Our Loom & Leaf vs. WinkBeds Bed Comparison for 2021

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Wondering what the difference between a hybrid and all-foam bed is?

Our comparison between WinkBeds and Loom & Leaf bed will explore the benefits of a foam and coil hybrid system and a memory foam construction. We’ll also let you know which types of sleepers should be most comfortable on either mattress.

Will you opt for WinkBed’s hybrid, offered by a company that builds their products by hand as soon as an order is placed? Or will you prefer Loom & Leaf’s eco-friendly memory foam mattress provided by parent company Saatva, a sponsor of the Sustainable Furnishings Council?

Quick Comparison: WinkBeds and Loom & Leaf

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  • Well distributed support
  • Reduces heat retention
  • Good for heavier individuals
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  • Gently-cradled feeling
  • Luxury bed at an affordable price
  • Reduces heat retention

Read our full comparison to find out. Then check out our individual in-depth reviews for a closer look at each product:

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

WinkBeds Construction

This is a hybrid combining coils and foam that is compressed and boxed for simple shipping.

The Tencel© cover is designed to promote breathability. The Luxury Firm mattress is 13.5 inches in height, and there may be some height variation among the other firmness options. We will discuss the construction of the Luxury Firm model, as that should be a relatively versatile feel that could suit most sleep types.

Winkbed Mattress Layer Construction
  • The first layer consists of a 2-inch Euro-Pillow top containing a gel-infused Hypersoft foam. This should provide cushioning and pressure relief along with temperature control.
  • The second layer contains 2.5 inches of SupportCell foam, which should give you added comfort and ease into the coil unit.
  • The innerspring layer holds a targeted 5-zone pocketed coil system. These coils should reduce motion transfer. The 5 zoned areas are designed to produce both compression and support where the body needs it most.
  • The base layer is a support foam standing 1 inch in height that should further absorb motion and create a stable foundation for the upper materials.

Note: The company does not provide full specifications on their website.

Loom & Leaf Construction

This is an all-foam item that is shipped fully ready to use without being compressed.

This 12-inch bed features a circular-knit certified organic cotton cover with a 5/8-inch foam quilted into it. The cover features a natural thistle flame retardant to reduce the chemicals used in the product. The company offers Relaxed Firm and Firm models, we will break down the Relaxed Firm model.

loom and leaf mattress layers (top to bottom) - Enhanced conforming and cooling 2”, visco-elastic memory foam 2.5”, transition foam 2", support base 5.5"
  • The top layer boasts 2 inches of a Spinal Zone Gel layer. This is a proprietary design consisting of airflow-promoting convoluted foam infused with cooling gel throughout. A laminated layer of cooling gel is then affixed on the flat side, focusing on the lumbar section.
  • The second layer consists of 2.5 inches of Premium Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This is meant to provide a deep level of support and contouring.
  • The third layer contains a Transition Loft Pad that is 2 inches thick. Sleepers should experience support and a deep level of contouring that acts as a buffer between the comfort and foundation levels.
  • The bottom layer holds a 5.5-inch High-Density Foam Core that should provide overall stability for the entire mattress.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Our comfort (firmness) scale helps to determine the feel of each product by assigning a value of 1 through 10. This indicates that 1 is whisper soft and 10 is firmer than concrete.

WinkBed’s Luxury Firm holds a score of 6.5, which should feel medium to medium-firm. The Softer model is ranked 4.5, Firmer sits at 7.5, and the Plus model features a score of 8.

Loom & Leaf’s Relaxed Firm option has a score of medium to medium-firm score of 6. The company’s Firm version is ranked 7.5.

firmness scale for winkbed and l&l

Both brands offer solid options for shoppers preferring medium, medium-firm, or firm feels. If a soft or medium-soft comfort level is more your speed, WinkBed is the way to go. This should be of particular interest to side sleepers.

The hybrid should provide fast-responding materials that prevent the sleeper from feeling stuck in one spot. The all-foam model features a cover that cradles your shape near the surface, along with a fast-responding layer and foams that reshape slightly quicker than many traditional memory materials. They both offer lots of cooling technologies to prevent overheating.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both brands should offer minimal sinkage, resulting in a gentle cradle. Combination sleepers should have no trouble repositioning on either mattress due to the quickly responding foams and minimal sinkage. If repositioning is a major concern, consider the WinkBed as the all-foam option should provide minimal bounce, while the hybrid should provide good bounce from the lower coils.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Either mattress should offer minimal motion transfer, as multiple layers of foam should absorb movement, reducing disruption due to restless partners. If motion control is a key feature for you because you sleep light, Loom & Leaf should be of particular interest, as its all-foam construction should work a little better to dampen vibrations than the springs inside the hybrid.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support may be important to couples or people who sleep with their children or pets … or just anyone who likes to hug the edge of the bed at night! The memory bed should offer above-average support with less compression than most all-foam bed-in-a-box brands. If you are especially concerned with edge support, however, consider the WinkBed as the edge-to-edge coil system should provide more stability.

WinkBeds and Loom & Leaf Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesWinkBedsLoom & Leaf
CoverTencel©Organic cotton and foam
MaterialsFoams and coilsMemory and poly foams
CoolingPocketed coils, cooling gel, Tencel© fabricConvoluted foams, cooling gels, breathable cover
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportExceptionalGreat
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
BounceMinimal upper bounce, moderate deeper bounceMinimal
WarrantyLifetime15 years
Trial Period120 nights120 nights

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the continental United StatesFree in the contiguous United States and parts of Canada, free White Glove Delivery is available
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeWinkBeds Price (w/o discount)Loom & Leaf Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,249$1,149
Cali King$2,049$1,999

Should I Buy WinkBeds or Loom & Leaf?

Still torn between the hybrid or the all-foam products? Let’s take a look at each bed’s top features for a better idea of who they are best-suited for.

We Would Recommend Buying WinkBeds if You are Looking for:

  • Exceptional support. A coil system with 5-zoned support and reinforced edges promise a sturdy mattress that should offer stability to almost any shopper. A Plus version offers even more stability for sleepers with higher weight concerns.
  • A little more bounce. The coil design should provide ample bounce and help reduce motion transfer.
  • A softer comfort option. Both companies offer medium to firm comfort levels. If you’re in need of a softer mattress, WinkBed’s plusher option should work well.

We Would Recommend Buying Loom & Leaf if You are Looking for:

  • A more eco-friendly product. Organic cotton, natural fire barriers, and materials with low emission levels promise an antibacterial sleep experience that’s also friendly for the environment.
  • An all-foam experience. Pressure relief and enhanced motion control are just a couple of features provided by the all-foam construction of this bed. A gentle cradle and cooling properties work to reduce overheating despite the dense foam materials.
  • A unique delivery system. Shoppers will not need to wait for their bed to decompress before they are able to use it as it should ship fully formed without compression. The company offers free White Glove service so your new bed can be set up in your home for you.

Final Thoughts

Either brand should be a great choice for shoppers seeking pressure relief, cooling, and a medium to firm comfort level. WinkBed should appeal to those who prefer a softer feel and anyone looking for a little more bounce and edge support. The memory bed should work well for shoppers who want an eco-friendly product with minimal motion transfer and enhanced pressure relief.

Don’t forget to click through to our in-depth reviews for each brand for a more comprehensive look at these products.

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