Our Review of The Ezobed Mattress for 2020

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If you are looking to get a high-quality bed, but you can’t really afford to spend more than about $500, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. The EzoBed has managed to gain quite a lot of popularity in the recent years, mainly because it delivers above-average quality at prices that are below lots of other price tags.

The bed does perform quite well. Even though there are some certain small considerations, this is to be expected, given the fact that you are not purchasing a premium-price solution.

Therefore, it’s only normal and rather logical that there are going to be slight things to think about. Let's waste no more time and start looking at this overview of the Ezobed mattress.

We would recommend the EzoBed to people who:

  • Are looking for a great deal. This bed delivers comfortable sleeping sensations while costing a fraction of the major mattress brands. The thing to consider here is that the quality isn’t worse than many of those highly popular brands.
  • Are sleeping with a partner. One of the best things about the bed is that it delivers high-end motion isolation. The transfer of vibrations is slight, and you should barely feel if someone is moving on the other side.
  • Are looking for a specific firmness. While the majority of people tend to prefer sleeping on a medium-firm bed, EzoBed provides a few different options that you can choose from. In other words, you can zoom in on the firmness and the overall construction that is going to fit your own personal sleeping style.
  • Are looking for a company with a mission. For every ten units that the company sells, it is donating one to homeless shelters. This is a noble cause, and it has managed to donate quite a lot up until this moment as well.

We wouldn’t recommend the EzoBed to people who:

  • Are looking for the specific push-back. If you are a fan of spring beds, this is likely to be one of your requirements. This, however, is an all-foam brand.
  • Are looking for a luxury solution. While this might be quite obvious, it’s necessary to put it up – if you want something luxurious, you may want to widen your search. This one is simple, and that’s why it’s very affordable.

These are some of the important notes that had to be laid down in advance. Now, let’s take a look at the specifications.

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Firmness and Feel

The feel of the bed is standard – it feels like a traditional memory foam mattress. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have hit the sweet spot. It offers an awesome trade off between comfort and support, conveniently balancing between both. It is rather slow regarding response, but that’s characteristic of memory foam beds.

The construction is a total of 12 inches high, which is more ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their sides and for those who are a bit heavier. Also, it does provide serious support when you sleep on your belly, which is pleasantly surprising.

The firmness is downright medium. On the firmness scale, we’d give it around 6 out of 10. This is what the majority of brands are going for anyways, mainly because that’s what most people are looking forward to sleeping on.

firmness scale for ezobed

What about the Construction?

The company is quite transparent about the construction and the overall technology used behind its development. With this said, they take advantage of a three-layered construction which is 12 inches high in total. The layers are as follows:

The 1st layer is 2 inches thick, and it’s made of memory foam. It is 2.5 PCF dense, and it’s designated to provide you with some serious contouring. The idea here is to deliver the proper wrap and contouring that memory foam beds are known for.

The 2nd layer is 3 inches thick, and it acts as a transitional support layer. It is 1.56 PCF dense, and it’s also made with a rather breathable wave technology to keep the mattress cooler compared to simpler foam solutions.

The 3rd layer is 6 inches thick, and it’s the pure foundation of the bed. This is something that you ought to take into account – it will provide you with the deep compression support, and it will maintain the entire integrity of the bed. That’s what this layer is for.

layers of ezobed

Other Considerations

One of the most important things to consider here is that this is a bed that you can only purchase online. It’s backed by a rather standard 10-year warranty, and you are allowed to test it for 110 nights of a sleep trial. You can return it during this window and receive a full refund.

At the same time, the bed will be shipped to your door, compressed in a box. You have to allow it some time to decompress and to get to its original form. You should also experience an off-gassing smell for the first few days, but it goes away quickly.

To Conclude

This is a bed that a lot of people can look forward to, especially given the affordable price tag. It is something that should deliver proper sleeping sensation thanks to the balanced combination of firmness, feel, support, and price.

The option is quite affordable, and it’s undoubtedly a budget buy. For this amount, you will receive the absolute maximum. If you are a fan of memory foam sleeping, this is a bed that has the potential to provide you with an awesome fit. It is definitively contouring, yet it doesn’t trap you in as some low-quality solutions.

All in all, this is a bed that would satisfy a lot of people who love this particular type of mattresses. It is offering great value for your money.

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