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My Green Mattress was the brainchild of a father who wanted to create a line of all-natural mattresses that would sleep comfortably for folks with allergies, which included his daughter. In their minds, there was no better building material than latex, which provides the comfort across the company’s line. With our coupon, you can save an extra $125 off their competitively priced line.

Natural Escape bed product imageMy Green Mattress Natural EscapeHybrid$125
Hope bed product imageMy Green Mattress Hope All Foam$125
Natural Escape bed product image

$125 Off My Green Mattress Natural Escape

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape

The Natural Escape is the company’s offering to the more natural hybrid space, combining latex with the bounce and air flow of springs to create a cool and easy to navigate bed. The springs are individually wrapped that provides a more tailored support system that conforms to your body directly and reduces motion that might potentially travel across the bed and disturb your partner.

The mattress is covered with certified organic cotton and uses a comfort material made from Dunlop Latex. Dunlop is a processing method that practically eliminates unwanted chemicals from the manufacturing process and creates a more natural sleeping experience. Those looking for a firm, supportive hybrid (stomach and back sleepers especially) will feel like they’ve struck gold with this competitively priced all-natural hybrid.

Hope bed product image

$125 Off My Green Mattress Hope

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My Green Mattress Hope

The Hope mattress is an 8-inch all-foam offering that is made from three layers of Dunlop Latex, which uses a processing technique that greatly reduces chemicals and keeps the foams more natural and hypoallergenic. Those who prefer a firmer mattress will be well-matched with this choice that holds the body in a gentle spine-aligning cradle.

Both the cotton used to cover the mattress and the latex used inside are certified organic by respected global organizations committed to natural products, and this is a huge advantage for those with sensitive systems or those who simply want a more natural sleeping space. Latex also is good for keeping sleeping spaces cool, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or getting stuck in this mattress.

How to Apply the Promo Code?

When you’ve made your mattress selection, simply enter the coupon code and enjoy your savings.

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