Honest Cuddle Bed Review 2020 – A Unique Solution for Couples

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Obviously, the bedding market is quite saturated and there is a tremendous amount of options for you to choose from. They come in all types of shapes, sizes, purposes, as well as materials. We, however, took the liberty of reviewing one mattress which is nothing like the standard ones – the Cuddle Mattress.

It takes advantage of a highly contemporary modular system which is intended to provide additional support to certain body parts such as your shoulders.

Of course, there are quite a few things to be accounted for and as each unit, it also has serious appeal and consideration for different people. So, with this said, let’s have a look at the complexities and features of this model.

The Benefits of the Cuddle Mattress

Unlike other great solutions on the market, this particular one is specifically designed in a few different sections. These are then fit together to create specific folds which can rest under certain areas of your body.

The idea behind those folds is that they would relieve a lot of stress on key pressure points such as lower back, hips, and shoulders. You are the one who’d have to assemble it, and you can supply a differentiated range of support depending on the issue that you want to tackle, as well as the sleeping preferences that you have.

layers of the Cuddle bed

Being entirely customizable, this bed offers something which is never-before-seen on the market. It also has a very firm as well as an enjoyable soft side intended for you to alternate throughout assembly in order to create the combination which is perfect for you.

  • It’s covered by a 25-year warranty.
  • The material which is used is fire retardant Radon.
  • The customization is substantial.

The Setbacks of the Cuddle Bed

While there are quite a lot of perks, there are also a few design considerations which you should account for. Right off the bat, there is a serious amount of assembly required when you first purchase it. This is because each one of the cores and sections has to be assembled carefully and conveniently screwed together.

The expansion period of the bed is also quite extensive. This is mainly due to the packaging as it is vacuum-packed which reduces its size significantly and it would take time for it to release properly.

You also wouldn’t be able to use your regular sheets on it. You need to use a special one which is elastic and there are a few companies which supply those, potentially limiting your choice a bit.

man covering a mattress

Our Verdict

Whether or not it’s worth it depends on your intended purpose. However, the mattress does offer a unique solution which is customizable and intended to accommodate every sleeper and his preferences, plus it's a bed made for cuddling, which you and your partner can love. However, there are a few serious considerations which we’ve pinpointed.

Trying it can be worthwhile as it is capable of targeting serious sleeping issues and, if used properly, could easily provide you with the ultimately comfortable sleeping experience.

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