Our In-Depth Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress Review for 2020

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Is it possible to experience a high-end bed without breaking your wallet? That’s the question Sleep EZ, and this in-depth review of Sleep EZ Roma Latex mattress aims to answer.

With both higher end and more affordable options, Sleep EZ’s mid-range Roma Latex option hopes to offer a premium feel at a budget price. 100 percent natural latex works to provide a more natural sleep than traditional foam beds. Dual-sided firmness levels should keep you well-rested regardless of your position preferences for years to come.

In this review, focusing on the Medium-Plush side, you will find rating scores based on firmness levels, quality, and value, among others.

Read through the entire review for a comprehensive look at the Roma, or skip to the end for an overview of the bed’s best qualities.

You will love the Sleep EZ Roma Latex if you:

  • Want firmness options – Medium-Plush on one side, Firm on the other, this item offers options so you can figure out what best suits your needs. If your needs change over time, you do not need to select a new bed. Rather, you can just flip this bed over.
  • Don’t want to feel stuck – This product is very responsive and should keep you from experiencing difficulties while repositioning. This, combined with minimal sinkage, should keep you from feeling “stuck” in the mattress.
  • Are on a tighter budget – Latex beds have been known to run a couple thousand dollars in retail stores. The company hopes to provide a premium feel without the luxury strain on your wallet by selling online and eliminating the middleman.

You might not like the Sleep EZ Roma Latex if you:

  • Prefer a deeper cradle – Most people should remain relatively flat on top of the bed. However, a gentle cradling effect does seem to be present on the Medium side and could be sufficient for those who do like to sink into the mattress, but those who prefer a much deeper and more conforming hug may opt for a memory foam choice.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Roma is a foam and latex hybrid that ships compressed in a box. The company promises the mattress will work on most solid foundations, but they caution against foundations containing springs or slats more than 3 inches apart as these could cause sagging. Adjustable and wood foundations are available for purchase through the company’s website.

The cover features a channel-quilted design that promises to keep sheets firmly in place. A layer of foam is quilted into the cover to provide airflow and a gentle cradle. The cover is not removable and spot-cleaning is recommended.

The product measures a total of 9 inches.

Layers of the Sleep EZ Roma Latex Bed

  • The first layer is made up of 3 inches of Medium 100% Natural Dunlop latex. This side should feel plusher and should provide a minimal cradling effect when used as the top side of the mattress.
  • The second layer contains 3 inches of Firm 100% Natural Dunlop latex. This side is meant to feel more Firm when slept on. The open-cell structure of the latex should prevent you from overheating.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

For the purposes of this review, we are focusing on the Medium side, scored at a 5.5 out of 10. The firmer Dunlop latex does provide a base layer of support, but noticeable cradling and the quilted foam cover seem to provide a softer feel on top.

Learn more: Our firmness scale and rating process

Roma should offer exceptional bounce which should keep you from feeling too stuck when attempting to reposition. The bed is quick to respond to pressure and should reform easily. These features should satisfy combination sleepers who like to change position as they sleep.

Firmness scale for Roma Latex Bed

Heavier areas such as the hips and shoulders have been known to sink into the sleep surface, causing pressure which can lead to soreness in the morning. Side Sleepers should experience comforting pressure relief due to the foam layer inside the cover, which may help to reduce this tension.

Most Back Sleepers should be able to find an option that suits their individual needs, thanks to this item’s double-sided nature. Significantly heavier sleepers may want to opt for the Firm side, as a noticeable sinking of the hips may be present when using the Medium-Plush option.

Stomach (belly) Sleepers may want to avoid the Medium side as the hips might sink deeply and adversely affect their spine alignment. This is not necessarily a dealbreaker since the Roma offers a Firm layer that is intended to provide enhanced support.

Most customers should be able to find the Roma satisfactory, especially given its dual nature. It is recommended that those with significant weight concerns use the Firm side.

Motion Transfer

Latex often performs well in the area of motion transfer and this product should do the same. The Dunlop absorbs movement, helping to keep disruptions to a minimum. This is especially useful to co-sleepers or those who share their bed with pets or children.

Edge Support

The edge support provided by this product is average for bed-in-a-box type items. You may notice compression when lying or sitting on the edge. Co-sleepers or people who like to sprawl out may be concerned with edge support, but this is usually not an issue for most shoppers.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – Both Medium-Plush and Firm are available.
  • Trial Period – Returns can be made for up to 90 days after purchase.
  • Warranty – There is a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Shipping – This item ships in the USA and Canada. Shipping is free in the contiguous states.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service – White glove delivery is available through a partner service for an adjustable base set up only. Set-up services are not provided for the mattress itself.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – All poly foams found inside Sleep EZ’s products are certified to be free of chemicals like lead or formaldehyde.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 74” x 9”$895
Twin XL38” x 74” x 9”$925
Full53” x 74” x 9”
Queen60” x 80” x 9” $1,195
King76” x 80” x 9”$1,595
Cali King72” x 84” x 9”$1,595

Final Thoughts

9.2 Total Score

Extra layers of pressure relieving foam should provide a softer resting experience for people of all preferences. The dual-sided option works to ensure a comfortable option for everyone.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

Sleep EZ strives to provide maximum comfort without a luxury price tag. To do this, the company has polled their consumers and partnered with latex manufacturers to get their firmness levels and materials just right. That effort shows in this Roma mattress.

With 100 percent natural latex and enhanced softness in the cover, Sleep EZ aims to keep you comfortable all night long. Using feedback from their customers, this item features the brand’s two most popular firmness levels, for longterm comfort and customization.

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