Our In-Depth CRaVE Bed Review for 2020

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This company sprung forth as the brainchild of mattress expert Amanda Grigg. Like many budding entrepreneurs, she felt she could make a better product for a lower price, but she wanted to make sure she did it right. After three years of extensive research, she released four varied bed-in-box mattresses.

Confident that every sleeper will fit at least one model, CRaVE focuses on creating optimal spinal support, isolating motion, and creating a responsive memory foam. Though it’s a tall order!

Our in-depth review of CRaVE will put the Luxury Firm Hybrid Inner-Spring mattress to the test to let you know if the foam responds, the springs bounce, and the technological functions.

Read our review to get the whole story, or just scroll down to the bottom to view our final score.

You will love CRaVE if you:

  • Sleep with a partner – CRaVE’s entire design revolves around finding the balance between reducing motion transfer and providing a responsive foam for easy repositioning. Their hybrid design with individually pocketed coils and memory foam excel at this task. If you have a partner who is easy to wake, this bed should excel at keeping you both asleep
  • You tend to toss and turn in your sleep – While the top layers are primarily foams, CRaVE’s unique design includes latex which should be responsive enough to accommodate for lots of movement. While it may not be described as springy, it should certainly allow you to move without leaving a crater.
  • You prefer a little bit of bounce in your bed – The CRaVE inner-spring beds do have individually pocketed coils to isolate motion, but this doesn’t mean it reduces bounce. Below three inches of foam, the mattress has 6 inches of coils to provide support and bounce, which is great news for sexually active couples.

You might not like CRaVE if you:

  • Prefer a More Rigid Bed – CRaVE’s beds are known to be extra plush and are on the softer side, so if you like to sleep on extra hard beds, or mattresses without much bounce, the hybrid options may not be for you. However, they do carry a medium-firm and luxury firm springless bed for those who prefer a firmer feel.
  • Do Not Like Memory FoamMost of CRaVE’s beds include a bio-based memory foam in their design, however, if you are truly not a fan of the melt-away material, CRaVE’s medium-firm springless bed may be a better option for you.

In that case – you can see our other top rated options for this year here.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This company sells an easy-to-assemble base but says you likely will not need to purchase a new one if yours is still in good condition, as this bed should work with any range of foundations. This bed-in-box hybrid ships for free directly to your door within the continental United States and should take just a few moments to decompress once unwrapped.

Overall, there are four layers and a cover that compose the 10-inch mattress.

The very outer layer of the Luxury Firm Hybrid Inner-Spring model is a poly-nylon blend cover that aims to support airflow while maintaining durability and comfort. Enclosed with a zipper, the cover provides a seamless look and feel and reduces uncomfortable ridges.

layers of the crave mattress

  • The first layer is made of 1.5 inches of convoluted bio-based memory foam made partially from soy and latex. While being eco-friendly, these features promote improved airflow and increase responsiveness, which should keep sleepers comfortable and cool at the surface level.
  • The second layer increases support in the bed with 1.5 inches of high-density support foam, giving the top layer a firm base. CRaVE says this durable material is long-lasting and should provide cushioning without being too stiff.
  • The third layer is made from six inches of individually pocketed coils for minimal motion transfer and personalized pressure point support. Because the springs move individually, your weightier areas should sink in while the mattress adequately supports your curves.
  • The fourth layer of the bed is a 1-inch poly foam base made from higher density material to keep everything in place.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We rated this hybrid as a 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale, with 10 being the absolute firmest, placing this bed in the medium-firm category. This support range should be suitable for most people, providing enough support for lighter stomach sleepers, while contouring pressure points for side sleepers. However, if you always sleep on your side or prefer a more plush feel, the CRaVE Luxury Hybrid Plush or Medium Firm foam mattress may mitigate some of the firmness of this bed.

While it was made to be plush and comfortable, the bed is also supportive and the springs give it some extra strength to properly align the body rather than just allowing it to sink into a deep hug. While lying on the bed, most sleepers would sink into a gentle cradle where the memory foam relieves pressure points, but the supportive structure still contours to your curves. If you are significantly heavier, you may prefer one of the former options by CRaVE.

Firmness scale for the crave mattress

For most back sleepers, this bed should provide adequate support on the hips and lower back, while contouring to pressure points. Where traditional memory foam may restrict movement for those with back pain, the latex in this design may suit those who prefer to move around with ease.

Side sleepers may also rejoice, as the mattress should adequately contour to pressure points in the shoulder without causing too much sinkage around the hips and legs.

However, for stomach sleepers, there should be a few key considerations. This bed was made to be on the softer side, and we usually recommend stomach sleepers opt for firmer options. If you are a smaller stomach sleeper, this bed may offer the right amount of support but for those who are significantly heavier, we would recommend choosing one of the firmer options such as the Luxury or Medium Firm bed.

CRaVE’s beds don’t have weight limits, however, they advise that for those who are significantly heavier (500 lbs or more), the mattress will likely wear out fairly quickly.

Motion Transfer

Most hybrid beds excel in motion isolation which is great for couples or those who sleep with pets, and this bed should be no exception. While the latex may allow it to be more bouncy, it shouldn’t interfere significantly with the bed’s ability to isolate most small movements. You may not want to try to balance a glass of wine while jumping up and down, but let’s be real, who would want to do that in real life anyway?

Edge Support

The Luxury Firm Hybrid Inner-spring mattress doesn’t have edge reinforcement, however, with a few inches of support foam and springs combined, there is likely a bit more support in this bed than with the springless models. Edge support is hard to achieve with bed in box options, and this bed performs at about the industry standard.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – With two firm models and two plush models, there should be a firmness level that fits the preference of most sleepers.
  • Trial Period – The company offers customers a 100 night trial period to give customers enough time to get to know the mattress. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll provide a full refund and arrange for the mattress to be donated to a local charity.
  • Warranty – According to CRaVE, these beds are made to last, but just in case, CRaVE offers a ten-year warranty to cover you.
  • Shipping – These beds will ship for free to your door anywhere in the continental United States and may ship to additional countries for an added shipping cost.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – CRaVE only uses foams within acceptably low levels of harmful chemicals that are often used to create mattresses. This certification may mean less of a noticeable smell upon unboxing.
  • Oeko-Tex® Certified – CRaVE also uses cotton that has acceptably low levels of chemicals to ensure the materials are safe for skin contact for both adults and children, among other criteria.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin39″ x 75″ x 10″$650
Twin XL39″ x 80″ x 10″$700
Full54″ x 75″ x 10″$850
Queen60" x 80" x 10”$1050
King76" x 80" x 10”$1250
Cali King72" x 84" x 10”$1250

Final Thoughts

9.3 Total Score

CRaVE delivers high-quality materials and luxury design for a more affordable price to create an attractive hybrid option.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

CRaVE set out to create an inexpensive luxury mattress that meets the needs of every customer and thanks to their revolutionary memory foam with latex and their pocketed coils, we feel they accomplished their goal.

This bed solves problems that some other hybrid beds suffer, such as unresponsive foam, little bounce, and motion isolation. With eco-friendly materials and their donations of returned mattresses, it seems CRaVE is doing their part to make the world a better place as well.

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