Our In-Depth Metta® Bed Mattress Review for 2020

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Looking for a bed that’s all killer, no filler?

Owned by Organic Mattresses, Inc., the Metta® Bed is designed to remove harmful chemicals and aims to provide a natural sleep experience. Promising up to 95 percent natural latex derived from tree sap and certified organic wool and cotton, the company believes that sleep should be natural and healthy.

This in-depth Metta® overview will look at who this product is best-suited for and will break down its construction. We’ll offer rankings based on quality, cooling, and more.

Read the entire review for a close look at this latex product. Or skip to the end for our final impressions and scores.

You will love Metta® Bed if you:

  • Prefer more natural materials – The wool and cotton inside this comforting cover are certified organic. The latex used to make up the mattress is derived from tree sap and certified to be free of harmful chemicals.
  • Want easy repositioning – The materials in this bed should provide ample bounce, a springy feel, and a quick response. All of this should aid tossers and turners as they move throughout the night.
  • Want multiple comfort options – This product is available in Plush, Medium, and Firm comfort levels so you can choose the ideal feel for your favorite sleep position.

You might not like Metta® Bed if you:

  • Prefer the slow-responding memory foam – Latex is a foam that responds quickly, and this is an advantage for combo sleepers who love to roll around at night. It also tends to be more temperature neutral than classic memory materials.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This is a latex mattress that ships rolled and compressed in a box. This item can be used with any flat surface, including platform and adjustable frames. The company recommends that slatted bases have slats no more than 3 inches apart in order to provide the proper support.

The 1-inch cover features certified organic cotton for a Soft feel. Certified organic wool has been quilted into the cover to act as a fire barrier and temperature regulator. The cover can be removed via zipper to further customize the comfort layers inside the mattress.

The total height of this product is 7 inches.

layers of metta bed

  • The top layer is a 3-inch layer of latex. This is designed for comfort and pressure relief. The material should have a quick response and be breathable to promote easy repositioning and airflow.
  • The bottom layer is a second piece of 3-inch latex. This lower layer should provide stability to the entire mattress. The densities of each layer should vary depending on which comfort level you choose.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We have ranked Metta on our comfort scale that uses a 1-10 number system to determine the firmness and the feel of each bed. With this system, you would find 1 to be Soft as a marshmallow and 10 to be Firm as cement. The Medium option comes in at a 7-8 on this scale, while the Plush sits at a 3 and the Firm comes in at a 9.

Our ranking would land this mattress as a Medium-Firm to Firm comfort level. This should be ideal for stomach and back sleepers, some side sleepers who don’t mind a little more pushback may enjoy this comfort level, as well.

The wool and cotton cover should feel Soft to the touch and should help to regulate body temperature to prevent overheating or feeling too cold.

You should notice minimal sinkage with this bed and should stay floating on top of the latex rather than sleeping “in” it. The Firm latex should press into the lumbar area, providing support for the back and spine.

firmness scale for metta bed

This material should feel springy and offer a good amount of bounce. These two features, along with the minimal sinkage, should promote easy repositioning for combination sleepers.

Most back sleepers should enjoy solid lumbar support and a neutral spine. Many with this position preferences enjoy a Medium to Firm feel, which this item should provide for them.

Most stomach sleepers prefer a firmer comfort level to prevent their hips from sinking which can promote improper spinal alignment. The firmer nature of this mattress should suit these sleepers very well.

Some side sleepers may find that this comfort level is a little too Firm for their needs. The Plush version of this mattress should provide enough pressure relief for heavier areas such as the shoulders and hips that tend press into the mattress.

Most sleepers should find this product performs well for them, but as it is a thinner mattress with fewer layers than most, some with considerable weight concerns may prefer something with a little more support. The Firm version may provide the extra support needed. The company does not provide a weight limit and promises this mattress will support two adult sleepers.

During the trial period, shoppers may exchange their product for a different comfort level in order to determine which feel suits their needs best.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam materials tend to absorb most movements to minimize motion transfer. This bed uses latex, which is a little more bouncy and may allow more transfer of movement than classic memory materials. However, the amount of energy transferred throughout the entire bed should still be somewhat minimal and should not be a concern for most shoppers.

Edge Support

All-foam beds frequently present with compression when lying or sitting at the edge of the bed. This item performs as-expected in this area, with a little deeper compression when sitting and a little more consistency when lying on the edge. Anyone sharing their bed and looking to maximize their usable sleep space should find this suits their needs.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – The Metta® Bed comes in Plush, Medium, and Firm comfort levels.
  • Trial Period – Buyers can test out their bed for 120 nights. They may exchange their comfort materials for a different feel for free during this time.
  • Warranty – This company offers a 20-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free in the continental United States.
  • White Glove Delivery Service – This service is optional for an additional fee.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • GREENGUARD Certified – This mattress is certified to have low VOC emissions and pollutants. It is safe for children.
  • GOTS Certified – The cotton and wool in this product are certified organic.
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 7”$899
Twin XL38” x 80” x 7”$949
Full54” x 75” x 7”$1,199
Queen60” x 80” x 7”$1,299
King76” x 80” x 7”$1,599
Cali King72” x 84” x 7”$1,599

Final Thoughts

9.1 Total Score

A simple construction with simple and organic materials promises a natural and healthy sleep experience.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

Shoppers of all preferences looking for a natural product should enjoy this mattress with its certified organic cover and latex derived from tree sap.

The minimal sinkage, good bounce, quick response, and multiple comfort options should make this the ideal option for combination sleepers and co-sleepers.

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