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Our 12 Highest Rated Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers for 2024

Have you ever been late to work because you slept straight through your alarm clock? Or, maybe you’re a chronic snooze-button junkie, setting multiple alarms and silencing each one to add precious moments of sleep before starting your day.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone—over 20% of people set more than one wake-up call each morning. However, there’s an easier fix than setting 10 alarms to rouse you from your slumber: start using a clock specifically designed to wake up deep sleepers. We’ve researched some of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers to bring you this guide, so you never have to be late again.

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Sonic Alert

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Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels product image small


lielongren Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker product image small


product image of Pilife 3 Cute Twin Bell Alarm Clock small


Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock and Timer product image small

Screaming Meanie

Vibrating Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleepers product image small


product image LATME-Alarm-Clock-Radio-for-Heavy-Sleepers W Dual Alarms small


RYHOR-K Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers product image small


Mesqool Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock product image small


Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids product image small


ANJANK Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker product image small



12 Top Rated Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers Review

Sonic Alert – Editor’s Choice


  • Shakes the bed
  • Affordable

For a sound sleeper, even the loudest buzzers don’t work. That’s why the heavy-duty Sonic Alert uses a full range of sensory experiences: not only does it deliver a 113dB blast, it also shakes the bed and flashes lights until you turn it off.

The shaking element is about the size of a hockey puck and can be placed underneath your pillow or mattress to jolt you out of bed. The Sonic Alert is highly rated and is an affordable option. Reviewers say this intense clock is akin to having a drill sergeant shouting in your ear, guaranteed to get you out of bed on time.

Peakeep – Best Vintage


  • Vintage aesthetic
  • Budget-option

This extra-loud and vintage-style option is a great heavy sleeper alarm for someone who cares about aesthetics. Rather than a modern digital display, it’s fully analog with bold hour- and minute-hands to make it easy for checking the time. One element that could put some off is that it doesn’t feature a snooze button.

The Peakeep has to be reset each evening, which for some might seem irritating. However, reviewers say it’s shrill enough to raise the dead, and it’s one of the best budget options out there. For a retro clock throwback that might be loud enough to bother the neighbors, the Peakeep is a great option.

Clocky – Best Rolling


  • Rolls off your nightstand to make snoozing harder

If you want a powerful clock that can double as your quirky, cute, robotic friend, Clocky is a no-brainer. This little digital option is outfitted with all-terrain wheels, and when it goes off, it starts to move, jumping off your nightstand and requiring you to chase it down to turn off its chattery beeping.

Clocky is a great option for the snooze-button junkies. Along with its robotic twittering, it sets off lights akin to a rave to get you moving. Reviewers simultaneously love and hate it for the same reason: it gets you out of bed straight away.

LIELONGREN – Best Bed Shaker


  • Shaking element
  • 2 USB charging ports

The LIELONGREN is a great option for deep sleepers who need a strong shake along with sounds to rise. Its shaking element has a six-foot cord, so it can be placed on either side of the bed to deliver its rousing vibrations.

The digital display on the LIELONGREN is large and bold, making it easy to check the time with sleepy eyes. It has two USB charging points, allowing you to charge your phone while you sleep. The price-point is reasonable, and users say it’s simple to set up and is an alarm clock guaranteed to wake you up.

PILIFE – Best Retro


  • Retro look
  • No ticking sound

The PILIFE isn’t just cute, it’s also one of the loudest retro clocks out there. It comes in six throwback colors, including mint green and powder blue. However, don’t let its adorable appearance fool you: the PILIFE will be loud enough to make your teeth rattle.

The analog display is silent, so you won’t have to contend with annoying ticking sounds through the night. It runs off batteries, making it a great choice for taking it on the road. Reviewers love its appearance and say it’s shrill enough to alert the whole house.

Screaming Meanie – Best Multipurpose


  • Perfect for those who travel
  • Durable

This clock is great for travelers who need an alarm that can cut through background noise. With three volume settings, even the heaviest sleepers won’t be able to ignore the Screaming Meanie.

Housed in an indestructible case that comes in four colors, reviewers say this option is powerfully loud, and many like that it glows in the dark. One downside is its relatively small digital display, which could make it hard to check the time in the night. However, it doubles as a timer, and at six inches long, could be stashed in your pocket if you’re on the go.

PPLEE – Best LED Display


  • Dimmable LED display
  • Can double as a night light

If you like checking the time in the night, the PPLEE is a great option. This clock has a dimmable seven-inch LED display and features a night light that can be set to several different colors. It has three wake-up modes, with both shaking and loud buzzing sounds to help you get going.

This highly rated clock is easy to use, and parents love it for kids who need a night light for sleeping. Reviewers like that most features can be adjusted: from tone volume to display brightness, you can tailor it to suit your needs. It’s moderately priced, making it a great option for most budgets.



  • Music or Radio alarm options
  • Include temperature display

For some sound sleepers, waking up to music or talk radio is the best way to rise. The LATME can store up to 15 preset radio stations and has an adjustable volume setting. It also has a sleep timer function, which allows you to fall asleep to the radio.

The digital display is easy to read with a dimming function and even includes a temperature display. Along with its radio alarm, it also features several sound options for waking up including bird chirps, water sounds, along with the traditional beeping or buzzing. It’s an affordable option, and users love its multiple functions and presets.

RYHOR K – Best Portable


  • Compact
  • 1 snooze setting

If you like the look of the retro options but want a modern, digital display, the RYHOR K is the best of both worlds. It’s round and compact, propped up by three legs, and features an easy-to-read clock.

This small unit runs on batteries, making it easy to pop in your luggage when you’re on vacation or traveling for work. Reviewers like the clear display and backlight function, and say the volume is more than enough to get them out of bed. One downside for the snooze-button prone is that it only has one snooze setting of five minutes.

Mesqool – Best Night Light


  • Color settings
  • Different vibration levels

For sleepers who prefer a night light for sleeping, the Mesqool is a great choice. The large seven-inch display has a glowing light above that can be set in seven different colors. The display has a dimming function, and along with its loud setting, this clock also features a buzzing mechanism that can be set to different vibration levels.

Users say it’s easy to set, and many like the powerful shaking element. However, one downside is that it only allows for one setting per day, so if your partner wants to get up at a different time, you’ll need to set a new alarm.

JALL – Best Wake Up Light


  • Various alarm tone options
  • Mimics sunlight

While vibrating and loud noises are enough for most deep sleepers, a bright light is sometimes the best wake-up call. The JALL simulates sunrise and will begin to light up from 10 to 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. It comes in seven colors with 20 brightness levels.

Along with the light, the JALL has seven types of alarm tones plus a radio option. It doubles as a night light or reading lamp, offering a warm glow in place of a bedside lamp. If a loud alarm is too jarring on its own, a light can be a great option for those who want to emerge from sleep gradually.

ANJANK – Wireless Shaker


  • Can be placed from from the bed
  • 2 volumes

Most bed-shaker clocks require long cords, but the ANJANK has a wireless shaking element that makes it easy to place anywhere in your bed and up to 32 feet away from the clock. Along with its vibration, it has a loud beeping alarm that comes in two volumes.

The large display makes it easy to read the time and has a dimmable feature for sensitive sleepers. Reviewers love the wireless shaker but say it requires some set-up and potential troubleshooting. Overall, it’s a well-priced and versatile clock for people who need an extra jolt to get up.

Extra Loud Alarm Clock Buyer’s Guide

Alarms for deep sleepers have several different features to get you out of bed in the morning—here are a few of the most common.

No Snooze Function

For the snooze-button addicts, this is a feature that might help break the habit of hitting snooze over and over again. Taking away the snooze function means you only get one chance to wake up on time, so the first jolt awake better be effective.

Extremely Obnoxious Sound (Over 100 dB)

Some heavy sleepers need a high decibel sound to rouse them from dreamland. For these sleepers, an option such as the Sonic Alert (113dB) should do the trick. However, you might have to warn the neighbors first, and if you have a dog, it might be good to have him sleep in another room.

Vibrating Function

If sound and light aren’t enough to wake you, a vibrating feature could be the answer. Clocks with this feature have a small attachment that can be placed under your pillow or mattress that delivers a buzz to wake you. These are useful for the hearing impaired who can’t rely on extra-loud noises to get them out of bed.

Sound Gradually Getting Louder

Sleepers who prefer a gentler wake-up might like an alarm clock that gradually gets louder. Rather than a 100dB blast, these slowly build to a crescendo, meaning you won’t wake with your heart in your throat. These can also be great for people whose partners are lighter sleepers—they’ll thank you for the gentler wake-up.

Battery Backup

A power outage overnight can cause major issues for someone who needs to wake up early, which is why it’s great to pick an alarm with a battery backup. If power outages are frequent where you live, find a clock such as the Mesqool that has both a power cord and a battery bank.

Light Flash

If sounds and vibrations don’t help, consider a clock that also features flashing lights. Our bodies are naturally wired to wake up with light, so an option that uses lights will help you rise more effectively. Flashing lights are also great to wake up the hearing impaired, but people with a history of seizures may want to avoid this feature.


For some, aesthetics are everything, and a bulky or large alarm clock will throw off your carefully designed bedroom feng shui. If you want a fashionable clock, opt for either the Peakeep or PILIFE, both of which have a retro and vintage vibe with fun colors to match any room.

Analog or Digital

Many people have an easier time reading digital clocks when half-awake, and they can be easier to set than analog. If you want a simple, clear display, then digital is for you. However, many analog clocks can be louder than digital options, so they might be a better choice for the deepest of sleepers.

Super Loud Alarm Clock Types

From bed-shakers to alarms that make you chase them down, there are few types of super loud alarms for people who need more than just a beep to get them up.

Bed Shaker

The vibrating alarm can be far more effective than their beeping counterparts for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Most bed-shakers have a small round device connected by a cord to the clock, but some, including the ANJANK, are wireless to make it easier to place anywhere in the bed.

Rolling (Runaway)

If your main issue with waking is extracting yourself out of bed each morning, a runaway or rolling alarm clock is a great choice. Alarms such as Clocky start chirping and whirring like a robot while rolling away at a chaotic pace, ensuring that you’ll be vertical within moments of it going off.

Classic (Vintage)

The classic analog alarm clocks can sometimes be the best for heavy sleepers, delivering not only a retro vibe in your bedroom but also shattering the morning silence with more hutzpah than most digital clocks out there. Many of these come in fun colors and can be much more attractive than digital options.

Deep Sleepers General Precautions

While picking out the perfect alarm is important, other considerations might be causing issues for your morning wake-up and compromising your ability to get out of bed with ease.

Buying Two Very Loud Alarm Clocks

While it may be tempting to set multiple alarms to ensure you get out of bed in the morning, it can disrupt your sleep cycle. When your alarm goes off, your body begins its wake-up process, so falling back into deep sleep will disturb your natural waking ability.

Getting Enough Light in the Morning

One of the best ways to wake up is with the morning sun. Our bodies are hardwired to rise and set with the sun, and while blackout curtains are great for shutting out lights for sleeping, be sure to open them first thing when you wake up to help you shake off your tiredness.

Having a Partner Act as an Annoying Clock

If you have a partner who knows you have trouble waking up, they may be tempted to torment you out of your slumber. This won’t end well for obvious reasons, and won’t help you learn to wake yourself up. Finding a clock that can effectively get you up is far better than creating tension between you and your partner.

FAQ about Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Why doesn’t a normal alarm clock wake me?

The most likely reason your normal alarm isn’t working is that it’s simply not loud enough. This can usually be fixed by upgrading to a more robust clock, but the issue may be deeper than the volume of your alarm.

Inconsistencies in your bedtime and wake-up time can influence your ability to get up in the morning. If you’ve changed alarms and you’re still having trouble getting up, try to stick to a regular sleeping routine.

It could be that you’re just an extremely heavy sleeper. This is a great thing because it means your body is working hard to repair itself and reboot during those precious stages of REM.

However, some deep sleepers who consistently struggle—even in older age—to wake up could be dealing with an underlying sleep disorder. If you suspect this might be the issue for you, consider consulting a doctor.


While deep sleeping is amazing for healing, it can be an issue for people who chronically sleep through alarms. If you suspect your clock isn’t loud enough, some of the above options are worth trying. Consider options that do more than just beep and buzz; try out a bed-shaker, one with flashing lights, or even the runaway Clocky to make your mornings more exciting.

If the crazy alarms aren’t doing it for you, it’s probably time to look at your routines and see where you might adjust. Try adopting a regular bedtime and wake-up time to help reestablish your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep/wake cycle.

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