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Polysleep is a Canadian based company founded by folks who looked at the mattress energy and believed they could do better by manufacturing their own foams that combine qualities of some of the best materials on the market. They’ve recently expanded their line to include both an entry-level and luxury option, and Sleep Advisor visitors get an extra $50 off.

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$50 Off Polysleep Mattress

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Billed as the “Ultimate Canadian Mattress,” Polysleep’s flagship bed ships in a box to both the United States and Canada. It’s an all-foam choice built with materials that the company blended themselves, seeking to offer maximum comfort with solid support.

The antimicrobial foams are ventilated, which ensures that air can travel easily through them, and this helps to keep the surface of the mattress from overheating. This cozy sleep surface stands 10 inches tall and contains three layers. The cover is spill proof, which helps to keep the bed cleaner and safe from stray liquids.

Some beds in boxes suffer in the edge support category, but this company off sets those concerns by putting foam rails around the sides of the bed, ensuring edge-to-edge support that should help you remain stable, regardless of where you prefer to sleep. All-foam also provides top-notch motion isolation so you can sleep peacefully all night even if your partner tosses and turns.

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$50 Off Origin Mattress

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This model contains many of the same great features as the flagship bed, but it’s built for those just starting out on their life’s journey and priced to suit tighter budgets. It also makes a really nice, versatile choice for a guest bedroom. It certainly makes a statement with its solid purple cover that stands out in a sea of mostly white beds.

The top layer is built with the same anti-microbial foam atop a streamlined support system that rounds out this 8-inch mattress. An all-foam construction helps to keep motion transfer at bay, and the cover is easily removed for convenient washing.

This company has put a lot of thought into providing a wide range of beds to suit you wherever you are in your life, and this choice shows a lot of promise for those who want quality but don’t have a lot of money to spend.

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$50 Off Zephyr Mattress

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To round out their collection, there is the Zephyr mattress, which is the company’s luxury choice. You can expect to experience a breathable cover and anti-microbial foams, but there’s just a few more bells and whistles that might attract a sleeper ready to invest in their sleeping space.

One of its stand out features is the performance material in its cover. This material was designed for people who live active lives and need to maximize their sleep, as it recycles energy from sleeping bodies and delivers it back into your system as infrared energy. This energy has been shown in some studies to improve oxygen flow and may help you repair sore and tired muscles that are weary after a long day.

This bed is also zoned with softer foams up top and at the bottom that allow your shape to be cradled uniformly without sacrificing good spine alignment. Of the three choices offered by this company, we definitely recommend the taller Zephyr for folks with higher weight considerations and it may provide enhanced support.

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