee wasserman-sleepy head solutions
tanya burt-sleep tight little tikes
kristin lurk- pedriatic sleep solutions
sleep and baby consulting logo


diana flutie-big sky lullaby
jenni frizzell fuller -slumber baby

Jenni Frizzell-Fuller
Slumber-Baby Sleep Consulting for the Little Dreamers
Missoula, MT

New Hampshire

christine brown- bella luna sleep
elizabeth lynch-sleepne

New Jersey

ashley klangwald-cozy little ones
carolynne harvey-dream baby sleep
christina lattoz-fairy sleep mother

Christina Lattoz
Fairy Sleep Mother Infant and Child Sleep Consulting
Martinsville, NJ

jennifer gilman- good night sleep site
cari ellen bak-wee go to sleep

New York

christina gantcher- good night sleep coaching
carolina romanyuk-achieve with carolina
angela walsh-babies in sleepland
jilian rossitto- best rest baby
ilisa goman-binx baby

Ilissa Goman
BINX Sleep Consulting and Coaching
Saratoga Springs, NY

kristy sileo-blissful bedtimes

Kristy Sileo
Blissful Bedtimes Child & Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Long Island, NY

andrea scannell-dream a little dream sleep consulting
joanna winograd- we sleep solutions
tonja bizor-tonja bsleep consulting
natalie nevares-mommy wise
kylee sallak-back to basic parenting
edward kulich- baby sleep doctor
jenet kennedy-nyc sleep doctor


karoline babaian-the sleep nest
nevada sleep diagnostics logo
michelle diamond-finally asleep

North Carolina

breni malpass-seaside sleep consulting
julia walsh-goodnight sleepsite
gingras sleep medicine logo
kimberly rogers-sleeping well consulting
annie henderson-annies child sleep solutions


emily robinson-sound a sleep consulting
turtle moon logo
kristen grippe- lullaby sleep solutions
debbie sasson-sleep sisters
lacey russo-solace sleep consulting
jessica gleanson-baby sleep consulting
melissa doman- melissa doman sleep consulting
courtney zentz- tiny transitions

Courtney R. Zentz
Tiny Transitions Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting
Conshohocken, PA

tara damico-little night owls
ronee welch-sleeptastic solutions
jennifer schindle-gift of sleep consulting


kelly thompson-serenity sleepers


lori strong-strong little sleepers
katie bartley-katie bartley sleep consultant
samantha a. kohler-peace love sleep

Samantha Ann Kohler
Peace Love Sleep
Austin, Texas

baby dream solutions logo
nikou mccarra-baby sleep academy
kaley mediana-live love sleep
mary cantwell-rest to your nest
keriann macelroy-dream factory sleep


sleep actually logo
sleepytime teacher logo
alison egidi-sleep and wellness coach
kelly canham-sweet dreams consulting
mara post-maras sleeping beauties
amy bonsiero-mbf community
becca campbell-little z sleep


julie kennedy pediatric sleep consultant logo
marianne jacobson-pedriatic sleep consulting
rebecca michi-childrens sleep consultant
that first year logo
julia carlson- the well rested nest
Sleep Advisor