How Can Soft Pillows Cause Neck Pain In Side-Sleepers?

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Our bodies are working around the clock during the day – from the moment we are conceived and until the day we die. The time we spend sleeping is the only time our bodies get to slow down and regenerate. However, the energy we need to keep us going every day isn’t unlimited. Sleep restores our bodies and refreshes internal organ cycles, keeps us going and prepare us for our daily tasks.

We, humans, spend the third of our lifetime sleeping.

Without sleep, we would not be able to function nor survive. This is exactly why the quality of our sleep is crucial for every individual. It keeps us healthy and fully functional for everyday life.

Getting a good night's rest is essential as it can mean the difference between health and illness. Numerous mental disorders occur due to a lack of sleep. Focus deficiency, exhaustion, lack of appetite, and muscle fatigue are only some of the symptoms an individual can have when his or her sleep quality is poor.

It is not hard to improve the quality of your sleep and there are things to consider in order to achieve it. Personal habits, food and drinks and activity before bedtime affect your sleep most of the time.

The most recommended position for optimal sleep is sleeping on your side. Some experts advise sleeping on your back only if you do not snore. Go figure. Side-sleepers benefit from an increase in airflow so that the body gets plenty of oxygen during the night. What's more, sleeping on your right side can worsen heartburn while the left-side-sleepers will experience more pressure on their internal organs.

However, sleeping on your left side reduces acid reflux. The best advice we can give you is to stick to your normal sleeping position since it is probably the position that is best suited for your body. In case you have health problems consult with your doctor and change your sleeping habits.

Making sure that your bedding is comfortable to give you the best rest possible. Your mattress should not be too soft nor too hard for your body and it is important that the mattress is good and provides you with adequate support, and that your weight is spread out evenly across its entire surface. Be sure to read our mattress buyer's guide if you'd like to learn more.

right sleeping positionWhen it comes to pillows, we must point out the harm that comes from using pillows that are too soft – especially for people who sleep on their side. They will not provide any support for your head and your neck muscles and as a result you will wake with neck pain or even a nasty headache.

Be sure to avoid pillows that are too soft, no matter the material they are made from, because they will cause you frustration or damage your health. Then rather sleep with no pillow at all than to use one that doesn’t support your head and neck at all. Pillows must provide support and not be too high so that your head keeps falling off. Sleeping with your head tilted too much will obstruct your breathing and you will often wake up gasping for air.

Make sure to pay attention to these suggestions as they will save you from waking up with a headache or being restless at night. Try to ensure to sleep comfortable and get adequate rest each and every night. Good sleep leads to a happier life. Your body will surely thank you.

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