PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Debuts at Eaton Hotel DC

If you’ve ever wanted to try PlushBeds, booking a room at a new D.C. hotel may just give you the chance.

As the Eaton Hotel in Washington D.C. opens their doors, the public will find PlushBeds’ Luxury Bliss Natural Latex Mattress in their guest room line up.

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For years the hospitality industry has partnered with bigger mattress brands, such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons, says CNN. For their eco-friendly establishment, Eaton has teamed up with a lesser known bed-in-the-box company PlushBeds who will be handcrafting beds for the hotel.

Both companies share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Eaton is a LEED Gold Certified hotel, which indicates excellent sustained energy use and air quality, according to a PlushBeds’ press release. The companies share environmental and social concerns.

“Optimizing for positive impact in every aspect of the hotel experience remains one of our top priorities, and Eaton’s environmental footprint and progress will be both tracked and publicly reported,” states Eaton’s website.

The company handcrafts its organic latex from Hevea Brasiliensis rubber trees through an eco-friendly Dunlop process. Their Luxury Bliss Mattress line has a slew of certifications that demonstrate PlushBeds’ commitment to “go green”.

Close up of Luxury Bliss mattress

These third-party organizations perform emission and safety testing that helps ensure these products have passed a set of rigorous environmental standards. These tests certify that these products have rigorously limited or no synthetic blends, dyes, fillers, chemicals, and pesticides. The certifications on this model include:

  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
  • Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • GreenGuard Gold

“The PlushBeds commitment extends to handcrafting luxuriously comfortable organic mattresses, that deliver a superior quality of sleep, night after night,” said Michael Hughes, who is the company’s CEO. “That is exactly what we've done with the creation of our Luxury Bliss Mattresses. This is the same line that will be featured at Eaton.”

The brand chosen to be handcrafted is a hybrid that includes encased coils for optimal comfort and is one of the companies three organic latex choices.

This retailer that has made an impressive mark in the mattress industry while reducing its environmental mark on the earth. Their Botanical Bliss is their most popular model and is included among our picks for great organic mattresses (full list here). The brand offers a variety of other sleeping options that suit many preferences and body types.

“We are truly honored to have been selected to handcraft organic mattresses for Eaton Hotel,” Hughes said.

These mattresses are one of the many luxuries that Eaton has to offer their customers. They provide a wide variety of amenities that should keep customers happy during their stay, including, but not limited to: A wellness center including yoga, a sauna, and a steam room, a fitness center, a coffee shop, and a juice bar.

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For those travelers wanting to experience luxury without the fear of damaging their carbon footprint, Eaton is now accepting reservations and can be reached at 202-289-7600 or book online.

Certified all-natural brands are growing in popularity says an Organic Trade Association report as social trends make young consumers more aware of their carbon footprint, drawing many of these customers to make more earth-friendly choices in how they shop.

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