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How it Works

It’s fairly easy to become a guest blogger for The Sleep Advisor. Simply pitch us a topic or an idea and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Guest Post Guidelines

Topic Guidelines

  • We only accept articles related to sleep (as our name suggests 🙂 ).
  • Do not submit article topics that are too generic “How to fall asleep” or “What is Sleep Apnea.”
    Instead, go with something like “5 Ways Sleep Apnea Can Ruin your Career” or “6 Foods That will Help you Sleep Better.”
    Or, just tell us your story.
  • If you are an MD or involved in new research regarding sleep, we would love to hear from.

Article Quality Guidelines

  • Your article must be original. We do not accept content that was previously published on other blogs or websites.
  • We look for contributors who can create interesting and engaging content, all related to healthy sleep, sleep disorders and related products.
  • Length: Your articles can be as small as 300 words if it’s a News type of content (must be newsworthy) or even over 2000 words if that’s your preferred writing style. In most cases, our pieces are between 750-1000 words.
  • Type of content: You are welcome to write product reviews, a roundup of best products this year or just some interesting informational article you had in mind.
  • No Promotions: Please do not try to pitch or sell, we consider that advertising and it’s not allowed. We can include a link to your social profile or an interesting article on your site.
  • Publication: When you send us the content, you agree that the content becomes property of The Sleep Advisor and that you are not looking for any monetary or any other type of compensation for this work.
  • Images: There is no need to do that, we will find suitable images and make it nice. If you still want to provide photos please include a link to the owner so we can add attribution.
  • Citations and References: Your claims and data must be backed up by research from relevant sites. Please include references you used, so we can link to them properly.
  • Links: It’s perfectly fine to link to resources, research. You can also link to other articles on If you are linking to your own site, please mention that. We reserve the right to strip links that appear promotional. You will get a link to your Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin profile and your website. We try to limit number of external links to 2-3 and internal links to 3-4 per 1000 words of content.

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