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Questions and Steps Explained

We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, but we understand that you might not be familiar with some of the terms we used. To help you get an idea what each of these questions means, we’ve listed them in order with detailed explanation.

What describes your mattress purchase the best?

  1. I want a great budget option! – If you are on a tight budget, you can choose this and get our recommendations which are still much better than any product you could buy in a store at that price.
  2. I'm somewhere in the middle when it comes to price! – This is where we sort good “value for money” products which offer a fantastic mix of quality and price. (Average cost below $1000) 
  3. I want the best mattress out there!  – We will present you with a premium option no matter the cost (it’s still less than $2000 in most cases).

What's your preferred sleeping position?

  1. Stomach – If you prefer this position, you need a firmer surface to sleep on to support your hips and spine without creating pressure points on your stomach and chest.
  2. SidePreferred by most sleepers, this position requires softer feel beds to since your shoulders and hips will create pressure areas.
  3. Back No special requirements, but leans toward medium-firm
  4. Combo / Toss and Turn – If you tend to turn a lot and sleep in all positions during the night, you will need a good versatile (all around) bed.

What material/type of bed do you prefer?

  1. I’m fine with anything you recommend – If you don’t know what you like here, leave it to us and we will select it for you based on your answers.
  2. Memory Foam – One of the most popular types, it provides impressive pressure relief capabilities while sleeping hot compared to other materials.
  3. Foam Combo – Most new products combine other types of foam (poly-foam, polymers, etc.) with memory foam to improve breathability, bounce and other properties.
  4. Innerspring (Coils) – It’s rare to see a pure coil bed these days, and most have a pillow-top with foam for improved comfort.
  5. Hybrid Beds – Combining two or more types (coils/foam in most cases) you get a great mix of properties with minimal downsides of each type. 
  6. Latex– Breathable, cool, bouncy and durable but a bit pricey.

What temperature do you prefer?

  1. I sleep hot – Most people (especially men) tend to sleep hot during summer and in warm climates. That’s why manufacturers are focusing on mixing several materials and improving airflow and cooling for their mattresses.
  2. Not really affected either way – You don’t care much about this.
  3. I sleep cold – If you live in a colder area or climate, you might want to pick a memory foam product since it will make you sleep cozy and warm.

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