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Helix knows how confusing mattress shopping can be and how frustrating it is to get home with the wrong bed that doesn’t suit your needs. Their system is based on years of experience and a state-of-the-art computer algorithm that takes your answers to a quiz and decides which of their products will provide you with the right amount of comfort and support to change your sleep future. Your best sleep may just be a few clicks away, and with just a few more clicks, you could subtract $75 from your bill.

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$75  Off Helix Mattress

Just follow the link below

How To Apply Promo Code?

Once you’ve completed the quiz and proceeded to make your purchase, Helix makes it very simple for you to unlock a $75 discount using the code MATTRESS18. Follow the steps below.

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Get your Savings:

  1. Complete the quiz to know what bed works best.
  2. Go to the model’s individual page and put it in the virtual shopping cart.
  3. Decide if you’d like to add linens, pillows, or a base to your purchase.
  4. Select the option to “check out” with your items.
  5. Insert code: Mattress18 and click “Apply”.
  6. Finish transaction.

More About This Product

According to Helix, a little guidance can make all the difference in the world when it comes to choosing the right mattress for your body, and their quiz asks you a ton of questions about sleep features you may have never considered before. Depending on your results, the company will recommend one of 7 different feels they offer. There’s  an option for those with heavier weight considerations that has an enhanced support system to accommodate larger body shapes.

All Helix models have essentially the same build with nuanced differences to suit different preferences. Each has a layer of comfort foam, which is either more responsive or more like classic memory foam, and this is followed by a transitional foam, a layer of pocketed micro coils and a firm base foam that gives the brand its shape. Your next great sleep might be at the end of a short quiz away, so what’s stopping you?

  • Keep the mattress at home for 100 days so that you know it’s the perfect fit, and if it just isn’t what you want, you can return it.
  • A 10-year warranty comes with your new bed.
  • The foams in Helix meet CertiPUR-US® standards that check for dangerous levels of formaldehyde and VOC emissions.
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