Our Quatro Sleep Mattress Review for 2020

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Does a less expensive mattress always mean a worse nights sleep? Can I really get quality memory foam for half the price of other brands?

Quatro Sleep thinks so and their memory foam brand is an affordable bedding option that should keep you and your wallet happy. They make their product from a combination of comfort and cooling technology that has been constructed into a tri-memory foam mattress, designed to help customers find a perfect nights rest.

This in-depth review of the Quatro Sleep Memory Foam Mattress takes a tour through the layers and determines whether or not they hit their mark by using our scoring system that looks at aspects like comfort and support performance.

For all the details just keep reading but if you are in a bit of a rush just click here for our scoring and summary.

You will love the Quatro Mattress if you:

  • Want motion isolation – Memory materials tend to be the sleepers choice when looking for a brand that anchors down motion. If you are tired of feeling guilty each and every time you get up to use the bathroom because you accidentally wake up your partner, this bed might be for you.
  • Need pressure relief – If you have been resting on a mattress that is too firm for you, it is possible you have experienced some pressure build up in either your lower back or shoulders. The soft foams in this product can help alleviate some of that stress. They should do a good job at contouring to curves and providing a comfortable cushion that eases away pain and pressure.
  • Want a cooler memory foam – The top layer of the Quatro contains memory foam that has been specially designed to sleep cooler than traditional memory materials. It has the company's patented Plex-Air™ that should allow air to pass more freely through, allowing you to cool off at night.

You might not like the Quatro Mattress if you:

  • Need exceptional edge support – Some people shopping for a bed need a product that has reinforced edges, whether it be because they share a bed with a partner, kids, or some of their favorite fluffy friends taking up space. Whatever the reason may be, they find themselves waking up on the edge of the bed. If this sounds like you, the Quatro does not offer any type of edge reinforcement, but the overall support of the mattress should keep most people sleeping satisfied when sleeping on the side normally in the soft pressure relief of the conforming foams.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This product ships compressed in a box and arrives on your doorstep ready for setup. The company recommends that their mattress is installed on a secure frame that encourages ventilation. They do manufacture an adjustable bed frame but indicate that this product should work with most types of foundations.

The cover is is fairly breathable and should feel rather soft to the touch. It zips off for easy washing and envelops 10 inches of soft foams underneath.

Layers of the Quatro bed

  • The first layer is 1-inch of Plex-Air™ Memory Foam that has been designed to administer pressure point relief, reduce stress, and regulate body temperature by increasing airflow through the layers.
  • The second layer is 2 inches of memory support foam. This layer should provide extra comfort and support by contouring to your anatomy and spreading the weight of your body across the sleeping surface.
  • The base is a 7-inch Support Case Foam that forms the foundation of the mattress. This layer was designed to minimize motion transfer and allows this bed to support all body types and weight considerations.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We scored this mattress at a 5.5 on our firmness scale which judges mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 being the firmest option (you can learn more details in our full firmness guide). A score of 5.5 puts this in the medium category, which tells us that this mattress should work out for a wider range of individuals.

The top layer on this bed is comfortably soft and has been designed to keep the temperature regulated while you rest. You should feel your weight ease into a deeper cradle and the comfort layers slowly conform to your body. This should leave you pretty well relaxed as you rest.

Firmness scale for Quatro bed

The foams have a slower response time and do not give way to much bounce. The firmer base layer does help with repositioning once you push past the top two comfort layers. Because this model is in a medium firmness, combination sleepers should really enjoy how they rest in various positions

Back sleepers should feel the top layers contour around their shoulders and lower back, while the base layers provide sturdy support and spinal alignment.

Side sleepers want excellent pressure relief in their hips and shoulders. These parts of the body experience increased pressure over a small surface area which can cause nagging pains and pressure. Those who rest on their sides should enjoy a release of strain as they sink into these soft materials, permitting little to no pressure buildup.

Stomach sleepers often want a firmer option because their hips will sometimes sink too deep into a soft bed. This model is just firm enough that stomach sleepers should feel like their hips are supported and the spine is aligned with their body. Some significantly heavier folks might find they prefer a firmer option.

The Quatro performs well under most body types and sleeping preferences. This should be a solid mattress choice for almost any individual looking for excellent pressure relief.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be a huge deal for people who share a bed. This may be where foam mattresses shine most. The material isolates motion to one side of bed better than almost all other mattress materials.

Quatro’s three layers of memory material shoot well above par when it comes to motion isolation. If you or your partner are easily startled at night by even the slightest motion, this product might be worth looking into.

Edge Support

Companies that compress their beds into a box sometimes struggle to produce products with exceptional edge support. Perimeter support can be important for people who share a bed and sometimes wind up lying right on the edge

The thicker layers in the middle and at the base of the Quatro help to support the weight of sleepers as they lie on the edge. Weight is concentrated over a smaller surface area when sitting on the side and this bed only experiences slight amounts of compression. Overall, this product performs to the industry standard and most folks do not need to worry about toppling off the edge of their bed at night.

Other Considerations

  • Shipping – Free shipping within the contiguous United States of America
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – The foams in this bed meet a minimum threshold testing for potentially dangerous items and has passed emissions that certify that this product was made without a harmful level of hazardous materials.

Final Thoughts

9.2 Total Score

Quatro Sleep Memory Foam Mattress delivers a budget-friendly bed that foam lovers should adore.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support

Note: We did not include Trial/Warranty scores due Amazon Associates Program stipulations.

The Quatro should be a great bed for people on a shoestring budget seeking out the pressure relieving comfort of memory foam. This product offers support and cooling features at a price point that most consumers should find appealing.

If this sounds like an option that fits you and your sleeping needs, we would recommend checking out!

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