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Brooklyn Bedding is reinventing the way we sleep at night by designing their own materials and manufacturing them at their own facility to keep prices accessible. With our coupon, you can save an additional 20% off an already highly competitive price.

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20% Off Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

The company markets their Signature Hybrid mattress as the #BestMattressEver, and there’s a lot to love inside this 11.5-inch construction that is wrapped in a quilted cotton cover. Unique foams that blend qualities of several different traditional materials make up the comfort system that is supported by 6 inches of steel coils. The proprietary foams are made to be quick-responding and less likely to retain heat.

This recently updated build combines the best of what we know about innersprings and foam beds into one mattress, which is available in your choices of three firmness levels. The company’s best seller is their Medium, which is usually a favorite among combo sleepers.

But if your firmness requirements are more specific, you may look into the Firm or Soft. Whichever configuration you choose, the Ascension coils deliver consistent spine aligning support from one edge to the other.

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20% Off Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

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Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

If you’re ready to sample the finer things in life, you may be drawn to the company’s luxury offering that is built with materials stacked 13 inches high. Like the company’s flagship mattress, this model builds on a similar premise—capture the best features of traditional beds and combine them into a truly exceptional hybrid that can be purchased in one of 3 firmnesses.

What really sets Aurora apart are the four different cooling features. Starting with the phase change cover, this brand keeps the surface temperature at a nice and comfortable neutral that shouldn’t ever get too hot or too cold. Copper, one of the world’s most impressive heat conductors, is infused into the first layer of comfort foam, which is then followed by a breathable latex alternative.

Gel in a layer of memory foam allows heat to disperse, perhaps into the 8-inch Quantum coil unit that allows air to flow freely and keep the bed’s temperature under control.

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20% Off Brooklyn Bowery Mattress

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Brooklyn Bowery

Folks with tighter budgets who are looking for a more streamlined design should be well-served by the quality that shines through the Bowery’s more simple construction. Unlike the two other models, this mattress is an all-foam mattress constructed with 3 layers of foam—a comfort layer that is quick responding, a transition layer that offers deeper contouring, and a firm base for back support. This design is available in one versatile Medium firmness that should accommodate most individual’s body types (though substantially larger people may be more comfortable in the Signature or Aurora).

All foam designs perform impressively in motion transfer, and this choice is no exception to that rule. The foams absorb movement’s impact and keep it from spreading, which should keep partners or children sleeping peacefully. Cooling gel in the surface foam should help most sleepers rest without uncomfortable heat build-up, all for a truly affordable price.

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20% Off Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress

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Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Bowery, the ultra-affordable choice in sleep comfort, is now available in a hybrid design, which adds a sleek pocketed-coil system to the base of the company’s streamlined model. The top is outfitted with a plush cover quilted to memory foam that is followed by a 2-inch layer of comfort foam, and these two layers work together to cradle your body gently as you nestle off to sleep.

Underneath the comfort system, there is an inch of transition foam followed by a 6-inch coil system. The jazzy part about individually wrapped coils is that they do a lot to cut down on motion transfer, conform to your body’s shape, and are a really nice feature in a budget-friendly bed. If your finances are tight, you do not have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep with this choice, which offers a lot of high-quality features for a pretty unbeatable price.

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20% Off Bloom Hybrid Mattresses

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Bloom Hybrid

Bloom Mattress is the brands all latex model that provides customers with a more natural nights rest. The Bloom offers a euro top layer quilted with natural wool and cotton that fosters a soft comforting first touch. Inside are two natural/synthetic latex blended foams that furnish this product with excellent responsiveness perfect for repositioning sleepers.  

Latex naturally breathes so hot sleepers can wake up sweat free. Each layer is punctured with pinholes that allow air to pass freely through. Temperature is regulated in the top layer by wool that has been stitched into the cotton top. It wicks away moisture, regulating the temperature of both your body and the mattress.

This luxury latex should leave sleepers feeling well rested for many years come. Latex is an endurance material. It is strong, durable, and dependable. With two layers of this foam, Bloom Mattress is a product that was built to last.

Take note that the Bloom comes in a more affordable hybrid model. This option incorporates individually wrapped pocket coils and is just a touch softer than the full latex model. Customers can order either of these two models in one of three firmness options: Soft, Medium or Firm.

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20% Off Spartan Mattress

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Athletes and sleepers living an active lifestyle wake up re-energized after sleeping on the Spartan. The cover includes Nanobionic RE-3™ technology, a material designed to transform heat from your body into energy that is then reflected back to you through the patented fiber tech that has been clinically tested.

The company claims that the technology in this bed helps to increase oxygenation, improve circulation, and improve overall sleep health so you can wake up feeling well rested and invigorated.

Spartan’s hybrid design was developed using some of the company’s tested sleep technology. The construction of this mattress provides lasting comfort and support through its use of foams and an edge-to-edge coil matrix.

Customers have the option of ordering this bed in one of three firmness options: Soft, Medium, or Firm. These three options were respectively designed to fit the comfort needs of distinct individuals while providing an option that suits most body shapes and sizes, allowing all customers to find a great night’s sleep on the Spartan.

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20% Off Rubix Mattress

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The Company bills Rubix as the “ultimate sleep equation,” and its comfort depends on a formula decided by you. Once you get this bed home, you will have three layers of Energex™ that you can choose from to create your comfort profile, and any two of these choices will give you either a Soft, Medium, or Firm. If you don’t know what works best for you, you don’t have to worry as the feel requires no commitment; simply unzip the Euro top cover and swap the layers around for a different experience.

All of this pressure relief is supported by a system of individually pocketed coils to hold your body in a straight line for great back support, as well as transition and base foams that give the bed a sturdy foundation. The top of the bed achieves a soft and luxurious finish by quilting 1.5 inches of soft poly-foam to the cotton cover so that your body is gently cradled off to sleep in a bed you designed yourself.

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20% Off Titan Mattress

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If you’re a plus-size sleeper looking for an extra supportive sleep, Titan may be the sleep answer that you’ve been shopping around for. The steel coils are advertised as “industrial grade” and they’re meant to support sleepers over 250 pounds without exhibiting signs of excess wear over time. Comfort layers above the coils cradle larger shapes in pressure relief as their spines remain well-aligned by the support system.

With models built for average-sized folks, many larger individuals feel inadequately supported because the overall feel of the bed is too soft. Titan is designed to provide a firm feel, even for people who carry a significant amount of weight. Another important consideration is cooling, and this bed delivers with ample airflow through the coils and cooling features in the foams that keep the surface temperature neutral.

With Titan, larger figures do not have to compromise on their comfort or support and can feel more confident in their investment in a bed built to accommodate their weight.

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20% Off Brooklyn Bedding Plank Mattress

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The Plank is this company’s answer to those clamoring for firmness, and this dual-sided mattress offers consumers two choices. You can sleep on the Firm side, which has a slightly thicker cover for gentle cushioning, or you can sleep on the Ultra Firm side which provides an even more shallow cradle in a cover that is half as thick as on the other side. The Ultra Firm also adds a layer of TitanFlex™, which has been formulated for extra supportive firmness.

According to the company, this mattress was inspired by the sleeping preferences of East Asia, where custom dictates that firm mattresses are best for healthy sleeping. They claim that this combination of support with just a little pressure relief is best for your circulatory system and optimal breathing. But don’t take their word for it; you be the judge by taking advantage of their 120-night sleep trial that allows you to test the brand in your home to see if it’s right.

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20% Off Brooklyn Bedding Propel Mattress

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Brooklyn Propel

With the Propel, the company rolls out another choice for athletes looking to restore their bodies and get the most rejuvenating rest. To do this, they’ve put Upcycle™ in the cover which converts energy from your body and cycles it into infrared energy. There are ongoing clinical studies working to prove that infrared therapy can improve your body’s ability to repair worn and torn muscle by improving oxygen flow.

The cover is already impressive, but the Arizona-based company wasn’t content with just one performance element. The cover also contains phase-change temperature regulating properties that help to keep heat from building up next to your sleeping shape. Excess heat is carried away when you’re hot but quickly returned to you when your body is too cool, establishing a comfortable sleep temperature on the surface.

This bed also contains their proprietary Energex foam and 6” of Acension™ coils to keep the bed bouncey and easy to maneuver.

How to Apply the Promo Code?

Brooklyn Bedding is offering 20 percent off their already generously reduced prices, and you can take advantage of this deal by entering in the promo code SLEEPADVISOR20 when you check out with your new bed.

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  1. Select your preferred model and size at the manufacturer’s website and add them to your cart.
  2. When prompted, type in SLEEPADVISOR20 (or other coupon codes for new models) into the text box and click on “Apply Coupon.”
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More About the Products

All three of these models are manufactured in the United States and come with the same generous trial/warranty package.

  • Keep the mattress in your bedroom for 120 days to make sure it’s a great fit. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you may return the bed for a refund.
  • The manufacturer includes a 10-year warranty on their products.
  • All construction materials made from foam have been tested for dangerous levels of chemicals, including heavy metals and formaldehyde and have received a CertiPUR-US® certification.
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