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The Luxi Mattress is something that attempts to deliver an entirely personalized sleeping sensation by allowing the user to interact with the layers and create a different firmness level. This is quite convenient.

If you are stuck looking for a great bed, and all of them feel slightly softer, firmer or they lack the necessary comfort, this might be the bed that you are looking for.

We all know that the mattress industry has been changing by the minute as innovations pour in as we speak. The Luxi bed is one which allows something completely different. Instead of having to flip the entire bed, you can interact with the layers in a way which allows you to adjust the firmness to soft, medium or firm – depending on your current condition, weight, and height or general sleeping preferences.

Now, all of this sounds quite interesting, but the truth is that you’d need a lot more information to make a decision. That’s what we are here to do. Let’s have a closer look at this bed and determine whether or not it fits your needs.

The Luxi Mattress Construction

Even though it comes with a conventional 10-inch construction, this is slightly different than the majority of the beds we’ve tested. It does contain four separate layers of foam. The thing here is that you could swap the layers manually to go ahead and create a firm, soft or medium feel. We’ve decided to take a look at the medium version of the Luxi because that’s what the majority of sleepers prefer.

  • The 1st layer is made of Dunlop latex, and it is 1.5 inches thick. This is designated to deliver a lot of comforts and cooling for the sleeper. It is aerated which is one of its greatest conveniences. It allows the foam to breathe a lot easier and to maintain a rather cooler sleeping surface. Now, given the fact that the entire thing is made of different types of foams, this aeration comes in the right on time. You wouldn’t have to worry about is having to wake up all sweaty throughout the middle of the night, which is ultimately something that you need to do.
  • The 2nd layer is made of regular memory foam, and it is one inch thick. It is specifically intended to deliver pressure relief. What is more, it would also act as a transitional layer right between the foam heads and the layer of latex.
  • The 3rd layer is 3.5 inches thick. It is made of memory foam heads. In case you are wondering – this is a technique which is intended to allow for serious pressure relief, compression and proper contour for people who are even very light regarding weight. This handles a serious issue of some of the medium firm models – they don’t react as well to lightweights as they do to heavier weights. This is something quite important.
  • The 4th layer is made of 3.5 inches polyurethane foam. Obviously, it is the one designed to serve as the base of the bed. It is going to provide its overall shape, and it’s also going to keep the upper layers in a proper structure. Additionally, it is intended to deliver a strong, deep-compression support – something that’s going to ensure that you won’t have to worry about pressure points and spinal misalignment.

As you can see, the construction doesn’t shock you as something innovative or out of the box. As a matter of fact, it seems like the Luxi resembles a range of different ones which are commonly found on the market.

What’s different, however, is the fact that you can change the different layers manually. For instance, if you want to achieve a soft feeling from medium firmness, you will have to flip the top three layers of the mattress.

construction of luxi

What about the cover?

There’s nothing too crazy about the cover of the bed. It’s made of spandex, polyester, and viscose. It is quilted with half an inch of memory foam. The quilted cover is going to provide you with a certain amount of softness, but it’s not going to put a damper on the capabilities of the entire structure. In other words, you can expect it to be breathable, comfortable and elastic. These are three significant properties which are going to deliver a very comfortable and cool sleeping sensation.

The cover uses something that is called “waterfall edge”. In other words – the edge is not sharp around the lines, but it’s more rounded. This adds a nice visual appeal to the bed.

Firmness (Comfort & Feel)

This is the million-dollar question. How does the bed feel? Well, obviously, it’s worth noting that this is a very subjective and individual consideration that you ought to take into account. However, we’ve tested out the medium version, and it scores a solid 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

firmness level for Luxi bed

Keep in mind that in this scenario, ten is the absolute firmest. With this said, it’s obvious that this is the sweet spot for the wide majority of people on the planet. It’s estimated that an approximation of 80% of the sleepers prefers medium firmness.

Now, you can change the firmness of the Luxi mattress in a very easy and quite convenient manner. The top 3 layers are going to be contained within Lycra. This covering is going to allow you to flip the bed quickly and conveniently.

For the medium feel, you would have the following order of the layers: latex, memory foam and after that, you have the memory foam heads and the high-density support foam. If you want to achieve a soft feel, you should flip the 3 top layers which are wrapped in Lycra. So, the order will reverse up until the poly foam layer which remains pretty much the same.

If you want to obtain the firm feel, you would have to flip the entire thing altogether – it’s as easy as this. With that said, the soft side is going to deliver a serious sinking level and a lot of pressure relief, especially if you are a bit heavier.

We’ve found the medium firm to be right where it needs to be, and the same could be said about the other two firmness levels. This is something quite fascinating, and it’s one of the things that we are most impressed with. The ability to use one mattress regardless of your sleeping preferences is simply astonishing.

However, the most notable and serious characteristic about this particular bed is the depth of the contour. This is thanks to the high-quality memory foam heads which are designed to collapse when serious weight is applied conveniently. This is something quite important. It allows the mattress to follow the shape of your body very closely, regardless of the sleeping position.

When you combine this with the feature to flip the layers manually and change the firmness level according to your preference or, perhaps, your health condition, you get something special.

It’s one of the rare cases in which a bed would be suited for all types of sleepers. Of course, this is something that would only work if you were sleeping alone. Obviously, when you have a partner who feels differently about the bed, one of you would have to make a compromise.

woman and man lie on luxi bed

Bounce & Motion Transfer

When we tested it on the medium firmness side, the top layer was the latex layer. This adds a nice, slight yet pronounced push-back. This is something which would provide you with serious support and very impressive comfort.

The contouring capabilities of the Luxi mattress in this composition are enviable and are rather serious. It’s appropriate for all types of sleeping positions, but it’s mostly one that would prominently enhance your side sleeping and back sleeping positions. For the stomach sleepers, we’d recommend flipping the Luxi to its softer side.

Regarding motion transfer, regardless of the feel that you’ve decided to use, the mattress does incredibly well. This is something that you ought to keep in mind. The bed isolates your movements precisely, making sure that you or your partner won’t wake up in the middle of the night.


 When it comes to coolness, this model performs quite well for a majority foam model composition. All foam mattresses tend heat up, but the Luxi has taken a few extra steps to negate this.

It cools down much quicker than expected because the top layer uses Dunlop latex. The layers below are all foam, and you’d probably sleep hot if this toper layer were the same. In that sense, you get the best of memory foam feel without the overheating issues.

Other Considerations

Now, it’s quite obvious that the bed does well across the board. However, all of these perks must cost a fortune, right? Not exactly – the bed comes at a little over $1,000 for a queen-size which is downright average and comparable to the majority of high-performing online sellers. It performs well even compared to some of the other great beds on the market.

With that said, the shipping is free, and it comes compressed in a box. Obviously, as a regular foam bed, there is going to be a slight off-gassing smell that you’d have to keep in, mind. You can expect this to go away within the first few days. The delivery takes between three and five days in total.

This is a risk-free purchase, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money if you don’t like it. You can return it within the first 100 nights. The warranty period is industry-standard, and it’s set to 10 years. The entire thing is made in the USA, guaranteeing the quality of the materials.

Who Should Buy The Luxi?

Well, we would recommend the Luxi Mattress to people who:

  • Want to be able to customize the firmness – it goes without saying that the biggest and strongest selling point of the Luxi mattress is its customization capabilities. The fact that you can adjust one bed to suit all firmness types conveniently and with precision is something very desirable, and it reflects in their users. The majority of them are certain that this is what made them get the bed in the first place.
  • Look for pronounced contouring – this is another very strong suit of the Luxi mattress. It guarantees that you can use it even if you have certain conditions such as fibromyalgia, for example. The contouring is expressed, but it’s also rather delicate in a sense that doesn’t get you to feel trapped within the bed – this is very important, and it’s something you ought to account for.
  • Are fans of all-foam beds – if you love foam models, the Luxi mattress is something you could take advantage of. The mattress is entirely made out of different types of foams and latex, and it’s quite convenient.

To Conclude

All in all, it’s safe to say that this is a great solution. It is a mattress that’s capable of catering to a range of different sleeping preferences and requirements. What is more, it is also capable of abiding by the medical necessities of people with certain conditions.

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia or arthritis, for instance, this might as well turn out to be a great option. This is something that you should keep in mind.

The Luxi mattress is also quite affordable when you consider all the perks that it’s going to bring on the table. You would likely have to pay twice the price for a comparable quality, and that would never get you the customization capabilities that this bed brings in with it.

It’s also worth noting that the bed is made in the USA. This means that the materials, as well as the entire manufacturing process, have gone through thorough and regulatory-imposed compliance procedures. The bed is of the highest quality, and that’s something you ought to keep in mind.

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