Memory Foam or Spring Mattress? Which Is Better For You?

Spring Mattress

Deciding to buy a mattress can be a very important one for your well-being as well as your health. Sleep is the only time our bodies get to rest and heal so the quality of the sleep depends on where you sleep. Years ago most people grew up using those old squeaky, springy mattresses.

For many years they were the definite standard for mattresses of all shapes and sizes. The bedding market is starting to change. This is because of the recent discovery and commercial applications of memory foam.

innerspring mattressesSpring mattresses have been in use for a very long time. They are based on a very old design. This is a design where springs are embedded inside a layered cushioned structure. These cushions provide the base where your body rests. The main disadvantage of this approach is that it reduces comfort.

The springs that provide support push back with a certain force on the body on top of the cushioned surface. This manifests as an increased pressure on certain parts of your body while sleeping.

This, in turn, accounts for uneven zones of pressure on your body. Unfortunately, this can cause poor blood circulation and muscle aches. It can certainly ruin your sleep.

They are great for the quality of sleep

The positive side of using a spring mattress is that it’s made from natural materials that allow for decent air flow. They also reduce sweat during sleep. Premium models of mattresses offer a multi-layered grime and anti-bacterial protection. Some models even come in double-sided forms.

Where one side can be used for winter and the other side during summer. When it comes to durability, spring mattresses do tend to deteriorate. Their original tensile strength of springs reduces over time. With time the mattress becomes softer and less sturdy. Spring mattresses usually last between 5 to 10 years before needing a replacement.

To sum things up, spring mattresses offer a great choice of natural materials. They are great for keeping an optimal body temperature during sleep. They also come at a low cost and are in working condition for up to 10 years. Not bad for an old technology that hasn’t changed that much over time.

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Memory Foam Mattress

When we say spring mattresses are old school, we really mean it. Especially, if we compare them to memory foam ones. Memory foam was an invention first used by NASA. This was only to provide more safety for astronauts. Once used only for the space program – it is now available to anyone.

Memory foam is in its essence an artificially made compound called polyurethane. Being a synthetic material it has some neat and engineered properties. The material has small cavities where air can be trapped – almost like a sponge.

This is why memory foam deforms under exhibited pressure. It also returns to its former shape after the pressure disappears. It also reacts to temperature. When heated, it softens up and when exposed to cold, its structure becomes more rigid and stiff.

The market for bedding and accessories is booming with memory foam-based products. From pillows to mattresses and even covers – everyone is raving about it. This is completely explainable as customers love comfort. Its ability to conform to the shape of your body weight that presses on the material.

When you lay down, your body compresses the foam structure. And without deforming it into a permanent shape because of its unique structure. Little cavities inside the memory foam mentioned earlier trap air and they do not deform.

They simply displace from their original position and shape. It returns back to normal shape once the force is no longer present.

Getting the best possible rest

This is great because memory foam tend to be highly comfortable for rest and sleep. When a body rests on the memory foam, it displaces the weight evenly throughout its surface. This means no more pain back, restless nights and uncomfortable sleep. Which is great for comfortable sleep.

memory foam benefits

People suffering from muscle or joint pain can experience benefit from using a memory foam mattresses. A good night’s rest is important for health, and without it, many ailments will start to manifest.

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Although we would like to recommend memory foam mattresses as the ideal bedding – we have to point out some of its negative attributes first. Even though it provides many pros there are some hard-to-ignore cons too.

Depending on the quality of the foam structure, memory foam beds can cost up to 3 times more. Remember, it being a synthetic material – manufactured with an industrial process. And with compounds made under specific conditions in the lab. Memory foam is sensitive to body heat.

This can lead to a reduced air flow, which will introduce excess heat and sweat. And where sweat is present, you can be sure of a bad smell too. This material absorbs all smells. Bad smell can be difficult to remove – especially if the quality of the memory foam is lower than standard.


Whichever type of mattress you decide to choose, make sure to test your before you buy one. Some people say that they can never go back to using spring-base mattresses. Especially once they’ve used the foam-based ones. Make sure to consult with your doctor too. If you had any previous injuries as they will assist you in making the right decision. And, as always, the choice goes down to what your body feels most comfortable with. So make sure to choose the perfect one for you.

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