Our Endy Mattress Review – Updated and Rated for 2022

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What makes the Great White North so great? Could it be dedicated Canadian companies creating beds tailored to suit the exact needs of their Canadian customers?

That’s the Endy® promise. The company proudly sources and manufactures their all-foam mattresses by and for their fellow Canadians. Their products are built specifically to perform well in Canadian weather and are designed with these specific shoppers in mind.

Our review of the Endy® mattress will explore the construction of this item, along with how these materials should perform and who they are best suited for. Scores will be provided detailing the feel, motion control, support, and other important considerations of this mattress.

Scroll on down for our full in-depth look at this all-foam bed. Or skip straight to the end for our final wrap-up and overall scores.

You will love Endy® if you:

  • Are side sleeper – Shoppers should experience gentle pressure relief and moderate sinkage that should reduce pushback in the hips and shoulders. This should allow most people who prefer this side sleeping position should experience good spinal alignment.
  • Like a medium-soft feel – Most sleepers should find this bed to feel medium or medium-soft with plenty of contouring. Deeper level bounce and foams that reclaim their former shape should prevent people from becoming rooted in one spot.
  • Prefer a more hypoallergenic product – The foams, cover, and adhesive used in this product are all certified to contain low levels of heavy metals, chemicals, or VOC emissions. The cover is also designed to be antimicrobial, which is meant to reduce allergens. See other picks for allergy and asthma sufferers.

You might not like Endy® if you:

  • Are an exclusive stomach sleeper – The extra softness may just the ticket for added pressure relief, but, some dedicated stomach sleepers may experience sinkage in the hips. A firmer product should promote a more neutral spine alignment, especially if you are substantially heavier.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This mattress is an all-foam, bed-in-a-box product that is sourced, manufactured, and shipped within Canada. The company recommends a box spring or a slatted base with the slats no more than 3 inches apart. It is not recommended to place this mattress directly on the floor.

The stretch-knit cover is a polyester and lycra blend is micro quilted to promote a breathable and hypoallergenic experience. The cover is removable and can be washed in a machine. The company recommends air drying the cover.

This mattress is 10 inches tall.

layers of endy bed

  • The top layer is 2 inches of a proprietary polyurethane Endy® Foam. This material is meant to provide pressure relief and contouring while remaining temperature neutral.
  • The transition layer contains a 3-inch High-Density Polyurethane Transitional Foam. This should prevent the sleeper from experiencing too much discomfort from the firmer support material below.
  • The base layer consists of 5 inches of High-Density Polyurethane Support Foam. This foundation layer is meant to provide the proper support to promote a neutral spine alignment.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

This bed has received a score of 4.5-5 on our firmness comfort scale. Assuming that 1 is marshmallow soft and 10 is firmer than a brick, this would indicate that the mattress should feel medium to medium-soft to most shoppers. How you specifically experience the feel of the bed may depend on your weight, shape, or position preference.

Lying on the cover should feel soft and cozy. The cover is breathable, allowing airflow to reach the sleeper. Shoppers should sink slightly into the upper comfort foam, feeling a lumbar supporting contour.

There is a minimal bounce in the upper layer, with a deeper bounce once the middle material becomes activated. The foams should be a somewhat slower response from the foams as compared to some latex beds, but they reshape easily, especially when compared to classic memory foam. This should allow combination sleepers to move freely without feeling like they are confined inside the moderate cradle.

Endy Mattress Firmness

Most back sleepers can enjoy even weight distribution and ample lumbar support. This should allow for good spinal alignment.

The majority of side sleepers can find this bed allows the shoulders and hips to sink enough into the top material to prevent pressure from building up in these areas.

Some stomach sleepers may find that their hips sink a little too deeply into the top layer of foam. This may cause the spine to become improperly aligned. These shoppers may want to seek out a firmer comfort option.

The company recommends a weight limit of 250 pounds for an individual person or 500 for the entire bed. Shoppers with exceptional weight concerns will want to keep this in mind when choosing a new bed. See more picks for heavier individuals.

Motion Transfer

The foams inside this item should absorb most movement and vibration to reduce disruption due to restless partners. Most normal movements should go unnoticed, as only the middle layer offers bounce. This should be ideal for co-sleepers or people with restless pets.

Edge Support

There is some compression when lying on the edge, with a slightly deeper compression presenting itself when sitting. Overall, the mattress should feel stable across the surface when using the edge support to sleep, allowing for couples to spread out a little bit.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Shoppers can take advantage of a 100-night trial period.
  • Warranty – There is a 10-year warranty available for this product.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free to Canadian customers. Orders to the Territories are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this company does not ship to the United States or outside of Canada for the time being.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – The materials inside this mattress are certified to contain low levels of harmful chemicals or VOC emissions.
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified – The cover is certified to have low VOC emissions and is safe for children to use.
  • GreenGuard Certified – The adhesives inside this product are certified to have low levels of chemicals or VOC emissions.
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin39” x 75” x 10”$675
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10”$745
Full54” x 75” x 10”$820
Queen60” x 80” x 10”$895
King76” x 80” x 10”$995
Cali King72” x 84” x 10”$995

Final Thoughts

9.1 Total Score

This product should be a great fit shoppers seeking pressure relief and a medium to medium-soft feel. Side sleepers should be particularly drawn to this item.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
Pressure relief, a moderate cradle, and enhanced motion control combine to create a comfortable bed for side or back sleepers who prefer a medium or medium-soft comfort feel. Canadian shoppers should enjoy this allergy-friendly all-foam bed.

For More Information Check Endy Mattress on ENDY.com

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