Our PlushBeds vs. Nest Bedding Owl Bed Comparison for 2023

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Looking to cut the filler from your mattress like these online brands cut the middle man out of buying a new bed?

This PlushBeds and Nest Bedding Owl comparison will help you decide between a latex product created by a company dedicated to innovating their sleep products while staying true to their organic roots, and a hybrid built by a family-owned, factory-direct company that also values organic and natural materials.

Quick Comparison: PlushBeds vs. Nest Bedding Owl

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Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Construction

This latex mattress is compressed and then shipped to your door inside a box.

The organic circular-knit cotton cover surrounds an inch of temperature-regulating New Zealand wool. This bed is available in 3 different heights, 9, 10, and 12 inches. We will focus on the construction of the 10-inch model.

layers of plushbeds botanical bliss
  • The first layer includes three inches of Talalay Latex, a material that was designed to gently contour to the sleeper and foster pressure relief. The immediate response and bounce help make repositioning easy, and the plush quality caters well to sensitive areas like hips and shoulders.
  • The second layer is made up of dunlop Arpico latex. A deeper level of firm support should be felt from this material. The cover of the bed can be unzipped and this layer can be placed on top or bottom to create a firmer or softer comfort setting.
  • The base layer consists of a final firm layer of Arpico latex. This material should provide a stable foundation for the entire mattress.

Nest Bedding Owl Construction

This latex and coil hybrid is compressed into a box when shipped.

This 12.5-inch mattress features a pillow top made of 1.5-inch EcoFlex foam wrapped in organic cotton and filled with Joma Wool.

Nest Bedding Owl Layers of the bed
  • The initial layer is a 3-inch OEKO-TEX® Dunlop latex intended to be responsive and bouncy. Shoppers are likely to notice enhanced pressure relief as this material gives way beneath their position.
  • The next layer is a 1-inch transitional material that the brand calls Eco-Friendly foam.
  • The third layer contains Caliber™ Edge pocketed coils that stand 6 inches in height. The pocketed design is meant to enhance the airflow in the product, which should prevent overheating. The coils are designed to compress individually, promoting pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • The final layer holds a 1-inch foam that acts as a dense, motion-absorbing foundation for the comfort materials and coils.
  • The perimeter helps to create a stable feel all the way across the bed via reinforced steel coils. These springs are encased with fabric to help reduce motion transfer.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

The Botanical Bliss is available in a medium or medium-firm comfort level. The medium model is ranked at 5 on our comfort scale, while the medium-firm scores 7.5-8. This scale uses a 1-10 system to determine the feel of each product, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

The Owl offers three comfort levels, a soft 4.5, a medium 6.5, and a firm 8.5. Sleepers often vary in their comfort preferences based on what position they usually sleep in. A side sleeper might enjoy the softer version as it should reduce pressure in the hips or shoulders, while a stomach sleeper may opt for firm support that prevents the hips from sinking.

Lying on the Botanical Bliss, shoppers may notice a temperature-neutral feel thanks to the wool inside the cover. They should feel cool and comfortable as the top materials contour gently to the body. Each material in this product is designed to offer enhanced pressure relief, from the soft latex to the springs that compress individually in reaction to the shopper’s position.

The hybrid’s pillow top should feel plush, providing pressure relief and even weight distribution. The coil system works to offer a deeper level of support that conforms to the movements of the sleeper.

firmness levels for botanical bliss and nest hybrid latex

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The medium and firm versions of these beds are not likely to allow much sinkage. People should enjoy a gentle cradle that holds them close to the top of either mattress. There may be somewhat deeper sinkage noticed in the softest model of the hybrid.

Both brands offer high levels of bounce that propel the sleeper toward the top of either mattress when they roll around (without throwing them completely out of bed, of course). Combined with the fast response of the latex in either item, this adds up to easier movement for combination sleepers who switch up their position frequently.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Because they have so much bounce, there may also be a lot of motion transfer present in each item. For the most part, shoppers should not have any trouble resting peacefully on either mattress. However, for light sleepers or people with very restless partners, the PlushBed may be the way to go as its all-foam construction should help to reduce a little bit of motion transfer when compared to the springs inside the hybrid.

Comparing Edge Support

If you share a bed with your partner and need a bit of extra space, or if you simply like to sprawl out across your entire mattress, you probably prioritize edge support. Being made of latex, there might be some compression present when lying on the edge of the Botanical Bliss. The hybrid mattress makes a good choice for those looking for enhanced edge support thanks to the reinforced edge coils.

PlushBeds vs. Nest Bedding Owl Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesPlushBedsNest Bedding
Height9”, 10”, 12”12.5”
CoverOrganic circular-knit cotton, New Zealand woolOrganic cotton, Joma Wool, EcoFlex foam
MaterialsOrganic Arpico latexDunlop latex, coils
CoolingWool, breathable coverPocketed coils, wool
Firmness5/10, 7.5-8/104.5/10, 6.5/10, 8.5/10
Motion TransferMediumMedium
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty25 yearsLifetime
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
CertificationsGOTS, GOLS, eco-INSTITUT, GreenGuard Gold, OEKO-TEX®, Control Union, Forest Stewartship CouncilGOTS, OEKO-TEX®, CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the contiguous United StatesFree in the continental United States, Canada delivery is available, White Glove service is optional
Made in the USAYesYes
Size PlushBeds Price (for 10” model w/o discount) Nest Bedding Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$2,699$1,249
Cali King$3,499$1,899
Split Queen$3,598N/A
Split King$3,698$1,249
Split Cali King$3,698$1,249

Should I Buy the PlushBed or Nest Bedding Owl?

Ready to find out if the all-foam or hybrid is your destiny? Our sleeper recommendations are like shaking a Magic 8 ball … that really hopes you get some quality nap time.

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We Would Recommend Buying the PlushBed if You are Looking for:

  • Enhanced motion control. Being an all-foam mattress, this product works to absorb movement and isolate vibration so co-sleepers can remain undisturbed as their partners move around through the night.
  • Split comfort levels. This product is available in a split model for Queen, King, or Cali King sizes. This allows co-sleepers to create a medium feel on one side and medium-firm feel on the other if this is desired to fit their differing needs.
  • Organic materials. The latex and cotton used in this item are both certified organic, promising a more natural sleep experience.

We Would Recommend Buying Nest Bedding if You are Looking for:

  • Easy mobility. Bouncy latex, materials that reshape quickly, and a sturdy spring system work to provide easy mobility so shoppers don’t feel “stuck” in the mattress.
  • Multiple comfort options. Customers can choose between plush, medium, or firm comfort options in order to experience the feel that best suits their needs and preferences.
  • A classic hybrid experience. In this hybrid, the latex gently conforms to the body, providing pressure relief and lumbar support. The coil system is designed to compress under the shopper’s weight, allowing for a deeper level of support and pressure relief that conforms to the individual’s needs.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a natural product that helps prevent overheating and allows you to customize your comfort options, the PlushBed is for you. Nest Bedding’s latex hybrid will feel right at home for anyone wanting lots of bounce, deep compression and support, and the ability to choose their favorite comfort setting.

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Katie Simpson
Sleep Advisor